Saturday, November 27, 2010

Program for Economic Recovery and 2012 Victory

Program for Economic Recovery and 2012 Victory

Here is a pretty good idea on how to re-industrialize America and get people back to work. I know there a lot of you that might disagree, but I fully agree with lowering or abolishing the corporate income tax and it seems like that the scaled tariffs are reasonable against countries that refuse our exports (China). Would this lead to world wide whining? Sure, but every country acts in its best interest except the US of A. We are constantly providing military protection on our tax payer's back and we allow countries to flood our market with cheap goods, while holding our nationhood in our hands and crying how unfair life is. If we want to change the dynamic then we must put Americans back to work and make doing business in America profitable again. Let's open up our home markets to US goods and stop allowing ourselves to be the world's doormat. If we start acting like a leader again and put our people back to work then our tax revenues go up regardless of tax system and we can use the new found revenues to balance the budget and pay off the national debt. If we do those two things then we can stop bowing and scrapping to China. If we impose a tariff on Chinese goods as long as a deficit in trade exists, then companies have a darn good reason to take the chance of manufacturing goods here in America because we have established markets, excellent distribution system, and profit potential. That profit potential goes through the roof if you restructure or greatly reduce the corporate income tax. America works as a nation when Americans work, so let force the yahoos in Washington to do what is best for America for a change and enact policies that put Americans to work.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Next the Finger Waggle?

I know a lot has been said the last few days about the TSA's new procedures of either a very revealing scan or a gropping for our protection, but are we not just inviting the bombers to stick stuff up their butts to avoid detection? I mean that if these yahoos are truly determined then a little anal discomfort is not too much a strech to beat the new introduced measures, so are we to standby for the finger waggle to fly next? Where does this stupidity stop and when do we profile the bad guys?

I am all for security and scans and pat downs if they are on the people most likely to blow us up. And don't feed me that line of BS about them coopting someone's Granny or child to carry their bomb because everyone would be seperated and asked a few simple questions which would give them the chance to come clean about the bomb the bad guy shoved up their butt. I know that this isn't a popular position, but the writing is on the wall and the finger is at the ready, so unless we start doing something different, we can expect the next bomber to have a buttload of explosives and slip right on past security.

You want to make flying safe then get some training from the Israelis the most hated people on earth and see how they handle the problem. It isn't rocket science and even a TSA agent could learn to ask a few simple questions and if they don't like the answers kick it to the really trained guys. This could be used in conjunction with all the fancy equipment, so the lobbyist would lose out. If you are suspicious then you get the scan and/or pat down, fail either then get arrested. Past the screen or pat down, but still something isn't right then more interviews by the best of the screener squad. Sounds draconian to be sure, but only a few individuals will be involved in the enhanced searches and interviews, vice the entire flying public.

Do you really think the TSA is going to get away with shoving a finger in your ass in the name of public safety? I think not, so they should be figuring out right quick on how they plan on defeating the booty bomber! That is my two cents and since I am over forty I have been anally probed by my doctor and I am not going to bend over to allow the TSA to do the same, so they better come up with an alternative that doesn't involve x-raying every passenger because that would not be minor exposure.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korean Shakedown Again

What can we to really do to stop the shakedown by the NoKs? We will of course do what we have done for years because there is no way we are going to sacrifice a couple hundred thousand lives for a few billion in aid to the wackos of the North. We can piss and moan all day about who does and doesn't have the stones to stand up to these yahoos (father and son), but the fact remains we aren't ready to go to war to put an end to the BS. Most of the comments I hear are street corner tough, but are really just hot air. I fully agree that we couldn't do anything back during the war because of China and we sure as hell can't do anything different today.

If we weren't so screwed up in our economy, we might be able to bring some pressure on China to curb their mutt. But, with the way things are today, it is out of the question.  We are walking around hat in hand asking the bad old commies to fund our debt. You want to do something about North Korea, then back a balanced budget and paying off the national debt. Once the dollar is solid and we owe nothing to anyone, then we can speak with actual authority to the Chinese and get something done about the wackos in the north.

Until then our national security and foreign policy is going to be one of appeasement because we have little choice in the matter.  If you are running around with a fragile economy and owe lots of money to everyone including potential adversaries, it is really hard to be taken seriously.  Iran and China both know we are a paper tiger and they do whatever they please because if Iran cuts off the oil or China refuses to buy our debt we are toast plain and simple.  So think what you want about the President, but he has no choice but to pay the blackmailer and watch as be slip into irrelevance.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Immigration: A Modest Proposal

Immigration: A Modest Proposal

This is the first comprehensive program that anyone has put forth and it seems pretty reasonable, but I am sure that it will be deemed unacceptable by all parties involved. It truly saddens me that after all these years we still can't find a way to secure our boarders and figure out what to do with all those that are here illegally. This is a country of laws and we keep turning a blind eye to the problem. The federal government repeatedly attacks anyone that tries to make the situation better, see AZ SB1070. As an AZ resident, I fully support anything that helps reduce the violence and helps regain control of our sovereign territory. In case you haven't heard, Obama and the gang decided that it would cede a portion of AZ to the drug cartels, vice sending troops in to push back the invasion. We have to take a hard look at what can and should be done to fix this issue because to do nothing is silent amnesty and further encouragement of violent incursions.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Changing World

I am reading a lot about the growing European financial crisis that is spreading from Greece to Ireland to Spain.  This should be a stark warning to each and every American that this country needs an immediate and drastic course correction.  We need to support our representatives as the approach the third rail topics of entitlements because many will be afraid and want to continue to do business as usual, but that isn't going to save this country.  We need to stand firm that things have to change and sacred cows slaughter or we will be going down in flames like Greece.

The will be cuts to defense, SS and Medicare, because that is where our money is being spent.  We will also need to look at our bloated federal and state governments and all those wonderful employees and pension plans.  Some states are better off than others, but no one can look to the feds for a bailout for poor fiscal policy.  Each and every state needs to dig itself out of its own hole because the fed is tapped out.  Does that mean cutting stuff and that includes service, damn right because at some point everything costs, so people are going to have to decide what is truly needed for their state to survive. 

I am thinking that there is going to be pension reform and pension reform initiatives on every ballot come 2012.  Why, because you can't keep pouring money in to retirement funds that are overly generous.  The voters are being asked to tighten their belts in a tough economy, while retired state workers live like kings, it just doesn't add up.  Let the state pensioners make their case to the people why they deserve all those wonderful perks, while people are jobless and hurting.  If the press was doing its job they would have exposed the corruption in Bell, CA long before this year, but they refuse to do their job and expose all politicians regardless of party to the light of day.

If it is good enough for the military, then is should be good enough for everyone else (Congress included), since most other government workers are not risking their lives (fire and police excepted of course) they can do with a little less than fully pay and benefits for running an inefficient office for years on end.  I might be more generous if I got better service from the government, but since the service is so poor the compensation can be commensurate with the quality of service.  Like I said, let the tax payer's decided what they think a retired government employee is due.

I know that there are going to be a lot of pissed of retirees from some states, but I would think it would be give a little now or give it all later when the state goes belly up.  It is just a thought, but everyone knows that as long as the career criminals are in charge the states will get bailed out and it will only hasten the fall of the federal government.  There is no way any politician is going to let the wonderful people of CA suffer for their collective poor decisions or the great people of Illinois or New York.  We need to tell the truth and the truth is we are out of other people's money and unless we get a huge influx of high paying jobs there will be zero revenue growth regardless of the tax rates because 50% or 100% of zero is still zero.

That is just my two cents, maybe three.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conservatives Put GOP Leadership On Notice

Conservatives Put GOP Leadership On Notice

This was a very interesting shot across the bow for the Republican Party establishment. It also ties in very well with an article on the death of the Democratic Party as the country pulls back right from the hard left of the past two years. The Democrats are a dying breed as they become far more liberal then most Americans can stand and the Republicans are likely to split with moderates keeping the Republican name and the conservatives probably picking up the Tea Party moniker. Old school Democrats will probably become Republicans and the Democratic Party will just fade into the woodwork where they now belong.

The split is just the natural progression of life and with the coming budget pain. The give it away types can't stand the hack it types, so there will be a split. The good news is that the two remaining parties will be much farther to the right then the either of the current two parties. We have lots of tough choices ahead and they don't involve buying votes with government largess or big government solutions, so the Democrats really have no leg to stand on moving into the brave new world of limited government spending.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

2012 Election

Let this be the start of the 2012 campaign, I have been doing a lot of reading about who is going to run and who says they are not running for President in 2012.  The funny thing is that I seriously think it really won't matter for the Republicans unless the economy gets much worse over the next two years and here is why I think that.

If we have gridlock in Washington, it favors the President because Washington is unable to monkey with regulation and taxes, so businesses have a little relief and start doing business again. Unemployment drops below 9% and Obama regains some of his following.  The independents vote with their wallets and see this pairing as okay over the last two periods of single party control. Now add the splintered Republicans/Tea Party and you have Obama winning in 2012 regardless of who is running against.  These are just the facts and you can argue all day, but none of the Republicans are good enough to unseat a tolerable Obama.

If the economy goes to hell in a hand basket, then the independents will look to anyone that can turn the country around and they will take Christie with bells on because of the results he will have shown in NJ over the last 3+ years at that point.  Christie is a wartime President and the war is on federal spending, so he doesn't get elected in 2012 unless the crap has hit the fan.  The independents will look to a hardliner to fix what the feel good intellectual was unable to do.  This is the only way a Republican wins in 2012.

With all that said, what are we to be doing in preparation of the up coming election cycle?  We should be holding the recently elected yahoo's feet to the fire and keeping track of who is next on the chopping block.  The good Senator from Oklahoma  seems to be volunteering to be retired early for his completely out of step views on earmarks.  Yeah they are only a small part of the spending problem, but they are a huge part of the corruption problem. Sen. Inhofe if you don't realize what the People are telling you, then it is time for you to go either retire or standby to be removed.  Senator you really should read and heed Sen. Coburn's take on earmarks because he gets it.

Back to the 2012 Presidential election for a second. No one in their right mind would run against Obama willingly because it is a two pain in the ass with the outcome as a total crap shoot, so that leaves only the crazy and the vane.  If the economy continues to fall then Christie wins in a landslide after being begged to come in and save the day. Otherwise you are just cannon fodder like Dole or McCain, and really who wants to be lumped in with that group. Plus there could be a 3rd party populist candidate in the race ensuring an Obama victory, so if you are serious about sitting in the Oval office 2012 is only good for one person, Obama.

I say work to reform things on the local level and do what you can for your fellow human beings, but 2012 as all elections are about the economy so only time will tell.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Debt Reduction and Spending Cuts

The more I think about this Commissions plan the more I like it with a few exceptions, sure we can extend the retirement age and monkey around the edges of true SS and Medicare reform, but it still isn't enough to get the job done because despite all the heat and smoke generated there will still be a $300 billion deficit in 2015. Does this sound like true progress? I think not.

If you want to impress me, balance the budget by across the board cuts and then we can talk about taxes to pay down the debt. As everyone knows that as long as we are deficit spending we are not truly solving the problem because our debt payments are continuing to increase because the principle is still rising. If we want to save this country then we need to balance the budget first and fast. Then we raise a specific tax to retire the debt. Roll both of those into an amendment that the jackals can't screw up.

I have stated several things that we can do to cut spending, but 10% across the board cuts until we balance the budget are necessary and based on the fact we are currently at 43% deficit spending these cuts are going to be happening for quite sometime.
Of course this assumes that the full 10% is cut from deficit spending and that Congress doesn't increase any spending during the four years that it will take to balance the budget. We all know that is a bad assumption as our debt payments will continue to increase, so four years is optimistic.

So, four years from now we have successfully balanced the budget, but we still have two huge issues how to pay down the debt and maintain the balanced budget. I am sure that the retiring baby boomers are going bananas at this point because how do we cut 43% of SS and Medicare spending and what do we lose. Maybe we loose fraud and high priced senior managers or we cut benefits, but that is why we elect representatives to Congress.

So back to the debt, I am and will continue to advocate a 2% federal sales tax that is solely for paying off the national debt. This is all part of that budget amendment that keeps the career criminals from messing it up. We do all these very hard things then maybe we fix the national debt problem. I don't advocate currently changing tax rates or deductions, because if you have too many moving parts then the criminals will hide their collective dirty deeds in a mass of confusion. The only change in the tax system that I would accept is a flat tax with zero deductions or exemptions because this puts everyone in the game and prevents Congress from providing sweetheart deals and loopholes for their buddies. This would go for corporations as well. If you when with say 15% then the budget would pretty much be set by the GDP and we would know immediately how we are doing and when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This plan would result in 17% tax rate for everyone with 15% set and 2% variable.

I know that this hurts the people that don't currently pay taxes, but this is America and everyone is equal so their share in the cost should be equal. It isn't like the "rich" won't be paying more dollars than the poor, but everyone will be paying according to their earnings. Also if you reduce the corporate tax to 15% then we suddenly become super competitive and that means more jobs and that means more revenue and that means more tax collected and that means balancing the budget sooner and that means starting to pay off the national debt sooner and that means a stronger dollar and that means it is more profitable to do business here, repeat.

I know that it is simplistic, but this doesn't need to be so difficult. I know cutting the sacred cows is going to cause howls of unfair and keep my gravy train flowing. The national and state gravy trains are wrecked and the only way we are going to salvage what is left is to make tough decisions now. Does that mean that certain government services are going to be slower or non-existent, yes. But, we have spent money hand or fist for years to streamline government services to reduce waste and make them more efficient and how has that worked? So, lets stop throwing good money after bad and force efficiency or elimination.

I know you all have some strong ideas on this matter, so lets hear them. We can't sit back and wait for the explosion from the derailed gravy train.

Friday, November 5, 2010

What to do now?

It seems that everyone is talking about what to do now, whether it be the newly elected Republicans in Congress, the Tea Party crowd, the Democrats, the guy down the street, or your friends from college.  The answer is pretty simple, put your big boy pants or big girl pants on and get to work.  If you are Congress then start doing the things you said you were going to do, since the Pledge was pretty fricking low bar, then do it.  The Tea Party continue to keep the pressure on until we turn Washington around, which won't be completely done until after at least the 2016 election.  Turning the ship of state takes years for any lasting change to truly occur, so thankfully the damage done over the last two if properly dismantled should have very little overall affect other than serving as a warning sign to future generations to stop treating the presidential elections like voting for high school class president.

We must stay vigilant during the lame duck session, but really any bill written can be repealed by another.  I say we work on stabilizing the playing field for business and let them know they can start hiring again.  We need to put an end to unfair trade that prevents us from competing in world markets, while letting China flood our markets.  There are ways to stop the flood and put Americans back to work, by simply using the tools available to us thanks to our "friends" at the WTO.  If you are in a trade deficit then you can raise tariffs to reduce the deficit, until trade is actually fair.  We do this and lower corporate tax rates, we make it worthwhile to start making stuff in America again.  This is not rocket science, but it is tough medicine for tough times because all those cheap products at Walmart are going to start costing more before the jobs arrive.  Hopefully, we can offset that by the cut in corporate tax and stop monkeying with regulations. If stabilizing the economy and returning jobs to America seem like loser plans then you are in the wrong business.

The new Congress needs to play hard ball with the President and send him a budget that freezes federal spending at 2008 levels (not great, but a start) and demand a 10% reduction in the federal workforce or a 10% pay cut for all federal workers.  If the President or the Senate balk then send them the next one for 15% and then next for 20%.  If you want to reduce government then do it and have some stones about it.  Don't worry about the next election, worry about doing what you promised.  You show the country that you are dead serious about getting government spending under control and reducing the size of it the people will come to you. I know this will be foreign to most of the career politicians to actually do what they were elected to do, you will have to just have to trust me on this one.  The public does not mind paying taxes, but they hate paying taxes and seeing their money pissed away by corrupt politicians and overpaid government workers, both of which give piss poor service for the money they are paid.

As for the rest of us, we need to first keep the pressure on, but secondly we need to look at ways to support and help where ever we can.  We are all in this together and we sink or swim as a nation by our individual efforts to support the whole.  We need to encourage our elected officials to make hard choices and reward those who do.  We need to call out those who don't.  We need to do our homework and let our representatives know what they need to be doing.  I know this hasn't always been successful in the past, but across the nation there are 680 newly elected republican representatives and they need to be reminded of who they work for so they don't lose their minds.  We need to help each other and ourselves where we can and do the things we know are right, like saving some money and paying off our own debt.  I know that this won't spur our consumer economy, but it is going to take time to get America working again, so lets not keep sending what we do have to the Middle East and China. 

I know I am an isolationist and you are correct, but those that do have should help those who don't and keep things moving the best that they can.  Go through your closet and donate your old clothes, go out to eat at a restaurant that you can afford, donate your time to help some one else, and just keep keeping on until this mess starts to clear up.  There is always the hope of a new dawn, but you have to work to make it through the night.