Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who we really are and what we need to do? …..

We are overwhelmed with news that infuriates and upsets us almost on a daily basis. From a civilian trial for terrorists, to the takeover of our healthcare, to the apologies made by the administration all over the world, we look around and say, "What on Earth is going on?" We see children setting their friends on fire, parents staging fights between their children, and celebrities forgetting what it means to be personally responsible.

There is a general feeling that we are losing our most fundamental values, morals, way of life, and something deeper - a sense of who we are, of our place in a greater community.

I believe there is a reason for all of this. Something rather simple, actually, as I ponder it. We have diminished the value of the individual. We have relinquished our personal power and uniqueness. We question our own abilities and our intellect. We have abrogated power to others, believing they will make decisions for our benefit even without our consent. We are not proud of ourselves as individuals, and that transfers to our country. We are not showing any pride in her either.

Without pride and sense of purpose, our grounding becomes unsettled, unstable. Subliminally we feel lost and isolated. This is quite contrary to the promises of universal anything-[fill in the blank]. We are further apart than we ever have been, certainly in my lifetime.

What might be a remedy for this? That appears obvious as well. Stop believing in the government and start believing in ourselves. Think enough of ourselves to take chances, to work hard, to learn, and yes, to fail! Failure is not horrendous; at least, if we fail, it belongs to US. It is SURRENDER that is so devastating -- the voluntary relinquishing of our own individual power.

The focus returns to the INDIVIDUAL rather than the STATE. State power would naturally be reduced, and people's strengths would be given the opportunity to again grow and blossom.

The politicians in DC have a total disconnect and therefore have lost touch with the people that they are elected to represent. The most current example is health care and how it is being handled by the political elites in DC. No matter what has been done or said by the people of the United States they continue to push ahead with national health care. How can we force our elected officials to regain contact with us? The focus returns to the INDIVIDUAL rather than the STATE. The solution must not be limited to the people in DC; it must also involve state and local officials. The citizens of our country can no longer afford to permit these political elites to go unsupervised; we need to remind them who they are actually working for. We need to reclaim our individual responsibility.

We need to do a better job of selecting candidates to vote for. We need people who reflect our values and principles to be candidates. We cannot allow the progressives or republicans to be the only ones to determine who is being put up for election, we can see the results of the good old boy network in action and it's affects on our country. Next thing we need to do is not allow these elected people to have their closed door meetings in secret any longer. All meetings need to be held in the open for the public to see. The only exception should be in the case of National Security. Once we have the light shining on these people the next step is to get them back in touch with the citizens they represent. To do this I believe they need to spend a very limited amount of time in DC and the majority of their time in their home district where citizens can actually meet with them.

The most important part of fixing our country is that the citizens never again allow the government to work unsupervised. This is our country and it is up to all of us take our share of responsibility in how our country is to be.

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