Saturday, October 2, 2010

It is a matter of choice and we get to make that choice on Nov. 2nd.

I was reading a post about a federal spending amendment, which is a start, but there are several other measures that must be enacted along with this cap.  I also don't agree with that person's assertion of 2% over inflation.  We need a balanced budget and national debt retirement because without either of these this is just a continued ticket to wasteful spending.  It would be nice to set the level of acceptable federal spending, but we all know that if you give Congress a pot of money they will squander it and ask for more for things they should have spent if on in the first place, plus without retiring the national debt we will have to pay a large portion of all future spending to service that debt.  This is a very complex issue that needs to be address in a comprehensive federal spending amendment. 

If we want to make America strong again it means putting Americans back to work and that means making this country a great place to do business for big and small.  We must lower taxes on businesses big and small because they create the jobs, not the government.  We have long lived with the idea that we must punitively tax the producers to pay for the poor, but there would be far less poor if there were jobs.  Today, we have 5% higher unemployment, which means that there are more poor that the government is having to support.  So, make it worthwhile to do business and put those people back to work.  The current reason is that the government doesn't want to because it likes being big and powerful.  I likes messing with people's lives and a livelihoods.  It is no mystery that when you lower taxes and minimize government interference that you have job growth (check the history, both Democrat and Republican), so why hasn't if been done in this recession?

It is a matter of choice and we get to make that choice on Nov. 2nd.

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