Thursday, September 23, 2010

What about this Pledge thing?

I  must say that is is fine as far as it goes and that isn't very far, but what can you expect from a bunch of guys that can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.  If the Republicans had any kind of leadership they would be easily grabbing a decent majority in both Houses, but they are a rudderless bunch of buffoons that have mucked up a wet dream.  The only reason they are even getting a shot at being returned to power is that they aren't Democrats, whooped-damn-do.  If they had listened to the people 18 months ago and got a decent plan together they would be stumping the guts out of the Democrats and winning new seats left and right. They didn't and now we have them whining about the DE primary like that was what cost them the Senate.  It wouldn't have been even close if they has a clear and concise message that we can do better and he is how.  The Pledge is a weak and lame attempt to not offend  too many while securing the House victory.  It is not leadership and it certainly isn't a vision of how to truly fix things.

I have to let them off the hook a little bit because they are so late to the game that this is about all they will be even able to attempt without a clear majority in the Senate and a hostile White House.  I cry for what could have been, but live in the reality of what it is.  I have to give them a reserved golf clap for this attempt and nothing more because if they had pulled their heads out sooner, we could have had decent majorities and done some true rolling back, plus pushing the socialist to the center like with Bill.  Oh well, we will have to fight a delaying action until 2012 and hope that the fires still burn for true change.

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