Friday, September 17, 2010

The U.S. Constitution: An Agreement by States

The U.S. Constitution: An Agreement by States

A very nice commentary on what the Constitution is and is not. We must remember that our Founding Fathers were fearful of an all powerful central government and debate whether is was truly worth having one. Here we are 200 plus years later arguing the exact same things. Tyranny is a government that no longer respects or listens to the governed, so Washington take note and watch this hopefully bloodless revolution occur before your eyes. If the Republicans think that they are on the fast track back to business as usually they are in for a big surprise because the American people are firing big government and big government spending. If the Republicans want to stick around they better get on board or they are next group to be shown the door. This week has brought it all into very clear resolution that the Republicans just want to use the Tea Party to regain power, but have no true desire to change their ways. The Tea Party has no clear path except what they don't want, so what this country needs is a strong leader that understands and can deliver the true message of ending big government. I don't think the people care what party this leader comes from as long as they get the fact that we are sick and tired of big wasteful government at all levels and it is now time to put the adults in charge of fixing this country. We need people that are willing to stand up to the lobbyists and the unions to say enough is enough. I know there are a lot of people associated with the Tea Party that could give a rat's ass less about what letter is behind a person's name. The public is frustrated and tired of the crap mill that is Washington, so they are looking to anyone to provide solutions to muck the sewer of Washington. That is how you are getting these radical candidates that would not normally see the light of day. The parties think they can control this wave, but if this week showed us anything, it is showed us the fallacy of trying to used the Tea Party for establishment reconstruction.

It is going to be fun to watch as the election draws near if Washington truly gets what is happening. I also hope that the Tea Party doesn't derail itself with RINO Hunting. We must say on message that the Tea Party is first and foremost a fiscal conservative movement and the Republicans will do well to remember that they succeed when they stick to government by that principle. Can you say Reagan and starve the beast?

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