Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anyone Hear an Apology?

I was wondering if any of you have heard an apology out of the Republicans for their wasteful spending and big government ways?  I would think that would top the agenda of any Republican asking for our votes this year because otherwise why should we even bother trading one career criminal for another.  I have said this many times before that I require an apology by any career politician for the power grubbing big spending ways before I would vote for them.  I am stuck with McCain as my only choice, but as big spenders goes he at least doesn't take earmarks.  I thirst for new blood, but I am glad big spender and career criminal JD Hayworth didn't make it past the primary.  I am happy that there is some fresh blood out there in various elections, but we must be ever vigilant against wolves in sheep's clothing.  The career criminal will say whatever it takes to get elected (prime example McCain, he reversed himself on some many things that I thought he might snap in half).

I am extremely happy that the American public is doing its part to find new blood for Congress, but Washington has a way of corrupting people.  We need to keep the fires burning long past November if we are going to turn this country around.  We must remind Washington daily who they work for and what we demand as a nation.  This will be no easy task as we work our collective butts off to make ends meet, but do do otherwise is to turn our backs on Liberty once more and let the criminal element creep back in.  It is human nature to seek power for oneself and stab a guy in the back to get ahead, but this is the bases of our nature.  We can be so much better than that and we should demand better than that from those who represent us.  It is not a hard thing to say no to wasteful spending and corruption.  Name names and kick butt that is what is needed to cleanup the cesspool that is Washington.  We need champions that have the backbone and principles not to be bought with special interest money.  We need people that actually read and understand the bills that they vote for in Congress.  We need people that avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

We need to stay vigilant to our principles and hold our representatives accountable for their actions and votes.  The Congress is not a lifetime appointment and we need to enforce that by voting out people that don't live up to their promises.  We have a great opportunity over the next few election cycles to truly reform Washington, but that can only happen if we keep the fire in OUR bellies.  The Tea Party or Tea Party endorsed candidates don't need a majority, but rather a strong minority is enough to put an end to the corruption and big spending.  If you can't pass a bill without this minority then you better write ones that are acceptable or else.  This is not rocket science and it worked for many years when there were no super majorities to ram things down people's throats. 

We need to love and support our fresh blood candidates and hold them accountable along with the rest of Congress.  We can can the course of human events if only we stay vigilant.

As a side note the 8/28 rally was so much better than any political rally ever could have been.  Like him or not Glen Beck reminded us that Americans are capable of great things when we aspire to be our best.

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