Thursday, August 19, 2010

My List

I am not as elegant as others about what I think the next Congress should do, but here are my ten:

1. Balance the budget via an amendment, so the jokers in Congress can't circumvent it whenever they like.

2. New tax system either a Fair Tax or Flat Tax, either would be better and put every American in the game.

3. National Debt reduction plan, which can be part of either one or two above.

4. Secure our boarders, finally.  We can figure out what to do with all the illegals later.

5. Term Limits for everyone, period.

6. Limited congressional sessions, so they can't just hangout making crap up.  This would force them to spend time with the people they are suppose to represent.

7. One subject per bill.  No more globing crap together to hide stuff, either it stands on its own merits or it doesn't get passed.

8. Since we are in the information age and each bill will cover one subject they should be posted for all America to read and digest prior to voting. Also they need to be read by everyone voting on it, so we don't get the BS of we need to pass it to know what is in it.

9. Enumerated Powers Act, if it isn't specifically called out in the Constitution then you need an amendment to allow the federal government to have that right (socialized medicine would be a prime example).  Let the people/states decide if the feds are worthy of such power.

10. Zero bailouts of any kind, let the bankruptcy courts handle corporate failure as they were intended to do.  This is a country of equal opportunity to succeed or fail.

It isn't pretty, but it is at least a better start then you are going to see out of any politician come November.  Maybe if enough of us make our lists and share them, we could actually settle on a prescription for fixing this country.  I know the best way to start is to remove the cancer first and then treat to prevent re-occurrence.

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