Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Wondering

I am seeing a lot of news about this thing they want to build at ground zero in NYC.  I have to wonder if we have lost our fricking minds.  We didn't build a Japanese shrine at Pearl Harbor to show unity with the Japanese people after the sneak attack on us.  Sure not all Japanese people supported the actions of their government's act of war, but we still do not reward them with a shrine next to the Arizona Memorial.  So why is the situation any different in NYC.

Just because not all Muslims were responsible for the 9/11 attacks does not make it right or decent for them to put anything any where near ground zero. This was an act of war perpetrated by a group of radicals that happen to be Muslim.  Sure there are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world and only a very small handful had anything negative to say about the terrorists after what happened on 9/11.  If they were as outraged about it as they claim and they are seeking to honor the victims then they can fund a beautiful non-Muslim memorial that denounces radical Islam and the deaths it caused on that day. Barring that then there should be no Muslim memorial to that day or anywhere near that area.  This isn't about religious freedom because no one is saying they can't be Muslim or worship as they please. It is about decency and compassion for the victims' families and friends.  The Japanese have enough decorum to not force a shrine at Pearl Harbor and the Muslims should have the same decorum to move their whatever far away from ground zero as possible.

I don't hate Muslims as individuals, but I can't abide by a religion that promotes the destruction of young men and women to kill off the non-believer (Infidels).  I also would have hoped that we had progressed in the last couple of centuries away from woman as chattel and cutting stuff off as punishment for the weakest in the society.  This whole situation shows that theocracies are a very dangerous thing and should be avoided.  State run by religion and religion run by the state are both very bad combinations and our founding fathers knew both needed to be avoided. An individual should be left to worship as they saw fit, with others that are like minded, but they don't get to kill other people or protest at funerals.  I am all for freedom of speech, but what happened to decency and decorum. 

Man left to his own devices is evil and grouping them together definitely doesn't change that.  We need rules that prevent us from killing each other and stealing whatever we want, but an understanding that no one is actually better than anyone else.  Sure we Americans think we are smarter and harder working than the rest of the world, but that still doesn't make us better.  If you dropped us into some third world crap hole we would still react to our basic needs and do whatever it took to survive.  Most of the people living in these crap hole Muslim countries really don't give a crap about hating Americans because they haven't ever met us, but if there is some guy there that can make your life even more miserable telling you to hate Americans that is what you do.  Most religions are just a tool of controlling the masses, some are nicer than others, but they are mostly about what you should and should not do.  But the true key is a relationship with YOUR Creator and not worrying about what some other yahoo's believes or trying to kill him for believing differently.

The bottom line is I don't care if you want to worship a goat, but if your religion or government caused the deaths of thousands you don't get the right to build a monument to it anywhere near their graves.  The Japanese had enough decency and decorum not to build at Pearl Harbor and the Muslims should take a hint and look elsewhere, maybe in Afghanistan or Iraq.  There are plenty of people there needing a nice place to worship and celebrate their chosen religion.

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