Saturday, August 7, 2010

Interesting Ideas

Ed and I agree that eventually the state will be out of the marriage business as it should never have been in it to begin with. It makes an interesting read and reaches the same conclusion that I have been railing about for a couple of years now. The contract between two people for legal standing in the eyes of the Law should be just that a contract and the union of two people (marriage) should be the sole responsibility of the religious establishment.  I say render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and what is unto God to God.  The gay marriage debate is a waste of time and energy and is promoted by the media to divide the public.  If the was no such thing as state sponsored marriage then the whole issue would simple go away and the people on the right and independents would focus on more important issues. Such as why the left is driving this country into the ditch, with all this deficit spending and government takeovers. 

Another interesting article today talks of a balanced budget amendment for the Constitution, which is another thing I have been railing about for years now. The only thing is that is doesn't go far enough because balancing the budget is only the start because you must have a mechanism to payoff the national debt.  Maybe if I wait long enough someone will propose my idea of a national sales tax for national debt reduction.

Not particularly fond of this idea, but it could have merits if Congress was not responsible for how the money is distributed.  Raise the gas tax five cents and use that money to put people to work fixing our crappy roads.  I know this is very Roosevelt-like, but we need better roads and bridges and jobs. If we could figure a way to take the government out of the process and make it efficient and accountable, we might have a good idea.  Think about all the crappy roads you drive on every day or the traffic you sit in daily or the bridge collapse in MN.  I just don't trust the government to stay focused and use the money effectively.  I saw how the TARP money was spent in WV where they repaved a pretty decent road, while planning to tear it up in a year to expand it a lane. It just shows the government mentality of take the money and waste it anyway you can.

Here is the true winner of the day. Global warming and cooling are caused by the sun and other natural processes that have nothing to do with mankind's emission of CO2.  There is some heretic scientist that has actual working models that fit the data vice making the data fit the model.  It has to do with natural cloud cycles in the Pacific and helps account for periods of warming and cooling.  This will of course never see the light of day in the real media, but is an interesting thought.  I am not for allowing countries to spew pollution at will by burning coal like in 1800's, but a cleaning process that reduces emissions is a reasonable approach as long as it does not mean stopping all the world's use of fossil fuels until better alternatives can actually be developed.  I for one believe in solar, wind, wave, and whatever, but they aren't there yet, so we should do our best to minimize the impact of what we have today while strengthening our nation. Use our coal, use our natural gas, use our nuclear industry and our brains to produce the cleanest and most cost efficient energy that supports jobs in America and keeps the money from going to places that don't like us and want to see us dead or Muslim (only two choices in accordance with the Koran).

Just throwing some thoughts out there.  What to you think? Are there any winners or are they just all pie in the sky losers?  I haven't been touting the Tea Party lately as there is plenty of Tea Party talk in the news, but I am still a strong supporter of smaller limited government and paying off the national debt, seen about.  What's your take on what is happening in the body politic?

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