Friday, August 13, 2010

The Enumerated Powers Act: A Simple Test

The Enumerated Powers Act: A Simple Test

Such a simple thing and yet we still don't have it. I would ask any candidate, you are thinking of voting for, whether they will support this bill either in the House or Senate. We need to stop the federal onslaught and return the power to the people. This is one of the tenets of what the Tea Party platform should include. I would also recommend a balance budget amendment and a plan to pay of the national debt. How about securing our borders? How about read the bill or one issue per bill? Downsize DC has lots of good ideas and some emails/letters that you can send to your representatives to remind them who they work for and what you want to see out of your government. I have been pretty quiet lately on the whole Tea Party movement because it is not going to gel until after the 2010 elections and the betrayal of the new elected Republicans. America will find out that if you keep sending career criminals to Washington nothing changes. When the Republicans establishment returns to business as usual, it will be at their own peril because the grassroots will rise up and finally say enough of the ruling progressives from both parties and look for a true alternative. That is when the Tea Party will come into its own. It will be a bumping start, but they will find their sea-legs and start cleaning house.

Funny how Congress has a 20% approval rating, but more than likely 80% of them will be returned to the House and 95% to the Senate. This is going to be the final nail in the current two party system. The big government progressives of both parties are going to face the limited government and lower taxes Tea Parties. Who do you think will win that contest? The progressives have the MSM in their pocket currently, but the internet is making all the difference in getting the grass to grow. People are sick and tired of Washington stealing the money out of their pockets to waste it on themselves and their political cronies (big business or unions, take your pick). The people want jobs, a better life, and a future for their kids that doesn't involve slavery to Washington. Many people were seduced by great promises of leisure and easy money, but the harsh reality is that money comes from us and self-licking ice cream cones only exist in government. Try doing the same in business and you will be bankrupt, but the government either prints more money or steals it from our children. We need to get Americans working again and get our country back on the road to fiscal health. You want a better life that is the only path. Is it going to be incredible painful in the short run, you bet. We the People need to take back America from the big government progressives and make it work again.

What do you think? Do we need to clean House? Are we seeing the end of the Republicans? Are you ready for true change? I want to hear what you think.

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