Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Crisis Evaporates Before Our Eyes

I find it funny how another crisis (the oil spill in the Gulf) is just disappearing without any help from the government or the media.  The weird part is that just like the housing crisis, the oil crisis,  and so many others that there was a lot of smoke but very little fire.  I know that housing bubble did collapse and it truly needed to because there was no way it could sustain itself without matching increases in wages.  I have said this before that the ruin of this nation is the 24 hours news channels because they manufacture BS just to fill the hours.  It does not matter if it is CNN or Fox because both just put different spins on the same BS.  The Gulf oil spill was and is a huge problem, but what happened to all that oil that was going to shoot around Florida and contaminate the whole east coast?  I stopped watching just about all TV news because the constant bombardment is designed to make mountains out of mole hills.

I wonder if we forced them down to just say eight hours a day of programming if some of our current woes would drop off the map.  Just imagine if we didn't have to here about such huge events as Snooki's arrest or how displaced some pampered bride is over a competing wedding in the same state. I also wonder how we could live without 16 hours of taking heads spewing BS that is not based on facts, but on personal feelings about things they have absolutely nothing but at best second hand knowledge.  It amazes me that we put up with this BS, but we only have a few seconds to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  We don't have the time to sit and wade through all the BS, so we could clearly see that the talking heads are full of $#!+.  We instead allow these manure pushers to fill the airwaves and form public opinion.  I don't care about your political leanings because they truly make no difference when it comes to the MSM (Fox included) crisis generating for dollars and exposure.

This country has a lot on it's plate and could use some well reasoned debate on how to solve the issues of the day, but as long as we are worried about which sound bite wins the day nothing will be accomplished and we will lurch  from one crisis to the next.  We must wean ourselves off the BS train and either live our lives in the quiet desperation or filter through the BS.  We need to see the truth with our own eyes and think with our own brains.  We need to look up and see that the sky is not falling every second of every day.  Are there issues out there that scare the crap out of me? You bet your @$$ there are, but it only takes common sense to see those, such as our looming debt crisis. 

If you our I continued to spend what we didn't have year after year with absolutely no way to pay it back, then at some point we would declare bankruptcy and liquidate that debt.  Then creditors would rightfully not let us do it again by preventing us from getting new credit to run up.  America is running up huge bills and yes some debt isn't bad, but un-payable debt is not only bad but look who is holding it.  The Chinese need only wait until we implode to become the world power they desperately want to be and we joyfully keep spending ourselves into oblivion.  Wake up and smell the BS and make November count.  We need to make some hard choices because we have no other choice.  We don't need the talking heads to tell us that we can't keep spending the way we are and expect miracles.

Europe is waking up to that fact that socialist policies however benevolent cannot be maintained on the backs of a shrinking working class.  What makes for a successful country is people working and making their own money and buying stuff.  This is the American way and how a market society works.  Every time the government takes over anything it screws it up just look at the Post Office, which can't guarantee any delivery, verses FedEx, which is guarantee all different delivery times.  FedEx succeeds because it seeks out efficiency to maintain or increase profits, while the Post Office continues to lose money because of bloated structure and regulated/unionized inefficiencies.  We need to stop hindering what works and starve the beast until we can afford the inefficiencies.  The time is now to say enough is enough and put the work back in the American Dream.

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