Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thinking Back

The other day I was commenting over on TSSBP about how cool it was to be able to take my Dad on a Tiger Cruise and my Wife on a Family Cruise.  Those were some very special memories for them, but for me as well. It struck me as funny how the Eng told my Dad how happy he was to have me working for him because we got along like oil and water.  I know he was probably just being nice, but my Dad was so very proud that I was so good at my job.  He wasn't sure if the Navy was the right path for me, but after that cruise he was always supportive.

As for having the love of my life spend the day with me underway, that was a whole different kind of cool because even though I was busier than a one legged man at an @$$-kicking contest, I still found time to take a nap with the wife in my bunk.  The cool thing was that we are both about six foot tall, so it was very cozy, but it was the best sleep that I ever had aboard the boat.  I know what some of you are thinking, but no that didn't happen because I had to go back on watch.

It is amazing to me all the cool stuff that we do and think nothing of it at the time, but years down the road it really was cool.  In one day I had the mid-watch in the Atlantic and the evening-watch in the Pacific, which was pretty darn cool. Or later in that same home port relocation doing a VIP Cruise and getting to drive around Alcatraz at sunrise then out under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Not all things are remembered too fondly such as riding on the surface in a horrible storm on Super Bowl Sunday with a bunch of VIPs that we could off-load because it was too rough. Or coming through the Straits of Juan De Fuca in fog so heavy I couldn't see out of the Bridge and having Seattle Control telling me to speed up to shoot between two high-speed ferries crossing in front of me.  I didn't speed up and I never saw them either as they past in front of me.

What fun or interesting highlights do you all have of your time running around on the pond?  I am always interested to hear what cool things other people have done.  I have a million other sea stories that are probably only interesting to me, but I am always willing to share like the time I got to spend New Years Eve and day observing 3" Launcher training thanks to my XO.  Let's hear it because where else is someone going to let you tell those wonderful boat stories without you seeing them roll their eyes.

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