Friday, July 23, 2010

Some things never change

I have to wonder who the bigger racists are after the fun filled BS that has been happening all week in the news. It is obvious that the lady in the video is racists because she admits as much, which is cool until she uses her position to take action against some one of color (white in this case). The President is a scared closet racists as evidenced by the fact that he saw a few comments immediately identified the offending racist in the video and forced her to be fired. I wonder if he even saw the entire video or did he make his snap judgement on the snippet provided by Andrew the racist. Obama knows racism when he sees it and took immediate action less he be called out for his racist beliefs. Andrew is a racists as well because he purposely baited the hook to show how racist the NAACP is and instead of full disclosure he allowed them to hang themselves with their own rope of racism.

If everyone was on the up and up then it would have been realized that what started out as racism was really just classism, which is what the MSM now wants us to believe. Which I am going to have to throw the BS flag on because the lady was racist in her first reaction and she had no problem letting people know that, which Andrew graciously allowed the world to see. Did she try to spin it differently after her hand had been caught in the cookie jar? Sure she did just like anyone else caught looking like an ass on TV. The President knew this was going to be very ugly because he saw the racism in the video as well and for the first time in office acted immediately to a crisis. Of course he was wrong, but at least for once in his presidency he acted decisively and with authority. Now, he is looking like and ass and he too is in spin control mode. Andrew is also in spin control mode because the MSM is circling around and forming a firing squad. They didn't do their homework and Andrew made them look stupid along with their beloved president.

I think this is all just so wonderful because we now know that the president has a sack and can make a decision in less than a month. The sad part is that he has the very best resources available to get to the truth, but didn't bother because he knows best. This should have been beneath him and the office of president, but there he was swinging away like a fat kid at a pinata. I hope we all learned a valuable lesson this week, we know racism when we see it and you can't spin your way out of stupidity.

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