Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Reindustrialization of American

The Reindustrialization of American

Wow, this guy hits it on the head about high corporate taxes and loss of jobs. We need to start making the stuff we buy here and that would once again fuel our economy with decent paying jobs and tax revenue. The longer we make it hard and expensive to do business in the US the less business will be done in the US. I know we all love the cheap crap offered at Walmart, but the cheap crap is putting America out of business. Funny how we end up in a death spiral over cheap consumer goods. We need to slash corporate taxes and make it affordable to hire American workers to make stuff here in the US. Once we do that then the economy will start working again because people will have jobs and spend money again. If you are afraid of losing your job, you don't spend money, if you don't spend money, you lose your job as companies cut back due to low demand. We need to break this cycle and create jobs here in the US anyway we can. We might have to settle for a lower wage scale and actually do hard work for our money, but it

is WORK that will build this country back up. Now, we just need the government to do its part by lowering corporate taxes and that sure and the hell isn't going to happen with Obama and the Democrats in Congress. We need all people regardless of party to understand that we must starve the beast to get America working again. We need Democrats from the Rust Belt to realize you can't keep biting the hand that feeds you and expect good results. We need to do whatever it takes to be business friendly to create jobs for Americans. We need to really think if we need that crappy $5 t-shirt from China or could we make due with a $6 American made t-shirt. I am not saying buy crappy American products just because they are American, but rather buy good quality American products. The companies that are left here now need to compete in quality or else why bother. Ford seems to have gotten the hint that if you want to sell cars you need to make ones that aren't pieces of crap or people will buy the cheap reliable in-port. As we stand at the threshold of our future we must decide what kind of country are going to be, a European Socialist or a beacon of free enterprise and capitalism. We can not be both and I am sick of the intellectuals always looking to the failed socialist economies for answers. Our biggest time of growth and what made us great was our hard working, sweat producing, industries of the 50's that had powered us to victory and then powered us to economic greatness.

You want this country to survive then we need to band together and make America work again and the only way that happens is by lowering the cost of doing business in the US by reducing taxes and fees. We need to make it worth doing business here and we have a huge labor pool ready to make whatever you need made, but it won't be here forever because they will lose hope and couch potato away. Tell the candidates that want your vote that they need to cut taxes on business and get America working again. We need to make jobs not programs.

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