Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is the Constitution a Living Document?

Do any contracts exist as living documents? Can you change the interest rate on your mortgage or other provisions as the financial situation changes? In order to do so you need to renegotiate with the lender. The Founding Fathers knew that the people would have to have a method of making changes in the Constitution from time to time. For the government to change the meaning of the Constitution would be like having an attorney that is working for the lender to arbitrarily change the terms of your mortgage contract without your consent. They provided for these changes to be made using the Amendment process. To say that the Constitution is a living document provides these would be usurpers of power an insidious way to change it simply by interpreting it differently. The Constitution is based upon the Declaration of Independence and the eternal truth contained in it. The principles of the unalienable rights have always been true and will continue to be. To circumvent the amendment process and make changes by interpretation rather than by Constitutional Amendment is how our government officials have tricked and swindled the American people for decades. The Constitution and the paper it is written on is currently receiving life support but the principles upon which it was written will never die as long there are men and women that yearn to be free.

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  1. All the more reason to elect non-lawyers to congress 98% of the time (lawyers comprise 2% of the workforce), instead of the current 60%+ (Senate) and 35%+ (House).

    Executive branch now has more attorney cabinet members and tsars than ever.

    Finally, the federal judiciary is 100% lawyers -- including the Supreme Court (not required by Constitution, btw).

    How does anyone fail to see how the system of checks and balances intended by the founders has been compromised by concentration of federal power and authority in a largely parasitic profession?

    Yet, voters fail to see major conflicts and keep electing well-funded lawyers. My barber would be better than most of them.