Saturday, July 31, 2010

CDR Salamander: Such is the end of Empires

CDR Salamander: Such is the end of Empires: "Niall Ferguson has a critically important article out at RealClearWorld. History and economics. Facts are hard things.We have been raised ..."

I hate to do the double link, but this is too shocking not to share. I have felt for some time that our debt is leading us to ruin and now there is a little more net buzz about it. We have to balance our budget and start paying of the national debt. We can not last long a player on the world stage and be its biggest debtor.

The Chinese are in this for the long haul and they have several advantages that we don't. Human rights are very easy to ignore when you have an extra hundred million or two of people that you can't do much with. The population of China is almost 5 times our own and thus they run things a lot differently over there. They are totalitarian for a good reason, they can't afford a crazed liberal left that wants to give everything away. Sure they say they are communist, but they really aren't in that the little people don't really share in the collective good. The average person in China is dirty poor and just tries to survive, they don't have big government give away's to support them and they sure and a hell don't expect the government to solve their day to day problems.

America better wake the hell up and fix ourselves before it is truly too late. Don't be surprised by a sudden expansion of China on the world stage and a huge uptick in share of the world markets. They are not stupid and also they are the only ones in a position to move. When they do, we better all start learning Mandarin.

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