Saturday, July 31, 2010

American Thinker: What Can't the U.S. Afford?

American Thinker: What Can't the U.S. Afford?

Told you there was a buzz going. The dreaded third rail of politics, we can't afford to keep spending the way we have been for years now and the piper will also expect payment in the near future.

CDR Salamander: Such is the end of Empires

CDR Salamander: Such is the end of Empires: "Niall Ferguson has a critically important article out at RealClearWorld. History and economics. Facts are hard things.We have been raised ..."

I hate to do the double link, but this is too shocking not to share. I have felt for some time that our debt is leading us to ruin and now there is a little more net buzz about it. We have to balance our budget and start paying of the national debt. We can not last long a player on the world stage and be its biggest debtor.

The Chinese are in this for the long haul and they have several advantages that we don't. Human rights are very easy to ignore when you have an extra hundred million or two of people that you can't do much with. The population of China is almost 5 times our own and thus they run things a lot differently over there. They are totalitarian for a good reason, they can't afford a crazed liberal left that wants to give everything away. Sure they say they are communist, but they really aren't in that the little people don't really share in the collective good. The average person in China is dirty poor and just tries to survive, they don't have big government give away's to support them and they sure and a hell don't expect the government to solve their day to day problems.

America better wake the hell up and fix ourselves before it is truly too late. Don't be surprised by a sudden expansion of China on the world stage and a huge uptick in share of the world markets. They are not stupid and also they are the only ones in a position to move. When they do, we better all start learning Mandarin.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thinking Back

The other day I was commenting over on TSSBP about how cool it was to be able to take my Dad on a Tiger Cruise and my Wife on a Family Cruise.  Those were some very special memories for them, but for me as well. It struck me as funny how the Eng told my Dad how happy he was to have me working for him because we got along like oil and water.  I know he was probably just being nice, but my Dad was so very proud that I was so good at my job.  He wasn't sure if the Navy was the right path for me, but after that cruise he was always supportive.

As for having the love of my life spend the day with me underway, that was a whole different kind of cool because even though I was busier than a one legged man at an @$$-kicking contest, I still found time to take a nap with the wife in my bunk.  The cool thing was that we are both about six foot tall, so it was very cozy, but it was the best sleep that I ever had aboard the boat.  I know what some of you are thinking, but no that didn't happen because I had to go back on watch.

It is amazing to me all the cool stuff that we do and think nothing of it at the time, but years down the road it really was cool.  In one day I had the mid-watch in the Atlantic and the evening-watch in the Pacific, which was pretty darn cool. Or later in that same home port relocation doing a VIP Cruise and getting to drive around Alcatraz at sunrise then out under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Not all things are remembered too fondly such as riding on the surface in a horrible storm on Super Bowl Sunday with a bunch of VIPs that we could off-load because it was too rough. Or coming through the Straits of Juan De Fuca in fog so heavy I couldn't see out of the Bridge and having Seattle Control telling me to speed up to shoot between two high-speed ferries crossing in front of me.  I didn't speed up and I never saw them either as they past in front of me.

What fun or interesting highlights do you all have of your time running around on the pond?  I am always interested to hear what cool things other people have done.  I have a million other sea stories that are probably only interesting to me, but I am always willing to share like the time I got to spend New Years Eve and day observing 3" Launcher training thanks to my XO.  Let's hear it because where else is someone going to let you tell those wonderful boat stories without you seeing them roll their eyes.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Some things never change

I have to wonder who the bigger racists are after the fun filled BS that has been happening all week in the news. It is obvious that the lady in the video is racists because she admits as much, which is cool until she uses her position to take action against some one of color (white in this case). The President is a scared closet racists as evidenced by the fact that he saw a few comments immediately identified the offending racist in the video and forced her to be fired. I wonder if he even saw the entire video or did he make his snap judgement on the snippet provided by Andrew the racist. Obama knows racism when he sees it and took immediate action less he be called out for his racist beliefs. Andrew is a racists as well because he purposely baited the hook to show how racist the NAACP is and instead of full disclosure he allowed them to hang themselves with their own rope of racism.

If everyone was on the up and up then it would have been realized that what started out as racism was really just classism, which is what the MSM now wants us to believe. Which I am going to have to throw the BS flag on because the lady was racist in her first reaction and she had no problem letting people know that, which Andrew graciously allowed the world to see. Did she try to spin it differently after her hand had been caught in the cookie jar? Sure she did just like anyone else caught looking like an ass on TV. The President knew this was going to be very ugly because he saw the racism in the video as well and for the first time in office acted immediately to a crisis. Of course he was wrong, but at least for once in his presidency he acted decisively and with authority. Now, he is looking like and ass and he too is in spin control mode. Andrew is also in spin control mode because the MSM is circling around and forming a firing squad. They didn't do their homework and Andrew made them look stupid along with their beloved president.

I think this is all just so wonderful because we now know that the president has a sack and can make a decision in less than a month. The sad part is that he has the very best resources available to get to the truth, but didn't bother because he knows best. This should have been beneath him and the office of president, but there he was swinging away like a fat kid at a pinata. I hope we all learned a valuable lesson this week, we know racism when we see it and you can't spin your way out of stupidity.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is the Constitution a Living Document?

Do any contracts exist as living documents? Can you change the interest rate on your mortgage or other provisions as the financial situation changes? In order to do so you need to renegotiate with the lender. The Founding Fathers knew that the people would have to have a method of making changes in the Constitution from time to time. For the government to change the meaning of the Constitution would be like having an attorney that is working for the lender to arbitrarily change the terms of your mortgage contract without your consent. They provided for these changes to be made using the Amendment process. To say that the Constitution is a living document provides these would be usurpers of power an insidious way to change it simply by interpreting it differently. The Constitution is based upon the Declaration of Independence and the eternal truth contained in it. The principles of the unalienable rights have always been true and will continue to be. To circumvent the amendment process and make changes by interpretation rather than by Constitutional Amendment is how our government officials have tricked and swindled the American people for decades. The Constitution and the paper it is written on is currently receiving life support but the principles upon which it was written will never die as long there are men and women that yearn to be free.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blather in Kansas City

Blather in Kansas City

Wow that is two in a row form American Thinker. Funny how the government programs don't add up when you do the math. $32 million in stimulus to create less than 50 jobs, which adds up to ~$600,000 of our tax dollars for each job, yeah Congress! How about the $2 billion plus fiasco that was Cash for Clunkers that added up to over $50K per car of our tax dollars wasted. I don't know about you, but enough already with the government solutions because we sure aren't getting our money's worth. I would rather pay the tax to begin with and spent that money on food and gas or maybe to add another worker to my job site. Funny how people think this government spending is free and it is okay to throw huge numbers at problems, but it is coming out of our pockets and our kids as well. We need to starve the beast and put it back in its Constitutional box.

The Reindustrialization of American

The Reindustrialization of American

Wow, this guy hits it on the head about high corporate taxes and loss of jobs. We need to start making the stuff we buy here and that would once again fuel our economy with decent paying jobs and tax revenue. The longer we make it hard and expensive to do business in the US the less business will be done in the US. I know we all love the cheap crap offered at Walmart, but the cheap crap is putting America out of business. Funny how we end up in a death spiral over cheap consumer goods. We need to slash corporate taxes and make it affordable to hire American workers to make stuff here in the US. Once we do that then the economy will start working again because people will have jobs and spend money again. If you are afraid of losing your job, you don't spend money, if you don't spend money, you lose your job as companies cut back due to low demand. We need to break this cycle and create jobs here in the US anyway we can. We might have to settle for a lower wage scale and actually do hard work for our money, but it

is WORK that will build this country back up. Now, we just need the government to do its part by lowering corporate taxes and that sure and the hell isn't going to happen with Obama and the Democrats in Congress. We need all people regardless of party to understand that we must starve the beast to get America working again. We need Democrats from the Rust Belt to realize you can't keep biting the hand that feeds you and expect good results. We need to do whatever it takes to be business friendly to create jobs for Americans. We need to really think if we need that crappy $5 t-shirt from China or could we make due with a $6 American made t-shirt. I am not saying buy crappy American products just because they are American, but rather buy good quality American products. The companies that are left here now need to compete in quality or else why bother. Ford seems to have gotten the hint that if you want to sell cars you need to make ones that aren't pieces of crap or people will buy the cheap reliable in-port. As we stand at the threshold of our future we must decide what kind of country are going to be, a European Socialist or a beacon of free enterprise and capitalism. We can not be both and I am sick of the intellectuals always looking to the failed socialist economies for answers. Our biggest time of growth and what made us great was our hard working, sweat producing, industries of the 50's that had powered us to victory and then powered us to economic greatness.

You want this country to survive then we need to band together and make America work again and the only way that happens is by lowering the cost of doing business in the US by reducing taxes and fees. We need to make it worth doing business here and we have a huge labor pool ready to make whatever you need made, but it won't be here forever because they will lose hope and couch potato away. Tell the candidates that want your vote that they need to cut taxes on business and get America working again. We need to make jobs not programs.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Day

I see things differently with each passing day because I have hope in my heart that more and more Americans are waking up to the reality that we need to put an end to wasteful government spending. I have seen more and more signs of this awakening and people regardless of previous party affiliation are silent no more about their displeasure with Washington's wasteful ways. I could not be happier with the Gov. of NJ as he is dealing it straight with no sugar on top. He has put a budget in place that cuts a lot of programs because his state can't afford them. This seems pretty logical and the only solution to our current financial crisis of mounting national debt. Stop spending money you don't have, cut programs that you can afford, and cut back the programs you need but still can't afford.

This is not rocket science and I know that there are those who oppose any cuts in military spending, but lets get real. Can we afford to keep out spending the entire world combined? Yeah it is nice to be the biggest and the baddest, but it all comes at a price which we currently can't afford and I would say that we never really could. You don't buy a Benz when all you can afford is a Honda. The Honda is a good reliable and affordable car, the AMG Benz is a very expensive to buy, insure, and maintain. We need the ability to protect ourselves, but we don't need to be the world's policeman. Other counties need to start pulling their own weight and paying for their own defense. The Pax Americana is a wonderful thing for everyone except for the American Tax Payer and their child (grandchildren too). I love peace and much as the next guy, but we don't have the money to buy it for everyone in the world.

I would love to buy the world a Coke and a smile, but I don't have 6 billion in the bank to pay for it. The same principle applies to our government/military. We are going to have to accept that some people are going to be poor and some are going to kill each other regardless of what we do. This is a proven fact as we see in Africa and the Middle East. When the people of sick of the crap they will fix it, see Israel for example. They had a problem and they walled it off. For those who wish harm to our nation, as we cut back we are going to be less accurate with our killing, so if you mess with the bull you are going to get the horns and there is going to be significant collateral damage. I know the innocent suffer, but who are these innocents that sell their little girls to dirty old men or force their youngest and brightest to blow themselves up.

I am an isolationist because we don't have the money to be anything else and still provide for the national defense. If we spread our forces all over the globe we either spread them too thin or bankrupt the nation. The military is only a very small part of the much bigger problem of the government give away. We should assist people to not be in out on the street, but do we really need to support all those snowbirds that have two houses and an RV? I think Social Security and Medicare were great ideas, but they have never kept up with the times. The benefits should be there to keep a roof over some one's head not to fund a fun filled 30+ year retirement. I don't hate old people, but damn how much is enough?

I would like to hear what you think. I am encouraged by how many people are waking up to the new reality, but we are going to have to touch some third rails to actually fix things. I hope the people we elect in November realize this and have the stones to do what needs to be done. It will believe it when I see it because the most important thing to a politician is re-election, so most refuse to do the necessary heavy lifting and make the tough decisions. God Help Us All!

Friday, July 2, 2010

American Thinker Blog: The decreasing relevancy of Obama's presidency

American Thinker Blog: The decreasing relevancy of Obama's presidency

This one is more a guilty pleasure as it says things that made me smile. I have lost all respect for the current occupent of the White House because he is truly an empty suit and the blank slate that he claims to be. I find it so very funny that the "presidential scholars" rank him 15th and W. 45th. I will allow history to judge them both. I do not hold W.'s domestic or budgets in high regard, but the man knew how to act as a military leader and kept us safe for seven years, vice the current appeaser in the Oval Office. Am I getting more militant in my dislike for the O, yeah I think so since coming to AZ and having him tell me that we need to allow anyone that can make across the boarder citizenship, while ceding a huge track of AZ to the Mexican drug lords. If there was a real plan to seal the boarder then I would support a fine and a path to citizenship, but until the boarder is sealed and safe there should be zero talk of citizenship. I also can't abide with trillions of dollars of government spending when there is zero revenue to support it. I am with Reagan on this one, starve the beast and the private sector while thrive once again. But what the heck to I know, it is 0400 and I am sitting typing on a computer.

Are Democrats the New Whigs?

Are Democrats the New Whigs?

An interesting history lesson that has some interesting parallels in today's headlines. What do you think, could the Democrats be the ones folding their tents vice the Republicans because of the Tea Party?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another 4th of July

I find it amazing how many people get so wonderfully patriotic on the 4th and immediately forget about it on the 5th. We should remember every day what it means to be an American and what this country stands for and against. We used to stand for exceptionalism and hard work. We used to stand against tyranny and socialism. We used to stand for equal opportunity and a chance to succeed or fail on your own merits. We used to stand against the government taking our rights. We used to stand for the little guy that made it by hard work and determination. We used to stand against big business and big government interfering on our lives.

Where has this fire and passion gone? Are we so thrilled with stimulus checks written against our children's future. Are we happy to allow trillions and trillions to be added to the backs of our children just so we can have businesses to big to fail? Do we really need to be the world's policeman on our dime at the expense of our economic survival? Our Founding Fathers would puke at what this nation has become with big government in every aspect of our daily lives. They believed the government that governs least governs best. Where is that sentiment today?

It doesn't matter what party is in office because they only have one aim, to stay in power. They don't care what it takes to do it and they sure and the hell don't care about the people that they represent. The current crop of career criminals in Washington, is only stealing our hard earned dollars faster than the last group. They aren't shy about their intentions and they keep telling us that they won't be happy until We the People are under their total control.

You want to impress me with your patriotism then get out and vote. Stick stake in the ground and say enough is enough. Declare your believe in the American Dream and stop the nightmare in Washington. I love and served this country all my life and I am not going to let it go down without a fight. We as a nation need to grow up and start making hard decisions about what we can afford. We need to cut federal programs and some are really going to hurt, but if we don't start cutting then there will be nothing left to cut when it all collapses down around our ears. I don't want to see the Great American Experiment fail because we were too scare to touch a few third rails.

How much is too much? I am for a deficit reduction tax, but it comes with a balanced budget and no way for Congress to divert the money. I say we go to a flat tax for every American over the age of 18. If you can vote then you should pay for the opportunity and put some skin in the game. If you are voting and paying taxes then you are less likely to vote for more waste and government give aways. That is why the Founding Fathers set up the tax system as they did, but we let the progressives sell us a bill of goods in the early 20th century that we haven't shaken yet. Now is the time to rise up and say you don't vote unless you pay the flat tax, period. This means you have a say how your dollars are spent and I willing to bet a lot more people turn fiscally conservative.

Happy Birthday America! Now lets make this country great again.