Friday, June 11, 2010

New Look

I had to change because the orange was just too perky for my taste. The gray suits me better. I hope you like the new look, but if you don't oh well. This is the attitude that I have been taking lately and it seems to be working for me in lots of circumstances. If you are not my wife or the guys that is signing my paycheck, then your opinion is yours, but it won't have much of an effect on me. I am not saying that I am going out of my way to be mean or an ass, but I am also not going to worry about how you act or crazy crap. I am not talking about only looking out for number one, but rather letting unimportant crap go and not worrying about it. I have adopted this attitude because life is short and there are a lot of things you can't change about other people and shouldn't even waste your time trying.

I am a great guy to have on your team because I do what I say I am going to do and keep my head down. I am able to do this in leadership positions as well, which is kind of crazy, because people look to me for answers and I give them, but I don't stomp my feet or force them to follow. I let them do what they want, but also let them suffer from their mistakes and hold them accountable for their work.

This seems to be a foreign concept in today's work place. I had a great conversation with a co-worker yesterday that drove this whole idea home. We both are willing to do the crappy hard job that no one else was willing to do and made it our own because it made us incredibly valuable to the team. All those other guys that did the easy stuff are expendable and will likely be the ones walking out the door soon. They won't understand why just coming in and doing what you were told wasn't enough to save their jobs. Then there is another group that thinks it is funny to buck the boss and make his life tough. This is insane or maybe just acting out as they know the door out is not that far off. I am not advocating kissing the bosses ass because that is BS, but learning how to make your bosses job easier gets you the gold star in the end. Plus as you are learning you are preparing for that spot and since you are making your boss look good they are likely to move up and open that spot for you.

That is my mentoring lesson for the day and I hope you pass it on to the young punks that whine about staying 15 minutes late to finish something or think they deserve the corner office because they graced us with their presences. Sorry, some crusty fell off in this post.

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