Friday, June 25, 2010

Commodus Castigates a Centurion

Commodus Castigates a Centurion

A wonderful take on the current occupant of the White House. He didn't get the Nero title of golfing while America burns, but an apt comparison. I am saddened daily by the craziness that shoots out of Washington. Why are we still talking about Cap & Trade? Why is VAT a topic of conversation? Haven't they done enough to put this country in the ditch? I am excited to see that some fresh faces are likely headed to the cesspool that is Washington. I can only hope that they bring there brooms and shovels to muck out the Capital and make the hard choices that will preserve this Republic.

I know there are many out there that agree with me, but we have to get that message to the loons running the show. We have to stop the great government give away programs and start with the belt tightening pay down the debt programs. The politicians need to stop worrying about being re-elected by bribing the masses and start doing the hard work of putting this country back on track. That means cutting government spending and I mean all of it. I am for freezing all government spending at 2008 levels and then start the slashing of every damn one of them. I know there are many that say we can't touch the sacred cow of the military, but we all know there is a lot of fat there that can be trimmed. I know we are fighting two wars and trying modernize our forces, but my push back is do we really need smart bullets at the cost of government collapse? We need true market based reforms that protect the consumer and the businessman. We need to stop putting the government at the head of all things and make it take the referee position to call the fouls, but not decide who is allowed to shoot. We the People need to realize that there are going to be some sacred cows and third rails touched to make this country viable again. All those things we now take for granted need to be seriously looked at and trimmed as required.

I think the idea of slashing government programs that have no Constitutional standing and particularly the ones the run contrary should be the first to go (i.e. Education). We will also need to look at the tax scheme and share the burden equally vice only the rich pay because this is ludicrous. I once again advocate a debt reduction federal sales tax that is a Constitutional amendment that includes a balanced budget. These two things would go a long way in restoring the dollar and confidence in America. If we force a balanced budget and a means to payoff our debt, we prove that we are serious about fixing our problems and make us a good investment again. Or we could continue down our current path to junk status and hyperinflation, your choice. I know we all hate the idea of more taxes because we know that our hard earned dollars will be wasted by the yahoos in Washington, so we must force reality on them and have the flyover nation rise up and force this amendment on them. We can do it if we only try. The children in Washington need to eat their vegetables or else they won't grow up to be big and strong.

I want to hear what you think about fixing this country. I have been hearing good things out there, but I still haven't seen that clear and concise message from any one group to get me excited. I tried to get the 912ers to settle on a message, then the Tea Partiers, but have had no success as there were too many side issues with everyone pushing their own pet issues. I can only hope that in the coming months we start seeing the message gel about exactly what spending control and smaller government mean and some concrete plans to make that happen. We need to slay the beast that Obama has conjured up with his socialist agenda and put this country back on track. If you look at the polls 65% of us feel this country is on the wrong track, so why not band together and put an end to the madness. God Bless this mess that is America!

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