Saturday, June 5, 2010


Right now I am pretty sick and tired of all the mud slinging and name calling. Sure we have a government that is way out of control and spending way too much money, but whining and poking each other in the eye daily is doing zero to help. It is kind of like the oil spill, we have a disaster on our hands and we stand around placing blame and telling everyone how bad things are, but no one is actually doing much to fix the problem.

The oil spill has driven home the fact that big government is not the answer because we have the biggest most intrusive government since the soviet era and they can't seem to keep the oil from reaching our shores. We had the EPA preventing the building of temporary barriers for fear of upsetting the ecological systems. How about a couple million barrels of oil taking care of that. Big government only likes its ideas and stops the American citizens from implementing the kitchen sink method of crisis management. We should be trying and doing everything we can think of to stop the oil from reaching shore.

The government should be thinking every little bit helps, but instead we have them worrying about who is to blame and who is going to pay for this. There is plenty of blame to go around and that can be figured out later after we stop the oil. What we need now is all hands on deck building protective barriers, scoping up oil, and building a big ass concrete cap. The reason that all the methods have failed so far is that they are trying to recover the oil vice stopping the oil. I am willing to bet that if you put a huge concrete structure that is anchored down with a couple of thousand tons it would stop the flow, but by trying to cap and recover you are just dicking around and allow more and more oil to escape into the gulf. This isn't rocket science, but we are allowing BP, who only wants to recover the oil for profit to be in charge, vice sealing the damn thing off.

I know that I am no deep sea expert, but when they had that little nuclear disaster in Russia they didn't try to keep producing steam they concreted it and concreted it again to stop all the zoomies from escaping. I am sure that you put enough concrete down there it would cap off the leak. The reason this isn't happening is BP doesn't want to lose all that oil. They have mixed priorities and that makes for bad decisions. They should have figured out 40 days ago how big a box and how heavy it needed to be to stop the oil flow into the gulf. Instead they have tried everything they can to keep the oil flowing into their coffers. Every solution tried to date was one that included a way of recovering the oil. Except maybe the mud shot, but I am willing to contend that if they had pumped concrete or something else into that hole it would have sealed it off and they would not have been able to get the oil out, so they went with mud and golf balls.

I may be crazy and way off base here, but you know what I don't care. I want to see all hands on deck doing whatever they can to help and acting on any crazy ass idea that just might work. If they think hay is the answer put a couple thousand boats out there with hay bales and start scoping up the oil. Everyone can whine and complain about lost jobs and tourism, but that isn't going to get anything done. How about huge discounts to come on down and help scope oil or sand bag barriers to protect marsh lands or long walks on the beach picking up tar balls. We are America and we have some of the craziest people in the world with some truly wild assed ideas, so lets turn them loose. The government should be providing and coordinating the tried and true efforts like booms, burns, and absorbers. Plus they should have their brains on the government payroll thinking up solutions, kind of like in the movie Armageddon.

I am tired of the finger pointing and all the negativity. I want action and to hear solutions other than it is all their fault and we will do better. If that is my only choice is someone that has zero concrete plan and just wants to be in charge of where the money goes then I say no thank you. I want people in Washington that understand that each one of those dollars they are throwing around is precious and it isn't theirs. It is ours and we deserve better for the amount we are spending. Our children deserve a hell of a lot better for what they are losing. We need answers not finger pointing.

We need solid plans, even if they are unpopular on how to solve the $14 Trillion national debt. Americans are not children and they will sacrifice in the time or need. But, they won't start sacrificing until they have a solid plan because we've been hood winked by politicians way too many times. I would hope that we would not by like the Greeks and take to the streets if we were told that the government is going to drastically cut spending, but that can only happen if we think that it is ploy for more government waste. We don't mind shared sacrifice, but we absolutely hate tightening our belts while Washington goes on a spending spree.

I say rise up people and demand accountability from Washington. Throw the bums out, but make sure you elect someone with a plan vice just another career criminal. God Bless American and All Hands on Deck in the Gulf.

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