Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Week

Wow, a lot has happened over this past week it is hard to know where to begin. We had a very interesting run of primaries across the country and there were some surprises, but I think most things turned out as expected during the last polling. People are trying to do their best at picking the candidate less likely to screw them by wasting their hard earned money. I am not fully convinced that the female candidates are getting the proper respect they deserve for being successful at their chosen profession. I heard a lot of patronizing crap over the last few days, which kind of makes me want to puke. In case you haven't heard the news flash, women make up over 50% of the world's population and currently in the US earn more than 50% of the college degrees. Women are finally waking up to the fact that if they want something they have to go out and get it when it come to politics. I don't think it will greatly change the way business is done in Washington by adding more females to the mix because you only have to look as far as the Speaker to see that pettiness, backstabbing, and backroom deals is not the exclusive territory of males.

I am getting excited about the fact that the career politicians are scare for their political lives. This is a really good thing and it should be encouraged at every turn. If they are scared, maybe they will start listening to the people they are suppose to represent for a change. Now that we have them talking the talk, we just need to get them to walk the walk. The next couple of years might be the time to put some true backbone into Washington and have Congress start making the hard decisions that are right for the country and may not be super popular on the surface with teet sucking voters. We need to take a hard look at every dime Washington spends and tighten their belt. We've been doing more with less for a few years now and it is time they joined on the fat loss program.

This is going to be very unpopular because money buys votes or so I am told, but it doesn't buy prosperity. There was an interesting article the other day that sad districts where their Congressman brought home the lard (earmarks) were worse off than those that didn't see the government pork. I don't find this all that shocking because you either find a way or you allow the government. If you go the government route, you drive out the private sector because they can't compete with the fed fat. You want to survive and thrive, then look away from the feds and turn your energies inward and figure out what you and your neighbors can do to make your town attractive to business. Do you have lots of people willing to work, do you have lots of space for new businesses, do you have a tax scheme friendly to business, do you have top notch schools, and are you willing to do what it takes to bring business in and make your town work again. It is awful hard to do business in places where people don't want to work hard, have no pride, or sense of community.

These are tough times, but sitting around a moaning isn't going revitalize your community or bring new business to town. I am not talking about landing a huge corporation either because a bunch a small businesses can do the same thing. You ever wonder why some small towns are vital with rich artisan culture, while others are just dying on the vine? The ones that are thriving accepted change and welcomed new comers to their community. No one wants to be where they are not welcomed and part of the community. I am no community organizer, but I am a realist that sees if America is going to recover you need new jobs and that isn't likely to come from the feds or states. You can help make this happen by firing up your community to be a welcoming place for new people to come to and live.

I am amazed at what Americans have and can accomplish when we stop looking to the feds for answers. We are crazy imaginative group that built a world leader in everything then allowed it to be pissed away by Washington. You want to make America great again ignore what the political inner circle is saying and do what you think is right for you and your community. If you know saving for the future is right then do it; if you know putting off buying stuff you don't need is the right answer then do that too (now I know you need to buy stuff but make it the right stuff for you and your family not just crap that you don't need); and if you know that you need better schools then do something about it; and if you feel you are not represented in Washington then either run or back someone who does regardless of what the pundits say. We are not going to take back this country by sitting back and letting Washington dictate terms. We have to get in their face and say enough is enough.

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