Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Slack, but I'm Back

To start to overcome a problem you must own it and I am doing just that. I have been slack lately in my musings about what is happening around me in this country and then offering my unsolicited advice. As I am now a proud resident of AZ, I have no problem with my new home wanting to do what our federal government refuses to do. The new immigration law just allows local law enforcement the tools they need to help identify those who should not be here. This isn't random street sweeps, but if you are doing something that requires police intervention then you are now, as you have always been, required to show proof of identification. The only difference is that the police are basically required to inquire about immigration status if you can not produce such identification. A driver's license is deemed proof of legal status, so this is basically a get away free card. What worries me is if this becomes widely known there will be a huge counterfeit market for fake driver's licenses, which is also a crime.

I fully believe in immigration and I also fully believe in the law. These are not opposed positions, but if you are talking illegal immigration then I am 100% opposed and feel that you must stop making it worth it and they will stop coming. If you make the consequences of being caught very negative for both the individual and anyone that supports them (including employers), then people will stop helping them. If a company knows that it can get away with paying illegals a portion of what they would be required to pay a legal then they will. If you make it a huge fine and lose of property like they do with drug dealers then they won't take the risk and when there are no jobs there is no reason to come. If we truly need low paid and low benefit workers then work on having a migrant worker visa for these people and allow them to be here legally. I understand that these people want a better way of life for themselves and their families, but I don't want to pay for them to have it. They can work legally for it just like everyone else.

America is the land of great riches and opportunity, but it will not remain so if we throw open the doors and say come on in and sit on your ass while these hard working folks pay for your medical and education. Regardless what the media would like you to believe about America there are a hell of a lot more of us than those lazy no good bastards at both ends of the spectrum, those who won't and the elitist that hard work is beneath them. If we can pull our collective heads out of our butts and stop listening to those ends, we can make this country great again.

I don't care what party you used to belong to or think best reflects your background because the sad truth is that both major parties are all about progressive, big government and wasteful spending. You know they will talk the talk to get elected, but as soon as they can they will line their pockets with our money and tell us they know what is best for us. That is BS and we need to hold each and everyone of them accountable for every dollar they waste of our money. Do you really want to be deciding between gas and food, while millions and billions of dollars are wasted on supporting the auto companies, the banks, criminals, and lawyers? The government should have to make seriously hard decisions about what they are going to spend our hard earned money. They should fear us the people and that they will be without a job if they waste a single dime. We can no longer allow them to bribe portions of the voting public with our money. We can not sit by and let entitlement program after entitlement program bloat and steal our childrens' future.

I know I have covered a lot of ground in this post, but I have been storing up for some time now. To recap, the new AZ is an attempt to enforce a federal law which our current government refuses to do and is not some Nazi state tactic of eliminating latinos from America, as some have said. Second, we need to make the criminals in Washington afraid to waste our money. We are the vast majority in this country and we have to put an end to the rule of the extremes. We must break the coalition of the minority interest groups that only want to take from the hard working and give it to the hardly working. When I say minority interests this includes the greenies, the lazies, the academics, the unions that only care about bankrupting the companies they work for and expect us to bail them out, and any other group of a-holes that think they are special or better than the hard working American Tax PAYER. You pay taxes then you can whine.

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