Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Not A Flat Tax?

Why shouldn't we have a flat tax for every citizen? This would require the repeal of the 16th amendment, but once this was done we could have every citizen over 18 pay $2000 annually. This new constitutional amendment would prevent the Congress from voting themselves more money without amending the Constitution with a two-thirds majority. Everyone would be required to pay this amount regardless of standing. This would set the federal budget, so they could no longer just spend wildly. This would force them back to their Constitutional limits, which keep them from wasting our money. This would put this country back on track and promote growth, by ending the corporate tax, it would end income tax, and end a majority of the national social programs (because they would not have the money to pay for them). I know this is a radical departure, but why the heck not. We need the feds to do what they are required to do and very little else. They will have to make tough decisions (just like the rest of us) about what they are going to spend their limited budget on. It would also reduce government interference in a lot of other areas. There could be a war provision to levee an additional amount to pay for the war, but it would have to have a sunset clause associated with it which would require that after two years the states would have to validate the levee with a vote (amendment level majority required).

It also forces every American of voting age to have skin in the tax scheme and how their dollars are spent. If every adult has to pay, then maybe they wouldn't be so quick to see their hard earned dollars wasted on social programs or earmarks. The federal revenue would be ~$462 Billion a year based on 230 Million people over the age of 18. I would think that the feds could make due on about half a trillion a year. Don't get me started on ending class warfare and corruption.

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