Thursday, April 1, 2010

Salvation of our Nation

Our country has numerous problems. We are bankrupt. We are borrowing or printing our fiat currency at a rate which is unsustainable. We have off the book commitments which exceed what the nation can produce. Americans owe more than they are worth. We are off course and nothing is being done to reverse course or correct the problems. Indeed, this president seems bound and determined to further expand upon those very problems and create new ones. This administration seems hell bent on our destruction.
Multi-national corporations and the globalism movement threaten our economy and the continued loss of jobs. Illegal immigration and corruption of our government threaten to make the problems far worse. All these world organizations have become an enemy to the United States and are bent on our destruction. We have been the envy of the world for so long, and they want their revenge. It is time to revisit the separatist beliefs of our founders and stop the carnage. We must re-exert our independence as a nation and restore our sovereignty.
Many people are aware of the problems and see that we are under attack from within; wake up every day to a new battle on a new front. We are constantly on the defensive and the attacks are so orchestrated that we are kept divided and fighting on multiple fronts that, in total, we are less effective in our fight on any front. We are fighting many losing battles.

I would suggest that if we are to win this fight, save our country, fix the problems, restore our freedoms, or win the war that we must have a plan to move us from the defensive to the offensive where we, the people, are the ones calling the shots and establishing the fields upon which the battles must be fought.
I have had the opportunity to discuss the issues with many patriots over the past weeks and months. There are many who see the need to return to our Christian roots, there are many who recognize the need to re-educate our young and to return to the constitution, there are many who see the answer in the elections and the vetting process of candidates for office.
While I agree that all these things are necessary and need to be done, I suggest to my reader that not one of these or all of these taken together while bring about the necessary changes. Or, they will not do so soon enough because time is of the essence. Nor will they produce the effective change that is now required.
Our nation is on the fast track to destruction while re-education is necessary, the nation will not survive the decades necessary to produce a generation of constitutionally informed, morally grounded, freedom loving Americans.
Our youth do not pay attention to the issues of government. The older generation understands the issues better. We grew up in an age where we had more freedom; we were educated differently and taught better values and standards. When we are gone there will be no freedom fighters left to speak of. The sooner we depart this earth the better for these ideologists who seek the equal in "things." WE are the freedom lovers who know it and understand it best. It is our fight. The day is coming when they will wish to speed our exit and they will turn our children against us.
While we may recruit and re-educate some of our young as we fight, the responsibility of the fight for our youth and their future is ours. Time is too short for the improvements in education to save us in the short term. It must be done for future generations but it will not help in the short term nor will it solve the problems which already exist. We do not yet have the means of changing our education system to implement the changes needed in this area anyway.
I do not believe that elections under the current system or elections in and of themselves can save this country. Some believe that by vetting candidates and finding candidates of conservative values that we can gradually rebuild a congress which returns to constitutional and conservative values. While this may be done over time, it is questionable whether or not that could be done in a short enough time to pull the country back from the brink.
The first problem you encounter is the election system itself and whether or not in any given election you could successfully vet and get elected the truly conservative candidate. Given the two party system and the reluctance of people to vote for a candidate who is of neither party for fear of wasting their vote, how many can get elected if they are not of one party or the other? Some.
While the tea party groups may support an independent candidate and may work to get him/her elected, can you support all of them across the country with either your efforts or financially? Your efforts will be diluted and you will be one very busy fighter. I question how many people have the time or the assets to do so. My fear is that in many instances you will have split tickets and the result will be that the liberal will win elections they should not have won.
This process may put a few more conservatives in office with each election, but the process is likely to extend over several elections. It will likely take time. Time which our country does not have.
So, the first problem is whether or not these elections will ever produce a truly conservative majority in the congress. Assuming for the moment that it actually does, the next question is how soon? Will it be in time? Assuming that it is successful and that it is in time, what evidence do we have, or what reason to believe, that this conservative congress would fix our problems?
Our problems have been created by the progressives over the last 90 years and during those 90 years we have had a conservative majority in congress on more than one occasion. They have never reversed the problems. We have continued right on down the road to destruction. How then, can we assume or expect that the act of electing a conservative congress will return us to freedom and prosperity?
Social security, Medicare, the fed, and the taxes are all problems which must be fixed. In fifty years what have they done? Why would you expect that electing different or conservative folks to either the congress or the presidency will do so? Reagan was our best hope and he wrote in his autobiography at the end of his term, that a president cannot get it done. They have the opinion that it cannot be done. I say it can. But I predict that you will not find it done by elections alone, nor by re-educating the young. The return to morality and Christianity needs to happen, but it will not happen in time.
It will take a congress that is united on an issue to make the change. For them to unite on an issue, and to make the hard choices and the necessary changes, the public will have to be informed and united to back them on that issue. Every time they have discussed changes to social security the public opposed it. Candidates who have ran on the platform to eliminate the income tax were defeated at the polls. The old saying is that Americans can't agree on anything. Well, they could...if they were educated and informed on a given issue and if they were provided with a logical and reasonable plan to resolve the problem(s). But, who is to educate them? Who is to unite them? Who is to provide a united congress with a mandate from the people to act?
We have no leaders who can think outside the box. The people are not providing a united front. People are so brainwashed and accepting of the status quo that they cannot see beyond their nose to recognize that all problems have solutions, but you must be willing to accept change. You cannot keep doing what you are doing or you will keep getting what you are getting. We are getting destruction. Self-destruction. It simply has to be stopped and reversed.
This country is not beyond hope, but time is short. The people must move from the defensive fronts to the offensive. You must have a plan that can bring more rapid change and more effective change....REAL CHANGE... if you are to solve the problems our country already has before it is too late.
The unfunded financial commitments must be removed, the incurring of debt must be stopped, the printing of worthless money must be stopped, the theft of American wealth and the transfer of it must be stopped, the entitlements must be eliminated, incentives to produce must be put back in place, the theft of private wealth and property must be stopped, the signing away of American sovereignty must be stopped, the UN must be stopped and funding stopped, the IMF and world bank must be defunded, money sent to third world dictatorships must be stopped, we must pull out of all these international agreements of trade, but is electing different folks to congress going to bring about these changes? Not in and of itself. There is no historical foundation for such a belief.
The first step to meaningful change has to be to unite the people and unite the majority vote. The second step must be to educate these voters as to the problems and the solutions for the problems and unite their support for the change. The vetting and the election of proper conservative candidates to carry out this united mandate must then be done. The election should not be in question and the influence of parties, special interests, or their funding should not be an issue. Media bias and harassment must be overruled and marginalized. Congress must be monitored and these voters kept informed throughout the process.
Gradually all these issues and more can be resolved and addressed effectively. In the short term electing conservative candidates must be done just to block any further corruption or destruction of our country and our freedoms. That is to halt their offense, but the next step must be to implement an offensive plan for the people to turn the country around.
When results are forthcoming people will be further encouraged to clean up their house. When the cleanup is complete and the course reversed, this jog down the progressive track will be ended and there will be no more gradual insertion of their beliefs upon the unwitting public. It is then that a constitutional government can be realized once again.

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