Saturday, April 3, 2010

Perry: Obama's health care plan is a disaster

Perry: Obama's health care plan is a disaster

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I thought you all would like to read how certain people see the future of health care and the true effects of this government take over. The fact the Romneycare, the blueprint for Obamacare, is so bad that the people of MA voted for Scott Brown to try and stop it. We have very few choices moving forward, but we must act quickly to prevent the unfunded mandates and unconstitutional requirements from being enacted. We must let our local reps hear loud and clear that we will not stand for this crap coming out of Washington. After the election in 2010 then we can work on true health care reform such as tort reform and nationally available policies. If I can buy car insurance from USAA in Texas no matter where I live, then I should be able to do the same with health insurance.

Once we get control of the House and Senate in 2011, then we can force the President to either sign off on real reform or veto it. How popular is he going to be vetoing true health care reform that lowers patient costs. The whole idea of a straight up repeal is nice, but unless the states strike it down there is no way to get it done until 2013 and that is just too damn late. America wants true reform and will support measures that don't involve bigger government involvement. We need to understand and make the system work for us and against Washington insiders. We need to remove their power base by throw out the career criminals that allow their votes to be so easily bought and sold. Primaries are coming up soon and the general election isn't that far away, so we need to find the right people to back and put an end to the Joker and his Clowns reign of tyranny.

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