Friday, March 26, 2010

What to do now?

Is everybody good and angry at Congress? I would sure hope so because basically they have shown they don't give a crap what the people think and feel they know what is best for us. This is still America and the election process still works pretty well, even with ACORN fueled fraud. We must set out energies to throw out the bums in Congress starting right now with the primaries. We can't wait until November to back fiscal conservative candidates because the two parties will have none of that and you will be left with only the same tired choice between big spending government progressive red and big spending government progressive blue. These are not real choices as we have so clearly seen over the last two years. The Republicans paid off the bankers with our money and the Democrats paid off the unions with our money. This is unacceptable!!! We need to force change in the system and bring common sense and reality back into Washington. You don't spend money you don't have and you sure don't borrow money to spend it on things that you don't need and will only cause you to have to borrow more.

You want real change in Washington, then throw the career criminals out and start fresh. No more kingdoms and dynasties of politicos. All government employees should have the same retirement plan and medical they force on the military. All elected or appointed officials should have term limits because if it is good enough for the President then is it good enough for them. We should know who is inside our boarders and enforce the laws on the books. We should let the market decide who is worthy, not the government. We need to stop running up the national debt with no plan on how to pay it off. We must be accountable for that debt and pay it off. We must have a true tax plan of either a flat tax or a fair tax and put an end to class warfare. We must stop punishing success and job creation with higher taxes. We are all born with equal opportunity in this country, but we should not be guaranteed of equal result. You want a better life then get and education, work hard and make a better life. No one gave that pioneer anything other than opportunity and they either made it work or died trying. Failure is an option and should always be one. Plus, sometimes there are very negative results for stupidity, which is really a good thing because you either learn or you don't, but it is not the government's job to catch you.

I am very libertarian in my views lately because it is the natural off shoot of an oppressive government that seeks to control every aspect of my daily life and eventual death. I worked my way from very humble beginnings to a pretty darn good life by sweat and sacrifice to be greeted by my government wanting to take it all away and give it to a lazy never did a damn thing POS just because they can. I will fight this because I believe in America and the Constitution. I believe in the American Dream and all the hope it represents. I do not believe the government holds the answers nor do I look to them to help me reach my goals.

I would much rather have them get out of my way and focus on the things only they can do such as provide for the collective defense of the states and settle inter-state disputes. They have no place in what is taught in my local school or what my doctor and I decide is the best treatment. We need less government and more people doing for themselves as every darn one of my heritage lines did at one time or another. Every one of them saw America as the land of opportunity at one time or another going all the way back to 1630 in Massachusetts. This country was the beacon of hope for the World, so lets get off our lazy asses and make it so again.

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