Sunday, March 14, 2010

In Honor of My Libertarian Friend

I am seeing some powerful light at the end of the tunnel and I am once again hopeful that this country and extract its collective head form it arse. I am seeing a lot of reports about GOP, Tea Party, Right Wingers and whatnot's being all over each other's pedigree. I think this is a wonderful thing and needs to continue to happen. The GOP needs to realize that if it wants a bright future then it needs to stick to fiscal issues of reduced spending, smaller government and eventually lower taxes. They would win every darn election with that platform because the American people can get behind those ideas very easily, but when you start talking about gay marriage and abortion then you start pushing people away as these are very personal issues that need to be handled on a local level.

I think everyone who has read this blog for any time knows that I am opposed to the government having any involvement in "Marriage" of any type as it is a religious institution and not one the state should be involved in. I fully believe that the state can issue civil unions or domestic partnership all day long as they are legal issues with what should be clearly defined laws backing them. There is no reason for any government to dictate the terms of a religious rite, but it is up to the local voter to decided what is unacceptable (i.e. man marries goat) when it comes to civil unions/domestic partnerships. The interesting part is that the outcome may vary from state to state, but there is nothing wrong with that because this is America and the people get to decide. I would promote non-religious unions in every state regardless of the sex of the participants. I know then comes the question about their rights if they move, but that is a matter for the Supreme Court, which I think would believe that no discrimination is allowed if it is between two humans and no incest laws are broken.

As for the other issue, I won't even touch that one because it is something so deeply personal and should be between that person, their doctor and God. If they don't care about God now, they will someday, but I will still love them regardless of what happens in that room. I my opinion they are making the worst mistake of their lives and I would not want one life lost, but God did not stop the evil in ancient times he just told Israel not to take part. I hate it, but I must follow my own heart on this and I wish others would do the same. Maybe instead of constantly beating people, we showed them the love of the Father they might reconsider but if they don't then we need to continue to love them all the more. This should not be the only issue that decides elections, but sadly it is for some many people.

America is coming alive with a new fire that will burn away the corruption and greed if we only let it. Get out there and oust the criminals from their seats in Congress. Put an end to the influence buying and the vote selling. Congress is the new den of thieves and now is the time to restore it to a place of laws that represent the people. As the new election cycle fires up, we need to look at who we are voting for very closely and not just switch one career criminal for another. We need to look for those dark horse candidates that truly believe in smaller government, free markets, and self determination and remove the progressive, big government, spendthrifts from office.

I love this country and I will fight for it until my dying breath, but we must come together over the things that join us and keep that which separates us on the sideline where it belongs. I am not saying you can't believe any way you want, but your believes only flourish in the land of the free and home of the brave. If you refuse to back a fiscal conservative because he is soft on the social issues then you will get more of the current same with more government funding for population control and will completely lose you voice in Congress, which you are now getting a taste of right now. Congress is likely to push through Health Care Reform by hooks or by crooks and you will then have a fully government funded baby killing machine. The choice is yours and it starts in the primaries, stop the progressives there and you have an excellent chance in November of turning this country around.

I may not make the clearest points, but I hope you understand that I love this country and I love unborn babies, but we must preserve the union to save those babies.

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