Sunday, March 21, 2010

American Thinker: Aristotle's Warning

American Thinker: Aristotle's Warning

It is amazing how a guy from 2500 years ago could see and understand what we are facing today with a government out of control that despises Our Constitution and the People they represent.

How long before we are in a full state of government tyranny? It can't be long know as our elected representatives have stopped listening and cast their votes at the feet of the Joker. This day truly saddens me as we are going to see the selling of America on national TV. Each vote will be bought and sold for personal gain and with utter disregard for the will of the people. If two-thirds of Americans oppose the bill in its current form then it is time to head back the drawing board and try again. It is not time to ram through any old piece of crap and call it progress to save a dying presidency.

If the bill passes, as it likely will, there will be a dawning of a new era in America where the people no longer matter and only the elitist in Washington know what is best for all us booger eating morons in flyover country who are too stupid to know what is best for them. If this whole process doesn't make your blood boil then nothing will. On a sad foot note, when the bill passes today, it will never be repealed regardless of campaign promise after campaign promise because money and control is the power on which the vampires of Congress feed. They will talk and wrangle, but in the end nationalize health care is here to stay and just like SS and Medicare it will be a political football that bankrupts this country.

Socialized medicine is a balm for the masses to keep them in line and knowing our Congress there will be sweetheart deals and extra scopes of corruption thrown in for good measure. America's shining light is sputtering today. We could have done so much better and could have had an American Market solution, but we opted for failed European Socialized Medicine. Our grandchildren will never forgive us for destroying what was left of this country.

God please have mercy on America because we are stupid.

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  1. I am the blamed and YES, I am guilty.
    I am the fat, loud mouth, beer drinking, cigarette smoking, gun toting, world polluting, selfish SOB that the progressives currently blame for our troubles and I refuse to conform, because I was born with freedom.
    Today those like me are at the end of a progressive rope, blind folded, gagged, hands and feet tied, and a hood placed on for good measure. WE can hear the cheers of the progressive crowd and their chants of “WE WON!! YOU LOSE!!!”. They will give us no final words but we can rest assured since these gallows were built by progressives it will not be a quick death, but a slow strangulation, so they can revel in our final struggle of life. My final request will be for ear plugs, not to keep the crowd noise out, but so I don’t have listen to the muffled sniveling of the republican/democrat dangling on my left. The final words I will hear before I go into the great freedom is “next”, but this time they will drag them from the cheering crowd.
    The moral of the story is, for a progressive there is always a new group to blame for their world of troubles and sooner and later you will join me as the blamed. Don’t worry
    Your body will be recycled to keep the world round.