Sunday, February 14, 2010

Deception and Change

It is funny how recently there has been a slew of "birther" and "truther" commentaries. I find all this just a media distraction from the real truth that Obama and his Democrat majorities are failing on all fronts and are being called out on it by the American People. The MSM must drum up distractions from the TRUTH that the great one and his Capitol Hill cronies are going down in flames. It amazes me that these yahoos can't get anything through because President Bush often got things passed without the amazing majorities that President Obama still enjoys today. Sure the super-majority is a thing of the past, but he still has overwhelming majorities in both houses. You would think that with a little compromise the health care bill would fly right through and just about any other pile of crap they wanted. Instead of bribing just Democrats, they could try the TARP method of bribing everyone to buy their votes. Hell, Snow is usually for sale pretty cheap.

I think the "birther" issue would be better served by exposing this air tight seal on every record associated with the great one. Though there is little doubt that at least one of his parents is a US Citizen, thus he is currently eligible for the presidency based on current interpretation of the Constitution. The bigger issue is the rest of his life and what qualified him to run this country into the ground. Where did he come by his utter hatred of all things American and he crazed desire to turn this country into a socialist nanny state. I want to know why he is so afraid of his grades and papers seeing the light of day. I know Hillary's socialist past did her very little favors and her proud proclamation of being a modern progressive sealed her deal. So why are we not treated to the same level of journalistic research that President Bush was subjected to by say Dan Rather?

The elections in November can't come soon enough and maybe this time around enough people will see the dangers of career politicians and toss them out on their collective butts. I also hope they don't just swap one set of career criminals for the other. I have no love for any incumbent and think this country would be better off starting a new with first timers. I know that is crazy talk, but why the heck not. How has doing the same old thing time and time again worked for us. The victory of Scott Brown is a shining light of hope for a new day dawning in American politics. Here is a decidedly middle ground Republican that hopefully is frugal and will work to shrink government spending, but is decidedly not far right on social issues. Scott Brown should know at this point whom he represents and also know that if he fails to deliver on government spending his support will quickly evaporate.

I am a Tea Party supporter in all its mixed up glory and leaderlessness. I do not support either party or any candidate because of their party. I support frugal candidates that want to put and end to the corruption in Washington. That want to put an end to the vote buying in Congress. That want to put sanity back into American politics and start making reasonable decisions, not based on the size of the bribe. I will support candidates that want to turnover this country to our children as one of hope and promise, not enslave them to an outrageous national debt. I love this country and want it to be a light of hope for all the world once again.

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