Sunday, February 14, 2010

A comment for RedState

Since I am currently unable to make a comment on that website, I provide my response to their tossing the Birthers and Truthers off their site. This is an action that I agree with because we are allowed to voice our opinion as we see fit and so are they, but this is the blogosphere and we can do whatever the heck we like. I don't edit or refuse any comments, but RedState felt they needed to lower the boom on crazy and they have that right. If you don't like it then feel free to blog away just don't do it on RedState

Finally there are others that feel as I do about putting a stake in these issues and stand up to the noise. If we truly want to change this country for the better then what does chasing down conspiracy rabbit holes accomplish? Instead why not spend the time dissecting the career criminals in Washington voting records and splashing them all over the web to show how much of our hard earned money has been wasted and/or stolen. Birthers and Truthers had their chances to come up with hard evidence and failed, so move on to other endeavors that may product more fruit and help take out corrupt politicians Washington. I am sure there is enough evidence to get Boxer tossed, as well as Chuck and Harry. We need to let howling go and focus. We need to present a sane unified front against corrupt and graft.

We need to let Washington hear our voice and feel our wrath, by tossing the worst of the worst out on their collective butts using facts. Like how each cash for clunker cost the American taxpayer $50K and who actually benefited from this BS. Or how the trillion dollar health bill amounts to $30K per newly covered individual over the next ten years, which would be better spent giving it directly to the people to buy private insurance rather than have the government take over 16% of our economy. And don't get me started on TARP and the Stimulus.

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