Saturday, January 23, 2010

Independence Victory

There is a lot of talk about the ramifications of the Scott Brown, but the main thing to remember is that this was the voice of the people. MA is in no way a Republican state and this was not a Republican victory. This was not a victory for the pro-life or pro-choice movement. This was a victory for the voter making a difference. The parties (both of them) wrote this election off after the primary because the Democrats thought they had it in the bag and the Republicans knew they had zero chance.

This was that great massive group of people, the Independents, that won this race. They swung hard against the status quo again this election day, just as they did in November of 2008. The American people want change in Washington, but not the kind of change Obama is shoving down our throats. The average voter is neither a Liberal or a Far Right Conservative, they are somewhere in the middle and they vote by feel. They treat most elections like popularity contests they learned in high school, you may not like what the candidate is for but everyone is voting for them. In MA, the tide turned when it became acceptable to vote for Scott Brown because everyone else was going to do it.

It is also true that Scott Brown's message of anti-spending and smaller government will always resonate with the people. Most hard working tax paying Americans see Washington as a necessary EVIL, but they absolutely hate government waste and corruption. They don't look to the government to solve all their problems, but rather to protect them from thugs and greedy bastards. This is where both parties have failed on an epic scale and until they wise up elections are going to continue to swing wildly. I have no place for the back stabbing Republicans that promote lower taxes while ballooning government spending. I certainly have no place for socialist Democrats that want the government in charge of every aspect of our lives.

I want Independent people that understand that government waste and corruption must end and end now. We must put a stake through the heart of the socialist take over of America. We must restore the Constitution as the rule of law. We must seal our boarders, defend our interests, and protect our citizens. I am the Tea Party movement from the start and I am sick and tired of the BS Washington is shoveling out of both parties. I want an end of pork, Congressional vote selling, and unfunded spending. My demands are not big, but they mean a fundamental shift in the direction of this country.

The polls have been telling us for years now that the majority of the American people believe this country has been headed in the wrong direction. We the People have known what the parties and the politicians have ignored that we need smaller government, greatly reduced spending, lower taxes and BETTER jobs here at home; until Washington wakes up to that reality they will be cycled in and out of power. Social programs are not going to change the direction of this country, good paying jobs and affordable health care are what people need. We can't keep spending and raising taxes because companies can and will take their business to less hostile countries.

You want to fix America, lower the cost of doing business here and find real solutions to health care reform. If something stinks so much that you need 100 million dollar payoffs just to get your own team to vote for it, then the American voter is going to call BS and toss your sorry corrupt butts out in the streets. I am sure Pelosi will retain her seat, but Harry not so much. America has spoken and the word is out, Independents win elections because without them you don't get elected. You don't need an I behind your name just the backbone to be Independent.

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