Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Amazing Media

There are two recent events that show that there is huge bias at all levels of the MSM. The first is the Coakley poll by the Boston Globe and then second is the non-reporting of the Harry Reid pecker step. They want us to believe it is okay for the Majority Leader in the Senate to be a racist as long as he is a Democrat racist. The fact that anyone in the 21st Century used the word negro is beyond amazing and this goes for the Democrat approved census forms. They can and say whatever they please, but if the Republicans or Tea Party did either of those things they would be crucified in every paper in America and the story would lead to the firing of the census head and Reid would have been run out of office. We the People are repeatedly thrown under the bus for asking questions about policy because it is racist to question the great one or his cronies.

This leads us to the other issue, the fact that the Boston Globe a bastion of liberal thought monkeys with polls to get them to say what they want them to. I do believe that Mr. Brown is not going to win just because of shear numbers of Democrats in MA, but lying about how the independents will vote is dishonest. I would like to see Mr. Brown prevail because it would shake the career criminals in Washington to their bones, but the reality is that it is a very up hill battle that will be extremely difficult to win. The Tea Party needs to get out there and get people to the polls in huge numbers and get their friends to see the truth about spend and tax Democrats.

This leads me to another thought, MA Governor is planning on ensuring that in the extreme case that Mr. Brown win the corruption of Beacon Hill will ensure that he will not be able to represent the people that elected him to stop Obamacare. They have a plan to prevent his installment until late February long after the Democrats ram this travesty down our throats. So if this doesn't get you mad enough to get out to the polls in huge numbers, then just remember this is our only shot until the primaries to show what the voter can do to change Washington. We must rise up in big numbers to donate to Mr. Brown and show the independents in MA they are not alone.

Did you notice that I am looking to the candidate regardless of party that will do the most to change Washington's spendthrift ways. We may not have an actual Tea Party candidate, but we can have a candidate that opposes big government and higher taxes that come from the out of control spending. I also support Rubio in his quest against Crist, but I am not allowed to vote in either of these contests, so the People must make their voice heard. If we reject progressive choices and support frugal candidates maybe the parties will wake up and improve their offerings. We get nothing by just blindly voting for the party anointed candidate (i.e. Crist) because that allows the parties to operate in business as usual mode where we get to pick from the lesser of two evils. We need to force both parties to put forth frugal candidates or lose.

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