Saturday, January 23, 2010

Independence Victory

There is a lot of talk about the ramifications of the Scott Brown, but the main thing to remember is that this was the voice of the people. MA is in no way a Republican state and this was not a Republican victory. This was not a victory for the pro-life or pro-choice movement. This was a victory for the voter making a difference. The parties (both of them) wrote this election off after the primary because the Democrats thought they had it in the bag and the Republicans knew they had zero chance.

This was that great massive group of people, the Independents, that won this race. They swung hard against the status quo again this election day, just as they did in November of 2008. The American people want change in Washington, but not the kind of change Obama is shoving down our throats. The average voter is neither a Liberal or a Far Right Conservative, they are somewhere in the middle and they vote by feel. They treat most elections like popularity contests they learned in high school, you may not like what the candidate is for but everyone is voting for them. In MA, the tide turned when it became acceptable to vote for Scott Brown because everyone else was going to do it.

It is also true that Scott Brown's message of anti-spending and smaller government will always resonate with the people. Most hard working tax paying Americans see Washington as a necessary EVIL, but they absolutely hate government waste and corruption. They don't look to the government to solve all their problems, but rather to protect them from thugs and greedy bastards. This is where both parties have failed on an epic scale and until they wise up elections are going to continue to swing wildly. I have no place for the back stabbing Republicans that promote lower taxes while ballooning government spending. I certainly have no place for socialist Democrats that want the government in charge of every aspect of our lives.

I want Independent people that understand that government waste and corruption must end and end now. We must put a stake through the heart of the socialist take over of America. We must restore the Constitution as the rule of law. We must seal our boarders, defend our interests, and protect our citizens. I am the Tea Party movement from the start and I am sick and tired of the BS Washington is shoveling out of both parties. I want an end of pork, Congressional vote selling, and unfunded spending. My demands are not big, but they mean a fundamental shift in the direction of this country.

The polls have been telling us for years now that the majority of the American people believe this country has been headed in the wrong direction. We the People have known what the parties and the politicians have ignored that we need smaller government, greatly reduced spending, lower taxes and BETTER jobs here at home; until Washington wakes up to that reality they will be cycled in and out of power. Social programs are not going to change the direction of this country, good paying jobs and affordable health care are what people need. We can't keep spending and raising taxes because companies can and will take their business to less hostile countries.

You want to fix America, lower the cost of doing business here and find real solutions to health care reform. If something stinks so much that you need 100 million dollar payoffs just to get your own team to vote for it, then the American voter is going to call BS and toss your sorry corrupt butts out in the streets. I am sure Pelosi will retain her seat, but Harry not so much. America has spoken and the word is out, Independents win elections because without them you don't get elected. You don't need an I behind your name just the backbone to be Independent.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Profiling, it works, but it has a cost…

Profiling? Is the question “To do or not to do”; No it’s, “How to do!”
Even a lousy lawyer knows that the Jury’s makeup determines the outcome, how do they know that? Profiling the history… Life is profiling. Grocery stores do it to you with product placement; McDonalds (and virtually all good restaurants) do it with their entire product: ambiance, portion size & menu selection. Apartment building owners do it with amenities, room size, etc. Profiling is research.
Federal & State laws prohibit it (calling it discrimination) but only when it is done on certain factors. Race, color, religion, national origin. In fact “Age & disability” weren’t even included in most laws until very recently! With respect to terror will it keep us safe? Will “measures” of any kind be prohibited in the name of Political correctness?
We live a linear existence, we are born, we age & we die. We can’t see the future as this is going on, but we need to make educated guesses on it. We travel through life “backwards”, looking at the past to gauge what we should do. It is the history of an issue that molds our future actions.
Insurance companies have been doing it for hundreds of years! Why, because it works:
Men don’t live as long as women, different rates. All teen agers pay more for auto insurance, why? Profile! Even if the kid didn’t get a ticket or have an accident, just because they are a member of a “Group” likely to have issues. Kind of like Young Muslim men Huh?
The argument most often used against profiling is this one:
…the American Civil Liberties Union says moving toward profiling would be “sending yourself on a fool’s errand” because studies show past terrorists defied such labels — and would-be terrorists would simply circumvent whatever profile law enforcement created… It is a false argument! It may have had some basis when studies were done and the purpose of the terror plot was robbery, or extortion of some type (the terrorist simply recruits a “Blonde guy to do the robbing or hijacking); but this has evolved into “Suicide! And it isn’t so easy to get around the profile when suicide is the end result!
Proof? Look at Israel… 2,000,000 surrounded by 200,000,000; most of which wishing them dead… Why doesn’t it work in Israel? It does work! An article re: profiling in Israel - In Israel, racial profiling doesn’t warrant debate, or apologies. I’ve enclosed the article here for you to read ……………………………

I toured the IDF Ground Forces Command’s substances laboratory, a nondescript cluster of prefabricated huts at the Tel Hashomer army base near Tel Aviv, which serves as Israel’s brain-trust for every type of explosive used by armies and terrorists in the Middle East. The lab’s commander, Lt. Col. Eran Tuval, a goateed officer-scientist with a mercurial temperament, ran around the courtyard, which was littered with leftover Qassam rockets and ominously labeled packages, setting off combustions with a cigarette lighter. One fact he tried to impress upon me was the ease with which basic household items can be adapted into deadly devices. For example two bottles of liquid, one of them containing the hair dye hydrogen peroxide, can blow up a commercial airliner.
So why, I asked, are we still allowed to board airplanes at Ben-Gurion International Airport with bottles and tubes of liquid brought from home, while in Heathrow or JFK they confiscate our face cream and toothpaste? “Oh, that’s simple,” he answered matter of fact. “We use racial profiling, they don’t.” Only after the visit, rereading my notes, I noticed a curious detail in his answer. While the entire interview had been conducted in Hebrew, he had said those two words, “racial profiling,” in English.
To Israelis, the practice of picking people out based on racial stereotypes is so self-evident; there isn’t even a Hebrew term for it. In the ongoing international debate over airport security, which has followed the failed attempt by Nigerian student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow up a plane carrying himself and 289 others near Detroit, much attention has been paid to the methods used to screen passengers at airports.
And though some security experts and commentators, mainly conservative, have advocated adopting racial profiling, the general consensus in the West is that it is unthinkable to subject passengers with certain shades of pigmentation and names germane to a specific part of the world to more rigorous searches. Some airlines have employed security companies, often run by Israelis, that use similar methods, but on a national level, few Western democracies are prepared to face the storm of criticism they can expect from liberal opinion-makers.
As a substitute, American and other security agencies have decided to pay special attention to citizens of various ’suspect’ countries, but they are only a small part of the potential suspects. What about Muslim citizens of other countries who may have been radicalized, like the Fort
Hood psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan? Neither the American administration nor its counterparts in other Western countries are willing to contemplate a system in which these citizens will be screened differently from their Christian, Jewish or atheist compatriots. In Israel though, there is no question whatsoever. It all happens quite openly. If you have a Hebrew name and ‘look Jewish,’ the security screening will be swift and painless. If your name is a bit less obviously Israeli, then there are some other key questions.
In my case, they ask how old I was when my family immigrated to Israel and where I served in the Israel Defense Forces, and after that it’s easy sailing. A friend with a similarly foreign name told me that with her, they just hear the Hebrew names of her children and she’s okay.
In the case of Jewish tourists, it’s usually enough to supply some reliable details on your aunt living in Haifa. We all know why these questions are being asked and we all bear it with good humor.
Let’s admit it, there is a general acceptance of the fact that non-Jewish, especially Muslim, passengers will get a working-over and have to arrive at the airport three hours earlier than the rest of us.
Of course, they could subject everyone to these inspections, but that would mean we couldn’t progress quickly and smoothly from check-in to duty-free, and of course since it would mean hiring hundreds more security agents, ticket prices would go up.
Many Israelis have no problems with this: Let the Muslims suffer for the sins of their brothers. But those of us who like to think of ourselves as liberal humanists find it too easy to ignore the sight of entire families having their luggage rummaged through in front of the entire terminal while we are waved through.
Nor do we ever seem to notice the small enclosure to the right of passport control when we return home, where the less fortunate have to wait for hours while they are being checked out. We are in too much of a rush to get through and grab our luggage off the conveyor belts.
While governments and citizens of other democracies are dealing with the question of whether they are prepared to live with the chance that their principles and freedoms could lead to a bomber actually managing to activate their hidden device, in Israel that decision has been made for us long ago.
In airports around the world, passengers may have to accept the fact that boarding a plane will become much more bothersome, as they all have to go through the same lengthy treatment, rather than singling out the potential terrorists according to their religion and ethnicity.
Here we don’t have that option; the powers that be have mandated that security and the comfort of the majority must triumph. Every month or so, the Israeli media publishes the case of an Arab-Israeli who missed a flight because of the security checks, and of course all of us have privately heard horror stories of visitors who were put through hell. But the basic premise remains unquestioned and the authorities never apologize. These are simply the procedures ensuring everyone’s security, they respond.
Perhaps they are right. Racial profiling seems to work. Since the 1972 Lod Airport massacre, in which 26 people were murdered, there have been no successful attacks on Israeli air-traffic and almost all the attempts that did take place were carried out on foreign soil. (In the Entebbe hijacking, the terrorists boarded the plane with their weapons during a stopover in Athens.) “

Profiling works, it’s just that it comes with a price! Either it’s costly, or it’s time consuming or it’s downright humiliating; but it works! Almost 15,000 terror attacks since 9/11 worldwide almost 99% by young Muslim Men… Is it worth giving up Political Correctness to keep planes in the air? What do you think?
Here is what the French evidently think:

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 10:37:05 AM
French newspaper Le FIGARO announces today that profiling will be used in French airports.
The French authorities have approved security measures based on Israeli counter-terrorism modus operandi. The slightest sign of nervousness could warn an agent, which will have the possibility to investigate suspects at any time and any place in the airport.
Israeli profiling has been of much interest for French authorities since the aborted plot of Flight 253 in Detroit last month.
(Congress doesn’t care, they use tax dollars to fly “Military jets” wherever & whenever they want to! You can bet if Pelosi & Reid and all the rest had to fly exclusively on public airlines “Profiling” would be a done deal!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Amazing Media

There are two recent events that show that there is huge bias at all levels of the MSM. The first is the Coakley poll by the Boston Globe and then second is the non-reporting of the Harry Reid pecker step. They want us to believe it is okay for the Majority Leader in the Senate to be a racist as long as he is a Democrat racist. The fact that anyone in the 21st Century used the word negro is beyond amazing and this goes for the Democrat approved census forms. They can and say whatever they please, but if the Republicans or Tea Party did either of those things they would be crucified in every paper in America and the story would lead to the firing of the census head and Reid would have been run out of office. We the People are repeatedly thrown under the bus for asking questions about policy because it is racist to question the great one or his cronies.

This leads us to the other issue, the fact that the Boston Globe a bastion of liberal thought monkeys with polls to get them to say what they want them to. I do believe that Mr. Brown is not going to win just because of shear numbers of Democrats in MA, but lying about how the independents will vote is dishonest. I would like to see Mr. Brown prevail because it would shake the career criminals in Washington to their bones, but the reality is that it is a very up hill battle that will be extremely difficult to win. The Tea Party needs to get out there and get people to the polls in huge numbers and get their friends to see the truth about spend and tax Democrats.

This leads me to another thought, MA Governor is planning on ensuring that in the extreme case that Mr. Brown win the corruption of Beacon Hill will ensure that he will not be able to represent the people that elected him to stop Obamacare. They have a plan to prevent his installment until late February long after the Democrats ram this travesty down our throats. So if this doesn't get you mad enough to get out to the polls in huge numbers, then just remember this is our only shot until the primaries to show what the voter can do to change Washington. We must rise up in big numbers to donate to Mr. Brown and show the independents in MA they are not alone.

Did you notice that I am looking to the candidate regardless of party that will do the most to change Washington's spendthrift ways. We may not have an actual Tea Party candidate, but we can have a candidate that opposes big government and higher taxes that come from the out of control spending. I also support Rubio in his quest against Crist, but I am not allowed to vote in either of these contests, so the People must make their voice heard. If we reject progressive choices and support frugal candidates maybe the parties will wake up and improve their offerings. We get nothing by just blindly voting for the party anointed candidate (i.e. Crist) because that allows the parties to operate in business as usual mode where we get to pick from the lesser of two evils. We need to force both parties to put forth frugal candidates or lose.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Year

First I want to apologize for not writing more, but there have been competing factors lately as to why I have been silent. When I had lots to say I had no time to say it and when I had time I had nothing useful to say. As I look at the up coming year and the amazing change that is possible, it makes me think how far this nation has come in such a short period of time. Only a year ago the Obama campaign machine was pumping up his taking office as if it was his coronation to king of the world. Oh how we had to hear on and on how he was going to heal all that ailed the US and bring prosperity and justice to all the world.

The funny thing happened on the way to his great presidency of hope and change. He, the one of the empty suit that hates all that the American Dream stands for, has stumbled and miscued himself into almost irrelevancy in just one year. Nancy is pushing her agenda not his. Harry is cutting deals that make Obama as the party head look corrupt and dirty. His advisers are beyond clueless and can't be bother to do their jobs. There have been other advisers tossed under the bus because their socialist/crazy-ass histories finally caught up to them.

Obama is well on his way to beating Carter as the worst modern president and that is a great honor considering Nixon and Clinton and the fore mentioned Carter. He offers the American people nothing of substance and the campaign speeches don't hold a lot of water when you are in office and aren't getting the job done. A year in and still blaming Bush makes you look like a loser because you have nothing positive to point to that you have done. Obama was going to kick start the economy with his pork laden stimulus and omnibus spending, but what he really has accomplished is 10% unemployment and a full scale attack on the job creators in this country. There isn't a single private sector business that is running to hire millions of out of work people because they have no idea when the next government shoe is going to drop.

The shoes have been dropping all over the place, but the good news is that cap and trade is going to die a quiet death to re-election politics. The Democrats will crack open the federal piggy bank once again to attempt to get businesses to hire people, so they can lower unemployment before November. The problem comes from the fact that no one is buying new spending without the resultant taxes anymore. Everyone is starting to wise up to that fact you can't keep spending money you don't have and to offset that problem the government needs to raise money via taxing the crap out of everyone.

It is amazing how I didn't get a COLA increase in my retirement check, but rather a tax increase so may retirement pay actually went down to start the New Year off right. This is only the beginning, the health care when it passes will tax you for ten years but only provide services for six, which is like buying a car and making payments for two years before you can drive it. This is the hocus pocus that your government hopes you are not looking at and won't hold them accountable for in November. If we as a nation fail to punish those responsible then we deserve the slavery that is headed our way.

We need to stand up and keep repeating the truth over and over. People may grow tired of hearing it, but otherwise they will forget. They will allow the government to buy them new jobs and ignore the taxes that are sure to follow in 2011. I have no problem paying my fair share of tax for the privileged of living here in America and the safety and security our military provides, but I will be damned if I will sit quietly by and let Congress enslave my children and grand children because of blatant stupidity and greed. The Republicans screwed us and the Democrats are screwing us, so stop with all the party BS and elect frugal candidates that want to put an end to the out of control spending in Washington. If the Republicans want to reform themselves and actually be a party of limited government then more power to them. Then they need to start backing frugal candidates and not the likes of Crist or that turncoat in NY's 23rd.

We must keep the pressure on by refusing party affiliation and force the politicians and their parties to come over to our way of thinking. We can not blindly throw our vote behind career criminals that have proven time and time again that they only care about their re-election and not what is best for this country. There are those that come from Democrat strong holds, but that doesn't mean that you have to send liberal socialist crazies to the Congress. You can find a frugal candidate that understands that you can't keep spending what you don't have because those bills do come due. I am not telling you who to vote for (I might in the future make a recommendation or two), but rather invite you to voice your opinion and lets put the candidates to the test. We need to make sure that they actually walk the walk that goes with all that campaign talk.

Welcome to 20-10 and all the promise that this year holds. We the People can either stand up and turn this country around our we can sit by and fiddle as Rome burns. It is your choice and that choice starts today with informing yourself and your friends and culminates in that voting both in November. God bless us everyone.