Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked

The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked

This shouldn't be limited to liberals because this is a vital wake up call to each and every American. The questions are very simple and straight forward. The answers are a painful realization that America better act fast or else because the interest train is coming and it isn't going to be pretty when it smacks us. We haven't done a single thing as a nation yet to solve this issue and it is very doubtful that we will until after the crash. We know there is something bad out there waiting to get us, but like small children we think if we close our eyes it will disappear. The National Debt is at $14 Trillion and growing daily and we are spending billions more than we can ever hope to take in. So that National Debt is going to keep growing and at some point China is going to say 1.5% isn't enough to finance America, so the interest rate on that $14+ Trillion is going to rise. Once it starts upward there is no end in sight because we haven't cut spending, so we keep adding to the National Debt and now more of our revenue is going to interest so the Debt grows faster. This is a death spiral that we are just now entering and if we don't do something drastic it will destroy this country. Happy thoughts for the new year, so lets keep fighting about cutting a few million here and there while we spend Billions we don't have on things we don't really need.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chinese Monopoly

It is funny how things work out.  The Chinese have designs on being a world power and mother earth has provided them the means in the form of rare earth minerals.  The Chinese are the world supplier of these minerals to the tune of 97%, which gives them a monopoly.  A monopoly is a very good thing if you desire power and money because especially if people cannot live without the item you have a monopoly on, which in this case is so very true.  Think about all the the things that you won't have if the Chinese turn off the tap on these rare earth minerals: computers, solar cells, nice new electric cars, exotic batteries, and a whole host of electronic stuff.  China is our crack dealing pimp and we are all going to be its crack ho's.  We don't have a modern world without these wonderful minerals and China is going to be completely in charge of the world's supply until either new sources are found or they are no longer needed.

This scenario is not as dire as one might imagine because it has happened before and it will happen again.  Think beavers, railroads, oil, and computer chips.  All of these were once monopolies, but by invention or a change in fashion, they were overtaken by something else.  Is it going to suck in the short term having a power hungry communist nation playing the tune to which we will all dance? Sure, but some smart guys some where will figure a way around it or find a new source for these minerals.  They will invent water powered batteries or some crazy thing that will make this all a thing of the past. In the mean time America better get ready for higher prices and shortages because China is playing the tune and we are all going to dance to it.

I wonder if Russia is going to play along nicely or are they going to strike some special deal with the devil.  I know we won't deal, but some of our multinational companies will and that should get us through.  I am sure it will have a chilling effect on the world market as doesn't all government intervention into the global markets.  I wonder if the Chinese will out smart themselves and end up shrinking the market for their goods or will they be smart and screw with it just enough to make an enormous profit.  Greed and power are powerful addictions, so I am betting they will screw it up in the end.  It is funny how we lead the world for so long, but now we are going to be kissing China's booty for the foreseeable future. 

Welcome to the future, better learn at least one dialect of Chinese.

Wrapping Up 2010

2010 certainly has been an interesting year.  It had lots of unusual happenings and some things that I thought I would never see in America.  On the good side, we had the true emergence of a new party/movement that is  a force to be reckoned with, as seen by the 2010 elections. On the bad side, you have federally enforced groping and national beat downs by the press, both of which aren't new in 2010, but they were taken to a whole new level.
I was happy to see the emergence of the Tea Party movement, but became a little disappointed when at times it was hijacked by the far right.  The far right with its focus on social issues, turned many independent voters against the one movement that has been able to shake up Washington and put the spendthrifts on notice.  If the Tea Party can maintain its small government footing and stand against the socialcons, then it may still force change in Washington. If it allows the socialcons to be its mouthpieces, it is going to send the movement down in flames.  2011 should be a very telling year in the future of the Tea Party.

2010 saw the election of the current century with a massive return of the Republican.  I truly believe this was just more of the same from the Independent Voters because they are looking for a hero to save us from "business as usual" Washington.  I do believe that these newly elected Republicans will be on a very short leash in 2011 and if the Republicans pull anymore crap like the lame duck session once the Freshmen are seated, then they will be out on their butts in 2012.  It was a very good thing to see so many Americans waking up to the tyranny of Washington and throwing off the yoke of the political elite. Which makes 2010  the best year yet in that department.  It gives me hope going forward that America will regain control of Washington and put us back on the road to solvency.  It won't be pretty, but to do anything less is criminal.

Now some of the bad stuff, the TSA needs to go and take with it airport tyranny.  Between the TSA and the airlines, why would anyone fly if they have any other choice.  The TSA continues unabashedly the grope and scan, which is woefully ineffective against the booty bomber, while our government refuses to call it like it is and profile accordingly.  So I say, get rid of the TSA and have the airlines pay for highly trained professionals to screen passengers. That way no one can accuse the big bad government of being racists and the people that have a vested interest in airplane security run and pay for it.  If you don't like how the government does things, then don't let the government get involved especially anything that deals with the public (think Post Office).

There were a lot of things that were heard and seen on Capitol HIll that made 2010 a shocking year. There were continual displays of self interest over the interest of the people, such as the political elite blaming the people for having more principles then them.  They would rather have a turncoat on their team, then do the right thing (sure she was a horrible choice, but she was the choice of the people). How about Lisa's Alaskian victory, there is one for self-interest. These are just a few of the politicians that basically said "I don't give a crap about the will of the people, I am going to do as I please" (also think Nancy Pelosi). 

Then there was the lame duck session of last minute spending and bad deals that should make any self respecting American mad as hell.  We allowed a second stimulus in exchange for temporary tax cuts, when we could have easily gotten permanent ones for 98% of America, with the last 2% only getting two years, but instead we added an additional $315 billion in spending, which included another 13 months of unemployment benefits which though is helpful for those out of work is going to be paid for by our grand children.  How do we explain that?  We rush through a treaty with Russia, which seems like a raw deal for us, but yeah, we have a treaty. 

As for DADT, it was going to happen anyway, so to me this was a non-event but we are on our way to expanding the federal government deeper into marriages as federal benefits are now going to be called into question for same sex spouses for military members.  We will soon have something that allows federally supported same-sex marriage, vice getting the government out of the marriage business all together.  There should just be some federal statue that recognizes domestic unions/partnerships issued by the State, but instead we are going to have a war over what marriage is and how can we deny our soldiers equal protection under the law.  The repeal of DADT was the key to the federal recognition of gay marriage and there is no turning back, which will have the socialcons going bananas. See my point about the Tea Party and socialcons.

2011 should be a very interesting year as the 2012 candidates start their campaigns and lots of fun issues are raised in Washington.  I have more hope on the eve of this year then in the last several combined, but we must stay every vigilant or else the career criminals will steal the future from our great grand children as well.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Meaningless Social Security Tax Rate Cut

The Meaningless Social Security Tax Rate Cut

This is a very good commentary on a provision of the Tax Compromise and what it really means to every day people. It will be nice to get a 2% raise next year, but I will likely not see a permanent 2% raise from my employer because why should they. It is all a business as usual shell game that Washington played during the Lame Duck session and we are going to have to live with the consequences. As the Tea Party candidates arrive they are going to be greeted by the party establishment that says, "no matter why you are here, the game is going to be played by the old rules!" Think about it! We have emboldened the RINOs to ignore the will of the people and do as they please to thumb there nose at America as a whole, see Murkowski. The American people may have won a moral victory on November 2nd, but it is proving to be a very hollow one based on recent results. If the 111th Congress had any respect for the people and the will of the people, they would not have dumped all this trash on America during the lame duck session. It seems that the political elite purposely thumbed their collective noses at the people by saying elect whomever you want, but we will pass whatever we want. I hope that the freshman class takes a sharp stick to the elite and pokes them right in the eye. The block of fiscally conservative freshman need to stand their ground and say no to poor fiscal policy and introduce spending cuts. If the Senate and/or the President don't sign on then so be it. They originate the spending bills, so when they send the next one, cut even more and see how the Senate and President like that. The only way to stop the runaway train of federal spending is to cut spending, doing anything else is smoke and mirrors. Freshman class I will support you wholeheartedly if you stand your ground and do what you were sent to Washington to do, CUT FEDERAL SPENDING!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Obama is amazing!

If any other President had allowed Clinton to take over a White House Briefing they would have been roasted alive by the lamestream media, but as it turns out Obama's epic fail wasn't even a blip on the radar.  I guess I will retract any comment on Obama's future prospects and go back to my original thought that if the economy is not worse then he will be re-elected.  The fact that with the new Republican House things should actually pick up almost assures hum of a return trip to the White House.  There doesn't seem to be anything that can bring him down, so with his unwavering support from the media and independents that won't want to shake things up we will get four more years of Obama.  Hopefully the Republicans can keep from stepping on their peckers long enough to gain control of the Senate in 2012, that will at least prevent anymore substantial damage from occurring. 

If something monumental happens that tanks the economy then America will demand fresh blood to fix it, but that isn't likely to happen in the next two years.  We will see gridlock or worse bargaining with our grand children's futures, like the tax deal.  America will limp along for the next two years and hopefully survive until 2016, when it is likely that we will see a whole new crop of candidates from both sides of the aisle and maybe some decent choices besides the 2008 retreads.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fresh Face Herman Cain

I've been doing some research and a new name seems to keep popping up, Herman Cain. From the looks of his website and lots of other commentators this guys is the Anti-Obama. He has run a successful corporation and been a member of the Federal Reserve for a time. He supports the radical ideas on government reformation including: the Fair Tax, privatizing SSN, and slashing government (not just spending). I wonder if Herman could be a viable candidate to either headline in 2012 or a excellent VP choice. Based on what I have read and heard, it seems like this is the guy that we all need to spend some time getting to know and telling our friends to do the same.

Because honestly, I am less than thrilled with the crop of so called candidates out there and it is looking a lot like a rerun of 2008 with out the old guy. I would like to see some fresh faces of people that are experienced in something else than government and are sound thinkers on their own. If you had a choice today on who to vote for in 2012, who would it be? The TV Stars? The precursor to Obamacare? Some one you have never heard of? I am going with some one I have never heard of and hope to get to know vice the Fox contributors or Romney. Right now my two front runners are Herman Cain and Chris Christie, but Christie isn't going to run because he knows it is currently a suckers bet. In a year things will either be better, the same, or worse, with the first two getting Obama re-elected, so why waste the time, energy, or money. So for me right now, it is Herman Cain until proven otherwise. Let's hear what you have to say.

Here is a link to his website:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tax Cuts Clearly Explained

Tax Cuts Clearly Explained

This is a wonderful article on just how screwed up the tax compromise truly is. Instead of allowing only the ~$545 billion in lost federal revenue from keeping the tax cuts (dubious at best, since raising taxes actually reduces federal revenue but we will go with it in this case), the Democrats piled on an additional ~$315 billion in spending in the name of helping. This is business as usual and not what I voted for in November. Keep the tax cuts, dump the extra spending, or let the Democrats hang themselves by allowing all tax cuts to expire. This is a manufactured crisis that allows Congress to continue to spend our grand children's future. You want to impress me then add a bunch of government spending cuts to this bill to pay for all this and make it a zero impact bill both for the supposed lost revenue and the additional spending, so the Congress critters need to offset this by cutting ~$860 billion in federal spending. If they can do that then I would fully support this package of mumbo jumbo, otherwise this is just business as usual.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Extraordinary Speech

An Extraordinary Speech

I very worthy read.

Obama's Epic Fail

Gloat and retract I will. I said that if the economy improved slightly or stayed the same then Obama would be re-elected by the independents, who would vote for the devil they knew vice putting all the eggs in a Republican basket. I retract that assertion because what happened on Friday demonstrates that it is unlikely that Obama will even run and if he does then he will be primaried out. The shine is off the Obama apple and his chickens are coming home to roost. America needs adult leadership and as of Friday the “adult” President is in the House.

The Republicans still have a long way to go to convince independents that they should be in charge again, but there is an opening for a solid and proven leader to win in 2012. It won’t be Palin, Huckabee, or Romney, but rather someone with a recent solid resume like maybe the Gov. of Indiana. Two years is a long way off and a lot of bad stuff can happen between now and then, so America needs to get down on its knees and ask God to forgive us for our greedy silly selves and bless us once more with true leadership.

Great Post Series


If you have the time, stop over to Left Coast Rebel and read the series of posts on American Exceptionalism.  It is very informative and share it with your friends.  I truly believe in this country as a global force for good as the Navy commercial says because regardless of our bumbling and stumbling we have a generous and giving heart as a nation.  Whenever and where ever disaster strikes around the globe, America is there lending a hand and asks nothing in return.  We've sent our children off to fight other peoples' wars and have only asked for enough land to bury our dead.  What other country gives and gives while being slapped repeatedly in the face by our friends and enemies alike?  The Europeans call us unsophisticated and barbaric, but when things head South who do they turn to?  When Kuwait was invaded, who lead the way in building a coalition to liberated them?  Let's talk tsunami and Muslims, who did more the US or all the Muslim nations combined?  How about Haiti? How much did we give as compared to the oil rich nations of the gulf?  Say what you want about our shortcomings and failures, but we have a good heart and at least we are willing to try to make this a better world.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Class Warriors Got What They Wished For

Class Warriors Got What They Wished For

A very interesting read about where all the federal revenue has gone. I am willing to bet that if the cuts for the wealth were allowed to expire there would be no additional revenue for the government, but the Democrats don't care they will have won a (im)moral victory. You want to raise actual revenue then restore the lower brackets to where they were and you will see money pouring in because most people are not paying their fair share at all, since we are all Americans and we are all equal then we should be taxed that way. But who am I to say anything other than an American TaxPAYER.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Put Uncle Sam on an Allowance

Put Uncle Sam on an Allowance

There are a lot of ideas out there about how to control government spending and I like this one because it punishes the career criminals in Washington. Sadly, we are just going to dance around actual action until the plane hits the ground. I truly believe that if Congress is running a deficit then they should have their pay cut at least 50% until they balance the budget. Plus we should have a maximum federal spending limit of 15% of the GDP, which would allow for spending and paying off the national debt. If they want to pay off the debt sooner then implement a 2% federal sales taxes solely for national debt reduction that sunsets with the national debt. You tie these three things up in a neat little bow and you have a resolution of our issues. I like the independent auditor, chosen at random to audit the federal budget. That will never happen because the feds could not stand the light of day on all the corruption and waste, so the auditors would be bribed in someway or forced to look the other way or else.

Here is my proposal in a nut shell:

1. Balanced Budget Amendment
2. Federal Spending Not to Exceed 15% of GDP
3. Fail to Balance Budget 50% Pay Cut for Congress
4. 2% Federal Sales Tax for National Debt Reduction
5. Audit the All Federal Books (Light of Day Clause)

This would allow Congress to make decisions on what is important and would require 40% slashing of current spending, which is significant but necessary. Cut federal spending 4% of GDP a year for a decade and you are there. Plus, by addressing the debt then the interest payments go down and there is more money for other things as long as you stay within the 15% cap. The first year will the the toughest and the easiest as to balance the budget Congress would need to cut at least 6% of GDP, but there is a huge amount of waste that is available for immediate cutting without touching the entitlement programs. This just takes the stones to do what needs to be done and is in all likelihood political suicide considering the government dependency that has been built over the years. This is just a simple solution to a major problem facing this country and it isn't going to go away by ignoring it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

American Thinker: Let's Compromise on Taxes

American Thinker: Let's Compromise on Taxes

This is a wonderful article on what we truly be effective tax policy and it is very easily at hand right now. Tax the non-rich because there are a heck of a lot more of them and it would actually produce federal revenue for the Democrats to waste or you could do what is necessary and cut spending. We need to cut federal spending!!! This is the only solution unless you want all Americans to pay even more because tapping the rich isn't going to do the trick unless you consider everyone not in poverty rich. If you want to stop all job growth and investment in our country's future you raise rates on the "rich" and sit back and collect nothing because the rich have ways of avoiding stupid taxes and options about how and where they take an income. If you want to do something real then cut government spending 10% as compared with the GDP. For several decades federal spending ran about 20% of GDP and in the last four years it is now 25%, so slash spending to 15% and our current revenues could very easily pay all spending and pay down the national debt slowly. Just to let you know the federal revenue is almost 19%, so instead of running a 7% deficit we would have a 4% surplus to pay off the national debt which would be shrinking because we would not only not be adding to principle with no deficit spending, but actually paying down the principle which would reduce our interest payments. This is crazy talk because we need to keep spending at the highest rate in American history or else! If the deficit commission or Congress want to impress me then they need to sharpen their collective pencils and cut enough spending to reach 15% of the GDP. Otherwise as we have seen over the last couple of weeks it is just a bunch of hot air blowing around that amounts to absolutely nothing. Congress, the Nov. 2 election was a referendum on the need to cut federal spending, so freaking do it already!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Interesting Reads

The Unemployment Crisis Catch-22

Fantasy Figures, Real Pain

I found some interesting reads this morning and I am even more upset at our government's ability to get anything done. We are quickly slipping into a economic meltdown, but Congress is worrying about stupid crap that does not produce jobs or help stabilize the free falling economy. Predictions are that when they fail to prevent the Bush Tax Cuts from expiring the markets are going to tank because all those companies waiting to see what Congress was going to do, are going to dump even more jobs because of the higher tax burden, just in time for Christmas. Yeah! I am still holding out hope for the new Congress, since it is almost impossible for them to we worse than this one, but I am sure they will find a way.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Program for Economic Recovery and 2012 Victory

Program for Economic Recovery and 2012 Victory

Here is a pretty good idea on how to re-industrialize America and get people back to work. I know there a lot of you that might disagree, but I fully agree with lowering or abolishing the corporate income tax and it seems like that the scaled tariffs are reasonable against countries that refuse our exports (China). Would this lead to world wide whining? Sure, but every country acts in its best interest except the US of A. We are constantly providing military protection on our tax payer's back and we allow countries to flood our market with cheap goods, while holding our nationhood in our hands and crying how unfair life is. If we want to change the dynamic then we must put Americans back to work and make doing business in America profitable again. Let's open up our home markets to US goods and stop allowing ourselves to be the world's doormat. If we start acting like a leader again and put our people back to work then our tax revenues go up regardless of tax system and we can use the new found revenues to balance the budget and pay off the national debt. If we do those two things then we can stop bowing and scrapping to China. If we impose a tariff on Chinese goods as long as a deficit in trade exists, then companies have a darn good reason to take the chance of manufacturing goods here in America because we have established markets, excellent distribution system, and profit potential. That profit potential goes through the roof if you restructure or greatly reduce the corporate income tax. America works as a nation when Americans work, so let force the yahoos in Washington to do what is best for America for a change and enact policies that put Americans to work.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What Next the Finger Waggle?

I know a lot has been said the last few days about the TSA's new procedures of either a very revealing scan or a gropping for our protection, but are we not just inviting the bombers to stick stuff up their butts to avoid detection? I mean that if these yahoos are truly determined then a little anal discomfort is not too much a strech to beat the new introduced measures, so are we to standby for the finger waggle to fly next? Where does this stupidity stop and when do we profile the bad guys?

I am all for security and scans and pat downs if they are on the people most likely to blow us up. And don't feed me that line of BS about them coopting someone's Granny or child to carry their bomb because everyone would be seperated and asked a few simple questions which would give them the chance to come clean about the bomb the bad guy shoved up their butt. I know that this isn't a popular position, but the writing is on the wall and the finger is at the ready, so unless we start doing something different, we can expect the next bomber to have a buttload of explosives and slip right on past security.

You want to make flying safe then get some training from the Israelis the most hated people on earth and see how they handle the problem. It isn't rocket science and even a TSA agent could learn to ask a few simple questions and if they don't like the answers kick it to the really trained guys. This could be used in conjunction with all the fancy equipment, so the lobbyist would lose out. If you are suspicious then you get the scan and/or pat down, fail either then get arrested. Past the screen or pat down, but still something isn't right then more interviews by the best of the screener squad. Sounds draconian to be sure, but only a few individuals will be involved in the enhanced searches and interviews, vice the entire flying public.

Do you really think the TSA is going to get away with shoving a finger in your ass in the name of public safety? I think not, so they should be figuring out right quick on how they plan on defeating the booty bomber! That is my two cents and since I am over forty I have been anally probed by my doctor and I am not going to bend over to allow the TSA to do the same, so they better come up with an alternative that doesn't involve x-raying every passenger because that would not be minor exposure.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

North Korean Shakedown Again

What can we to really do to stop the shakedown by the NoKs? We will of course do what we have done for years because there is no way we are going to sacrifice a couple hundred thousand lives for a few billion in aid to the wackos of the North. We can piss and moan all day about who does and doesn't have the stones to stand up to these yahoos (father and son), but the fact remains we aren't ready to go to war to put an end to the BS. Most of the comments I hear are street corner tough, but are really just hot air. I fully agree that we couldn't do anything back during the war because of China and we sure as hell can't do anything different today.

If we weren't so screwed up in our economy, we might be able to bring some pressure on China to curb their mutt. But, with the way things are today, it is out of the question.  We are walking around hat in hand asking the bad old commies to fund our debt. You want to do something about North Korea, then back a balanced budget and paying off the national debt. Once the dollar is solid and we owe nothing to anyone, then we can speak with actual authority to the Chinese and get something done about the wackos in the north.

Until then our national security and foreign policy is going to be one of appeasement because we have little choice in the matter.  If you are running around with a fragile economy and owe lots of money to everyone including potential adversaries, it is really hard to be taken seriously.  Iran and China both know we are a paper tiger and they do whatever they please because if Iran cuts off the oil or China refuses to buy our debt we are toast plain and simple.  So think what you want about the President, but he has no choice but to pay the blackmailer and watch as be slip into irrelevance.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Immigration: A Modest Proposal

Immigration: A Modest Proposal

This is the first comprehensive program that anyone has put forth and it seems pretty reasonable, but I am sure that it will be deemed unacceptable by all parties involved. It truly saddens me that after all these years we still can't find a way to secure our boarders and figure out what to do with all those that are here illegally. This is a country of laws and we keep turning a blind eye to the problem. The federal government repeatedly attacks anyone that tries to make the situation better, see AZ SB1070. As an AZ resident, I fully support anything that helps reduce the violence and helps regain control of our sovereign territory. In case you haven't heard, Obama and the gang decided that it would cede a portion of AZ to the drug cartels, vice sending troops in to push back the invasion. We have to take a hard look at what can and should be done to fix this issue because to do nothing is silent amnesty and further encouragement of violent incursions.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Changing World

I am reading a lot about the growing European financial crisis that is spreading from Greece to Ireland to Spain.  This should be a stark warning to each and every American that this country needs an immediate and drastic course correction.  We need to support our representatives as the approach the third rail topics of entitlements because many will be afraid and want to continue to do business as usual, but that isn't going to save this country.  We need to stand firm that things have to change and sacred cows slaughter or we will be going down in flames like Greece.

The will be cuts to defense, SS and Medicare, because that is where our money is being spent.  We will also need to look at our bloated federal and state governments and all those wonderful employees and pension plans.  Some states are better off than others, but no one can look to the feds for a bailout for poor fiscal policy.  Each and every state needs to dig itself out of its own hole because the fed is tapped out.  Does that mean cutting stuff and that includes service, damn right because at some point everything costs, so people are going to have to decide what is truly needed for their state to survive. 

I am thinking that there is going to be pension reform and pension reform initiatives on every ballot come 2012.  Why, because you can't keep pouring money in to retirement funds that are overly generous.  The voters are being asked to tighten their belts in a tough economy, while retired state workers live like kings, it just doesn't add up.  Let the state pensioners make their case to the people why they deserve all those wonderful perks, while people are jobless and hurting.  If the press was doing its job they would have exposed the corruption in Bell, CA long before this year, but they refuse to do their job and expose all politicians regardless of party to the light of day.

If it is good enough for the military, then is should be good enough for everyone else (Congress included), since most other government workers are not risking their lives (fire and police excepted of course) they can do with a little less than fully pay and benefits for running an inefficient office for years on end.  I might be more generous if I got better service from the government, but since the service is so poor the compensation can be commensurate with the quality of service.  Like I said, let the tax payer's decided what they think a retired government employee is due.

I know that there are going to be a lot of pissed of retirees from some states, but I would think it would be give a little now or give it all later when the state goes belly up.  It is just a thought, but everyone knows that as long as the career criminals are in charge the states will get bailed out and it will only hasten the fall of the federal government.  There is no way any politician is going to let the wonderful people of CA suffer for their collective poor decisions or the great people of Illinois or New York.  We need to tell the truth and the truth is we are out of other people's money and unless we get a huge influx of high paying jobs there will be zero revenue growth regardless of the tax rates because 50% or 100% of zero is still zero.

That is just my two cents, maybe three.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Conservatives Put GOP Leadership On Notice

Conservatives Put GOP Leadership On Notice

This was a very interesting shot across the bow for the Republican Party establishment. It also ties in very well with an article on the death of the Democratic Party as the country pulls back right from the hard left of the past two years. The Democrats are a dying breed as they become far more liberal then most Americans can stand and the Republicans are likely to split with moderates keeping the Republican name and the conservatives probably picking up the Tea Party moniker. Old school Democrats will probably become Republicans and the Democratic Party will just fade into the woodwork where they now belong.

The split is just the natural progression of life and with the coming budget pain. The give it away types can't stand the hack it types, so there will be a split. The good news is that the two remaining parties will be much farther to the right then the either of the current two parties. We have lots of tough choices ahead and they don't involve buying votes with government largess or big government solutions, so the Democrats really have no leg to stand on moving into the brave new world of limited government spending.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

2012 Election

Let this be the start of the 2012 campaign, I have been doing a lot of reading about who is going to run and who says they are not running for President in 2012.  The funny thing is that I seriously think it really won't matter for the Republicans unless the economy gets much worse over the next two years and here is why I think that.

If we have gridlock in Washington, it favors the President because Washington is unable to monkey with regulation and taxes, so businesses have a little relief and start doing business again. Unemployment drops below 9% and Obama regains some of his following.  The independents vote with their wallets and see this pairing as okay over the last two periods of single party control. Now add the splintered Republicans/Tea Party and you have Obama winning in 2012 regardless of who is running against.  These are just the facts and you can argue all day, but none of the Republicans are good enough to unseat a tolerable Obama.

If the economy goes to hell in a hand basket, then the independents will look to anyone that can turn the country around and they will take Christie with bells on because of the results he will have shown in NJ over the last 3+ years at that point.  Christie is a wartime President and the war is on federal spending, so he doesn't get elected in 2012 unless the crap has hit the fan.  The independents will look to a hardliner to fix what the feel good intellectual was unable to do.  This is the only way a Republican wins in 2012.

With all that said, what are we to be doing in preparation of the up coming election cycle?  We should be holding the recently elected yahoo's feet to the fire and keeping track of who is next on the chopping block.  The good Senator from Oklahoma  seems to be volunteering to be retired early for his completely out of step views on earmarks.  Yeah they are only a small part of the spending problem, but they are a huge part of the corruption problem. Sen. Inhofe if you don't realize what the People are telling you, then it is time for you to go either retire or standby to be removed.  Senator you really should read and heed Sen. Coburn's take on earmarks because he gets it.

Back to the 2012 Presidential election for a second. No one in their right mind would run against Obama willingly because it is a two pain in the ass with the outcome as a total crap shoot, so that leaves only the crazy and the vane.  If the economy continues to fall then Christie wins in a landslide after being begged to come in and save the day. Otherwise you are just cannon fodder like Dole or McCain, and really who wants to be lumped in with that group. Plus there could be a 3rd party populist candidate in the race ensuring an Obama victory, so if you are serious about sitting in the Oval office 2012 is only good for one person, Obama.

I say work to reform things on the local level and do what you can for your fellow human beings, but 2012 as all elections are about the economy so only time will tell.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Debt Reduction and Spending Cuts

The more I think about this Commissions plan the more I like it with a few exceptions, sure we can extend the retirement age and monkey around the edges of true SS and Medicare reform, but it still isn't enough to get the job done because despite all the heat and smoke generated there will still be a $300 billion deficit in 2015. Does this sound like true progress? I think not.

If you want to impress me, balance the budget by across the board cuts and then we can talk about taxes to pay down the debt. As everyone knows that as long as we are deficit spending we are not truly solving the problem because our debt payments are continuing to increase because the principle is still rising. If we want to save this country then we need to balance the budget first and fast. Then we raise a specific tax to retire the debt. Roll both of those into an amendment that the jackals can't screw up.

I have stated several things that we can do to cut spending, but 10% across the board cuts until we balance the budget are necessary and based on the fact we are currently at 43% deficit spending these cuts are going to be happening for quite sometime.
Of course this assumes that the full 10% is cut from deficit spending and that Congress doesn't increase any spending during the four years that it will take to balance the budget. We all know that is a bad assumption as our debt payments will continue to increase, so four years is optimistic.

So, four years from now we have successfully balanced the budget, but we still have two huge issues how to pay down the debt and maintain the balanced budget. I am sure that the retiring baby boomers are going bananas at this point because how do we cut 43% of SS and Medicare spending and what do we lose. Maybe we loose fraud and high priced senior managers or we cut benefits, but that is why we elect representatives to Congress.

So back to the debt, I am and will continue to advocate a 2% federal sales tax that is solely for paying off the national debt. This is all part of that budget amendment that keeps the career criminals from messing it up. We do all these very hard things then maybe we fix the national debt problem. I don't advocate currently changing tax rates or deductions, because if you have too many moving parts then the criminals will hide their collective dirty deeds in a mass of confusion. The only change in the tax system that I would accept is a flat tax with zero deductions or exemptions because this puts everyone in the game and prevents Congress from providing sweetheart deals and loopholes for their buddies. This would go for corporations as well. If you when with say 15% then the budget would pretty much be set by the GDP and we would know immediately how we are doing and when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. This plan would result in 17% tax rate for everyone with 15% set and 2% variable.

I know that this hurts the people that don't currently pay taxes, but this is America and everyone is equal so their share in the cost should be equal. It isn't like the "rich" won't be paying more dollars than the poor, but everyone will be paying according to their earnings. Also if you reduce the corporate tax to 15% then we suddenly become super competitive and that means more jobs and that means more revenue and that means more tax collected and that means balancing the budget sooner and that means starting to pay off the national debt sooner and that means a stronger dollar and that means it is more profitable to do business here, repeat.

I know that it is simplistic, but this doesn't need to be so difficult. I know cutting the sacred cows is going to cause howls of unfair and keep my gravy train flowing. The national and state gravy trains are wrecked and the only way we are going to salvage what is left is to make tough decisions now. Does that mean that certain government services are going to be slower or non-existent, yes. But, we have spent money hand or fist for years to streamline government services to reduce waste and make them more efficient and how has that worked? So, lets stop throwing good money after bad and force efficiency or elimination.

I know you all have some strong ideas on this matter, so lets hear them. We can't sit back and wait for the explosion from the derailed gravy train.

Friday, November 5, 2010

What to do now?

It seems that everyone is talking about what to do now, whether it be the newly elected Republicans in Congress, the Tea Party crowd, the Democrats, the guy down the street, or your friends from college.  The answer is pretty simple, put your big boy pants or big girl pants on and get to work.  If you are Congress then start doing the things you said you were going to do, since the Pledge was pretty fricking low bar, then do it.  The Tea Party continue to keep the pressure on until we turn Washington around, which won't be completely done until after at least the 2016 election.  Turning the ship of state takes years for any lasting change to truly occur, so thankfully the damage done over the last two if properly dismantled should have very little overall affect other than serving as a warning sign to future generations to stop treating the presidential elections like voting for high school class president.

We must stay vigilant during the lame duck session, but really any bill written can be repealed by another.  I say we work on stabilizing the playing field for business and let them know they can start hiring again.  We need to put an end to unfair trade that prevents us from competing in world markets, while letting China flood our markets.  There are ways to stop the flood and put Americans back to work, by simply using the tools available to us thanks to our "friends" at the WTO.  If you are in a trade deficit then you can raise tariffs to reduce the deficit, until trade is actually fair.  We do this and lower corporate tax rates, we make it worthwhile to start making stuff in America again.  This is not rocket science, but it is tough medicine for tough times because all those cheap products at Walmart are going to start costing more before the jobs arrive.  Hopefully, we can offset that by the cut in corporate tax and stop monkeying with regulations. If stabilizing the economy and returning jobs to America seem like loser plans then you are in the wrong business.

The new Congress needs to play hard ball with the President and send him a budget that freezes federal spending at 2008 levels (not great, but a start) and demand a 10% reduction in the federal workforce or a 10% pay cut for all federal workers.  If the President or the Senate balk then send them the next one for 15% and then next for 20%.  If you want to reduce government then do it and have some stones about it.  Don't worry about the next election, worry about doing what you promised.  You show the country that you are dead serious about getting government spending under control and reducing the size of it the people will come to you. I know this will be foreign to most of the career politicians to actually do what they were elected to do, you will have to just have to trust me on this one.  The public does not mind paying taxes, but they hate paying taxes and seeing their money pissed away by corrupt politicians and overpaid government workers, both of which give piss poor service for the money they are paid.

As for the rest of us, we need to first keep the pressure on, but secondly we need to look at ways to support and help where ever we can.  We are all in this together and we sink or swim as a nation by our individual efforts to support the whole.  We need to encourage our elected officials to make hard choices and reward those who do.  We need to call out those who don't.  We need to do our homework and let our representatives know what they need to be doing.  I know this hasn't always been successful in the past, but across the nation there are 680 newly elected republican representatives and they need to be reminded of who they work for so they don't lose their minds.  We need to help each other and ourselves where we can and do the things we know are right, like saving some money and paying off our own debt.  I know that this won't spur our consumer economy, but it is going to take time to get America working again, so lets not keep sending what we do have to the Middle East and China. 

I know I am an isolationist and you are correct, but those that do have should help those who don't and keep things moving the best that they can.  Go through your closet and donate your old clothes, go out to eat at a restaurant that you can afford, donate your time to help some one else, and just keep keeping on until this mess starts to clear up.  There is always the hope of a new dawn, but you have to work to make it through the night.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Health 101: How We Lowered Our Costs

Health 101: How We Lowered Our Costs

Great read on how to actually lower the cost of medical care for a family of five. I would take it one step further and say that is should be paired with a Health IRA, which people put pre-tax money into each year and it grows as they grow older to take care of the greater expenses later in life. Just having major medical would drop costs for everyone because doctors would not have to hire whole staffs just to deal with insurance paperwork. Insurance companies could benefit because they wouldn't need to keep refusing billings for routine tests because of coding errors because those would be paid in cash. The only downside I can see to this is increased unemployment as doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and insurance companies downsize because of lack of paperwork. Then again just like government the health care industry is solely paid for by the consumer/tax payer, so maybe it is a good thing to shrink it down.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who we really are and what we need to do? …..

We are overwhelmed with news that infuriates and upsets us almost on a daily basis. From a civilian trial for terrorists, to the takeover of our healthcare, to the apologies made by the administration all over the world, we look around and say, "What on Earth is going on?" We see children setting their friends on fire, parents staging fights between their children, and celebrities forgetting what it means to be personally responsible.

There is a general feeling that we are losing our most fundamental values, morals, way of life, and something deeper - a sense of who we are, of our place in a greater community.

I believe there is a reason for all of this. Something rather simple, actually, as I ponder it. We have diminished the value of the individual. We have relinquished our personal power and uniqueness. We question our own abilities and our intellect. We have abrogated power to others, believing they will make decisions for our benefit even without our consent. We are not proud of ourselves as individuals, and that transfers to our country. We are not showing any pride in her either.

Without pride and sense of purpose, our grounding becomes unsettled, unstable. Subliminally we feel lost and isolated. This is quite contrary to the promises of universal anything-[fill in the blank]. We are further apart than we ever have been, certainly in my lifetime.

What might be a remedy for this? That appears obvious as well. Stop believing in the government and start believing in ourselves. Think enough of ourselves to take chances, to work hard, to learn, and yes, to fail! Failure is not horrendous; at least, if we fail, it belongs to US. It is SURRENDER that is so devastating -- the voluntary relinquishing of our own individual power.

The focus returns to the INDIVIDUAL rather than the STATE. State power would naturally be reduced, and people's strengths would be given the opportunity to again grow and blossom.

The politicians in DC have a total disconnect and therefore have lost touch with the people that they are elected to represent. The most current example is health care and how it is being handled by the political elites in DC. No matter what has been done or said by the people of the United States they continue to push ahead with national health care. How can we force our elected officials to regain contact with us? The focus returns to the INDIVIDUAL rather than the STATE. The solution must not be limited to the people in DC; it must also involve state and local officials. The citizens of our country can no longer afford to permit these political elites to go unsupervised; we need to remind them who they are actually working for. We need to reclaim our individual responsibility.

We need to do a better job of selecting candidates to vote for. We need people who reflect our values and principles to be candidates. We cannot allow the progressives or republicans to be the only ones to determine who is being put up for election, we can see the results of the good old boy network in action and it's affects on our country. Next thing we need to do is not allow these elected people to have their closed door meetings in secret any longer. All meetings need to be held in the open for the public to see. The only exception should be in the case of National Security. Once we have the light shining on these people the next step is to get them back in touch with the citizens they represent. To do this I believe they need to spend a very limited amount of time in DC and the majority of their time in their home district where citizens can actually meet with them.

The most important part of fixing our country is that the citizens never again allow the government to work unsupervised. This is our country and it is up to all of us take our share of responsibility in how our country is to be.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

American Thinker: Obama and Clinton's Betrayal of an Ally

American Thinker: Obama and Clinton's Betrayal of an Ally

This is a wonderful article written by a British conservative that shows actions do indeed have consequences and not just here at home. Our high school like election of an anti-American empty suit has destroyed our credibility on the world stage and worse yet thrown our long term allies under the bus of liberalism. It saddens me to no end to think that we won't lift a finger for our friends, but so willingly bow to our enemies.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pajamas Media » Just How Ridiculous Are Government Salaries and Benefits?

Pajamas Media » Just How Ridiculous Are Government Salaries and Benefits?

Some very serious food for thought because putting an end to the madness has to start somewhere and that might as well be with the bloated government payroll. Freeze all spending at 2008 level and start with a 10% across the board pay cut for everyone on the government role, except for the military right now. With that completed then do a department by department evaluation of the scope and structure to see if we really need all those departments, people, and also all those flag officers and staffs.

I have been very frustrated with this elections final push because it is all vote for me because I am not the other guy vice vote for me because I have some really new and fresh ideas on how to fix this country. The only one person that has breached the media strangle hold has been Boener and his plan was pretty weak because there was zero after the sound bite of freezing spending at 2008 levels. If we are going to dig our way out of this mess then there has to be concrete plans and follow through or we are wasting out time and even more of our tax dollars.

I want to see something that means something! I am tired of vote for me because I am not the other guy. That just stinks of more of the same and that doesn't sit well with me. I want a man with a plan and is willing to call the baby ugly.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pajamas Media » Can We Privatize the National Debt?

Pajamas Media » Can We Privatize the National Debt?

Now this is truly a new idea and why should the Federal Government be the biggest land holder in America the land of the free. I also would like to add that if we dumped a bunch of unnecessary federal departments, there would be even more land and buildings up for sale and less government to cover with the money earned. The government could actually make money, scary thought huh. There are lands and buildings that shouldn't be mortgaged, but there is plenty of fat that could easily be sold off and we could then lower corporate taxes to make doing business in America a good idea again. If we pay off the National Debt the dollar would be incredibly strong again and we could do just about anything we wanted monetarily. I have said it time and time again we have to make it worthwhile to do business in America and also pay off the National Debt, this appears to be a way forward to those goals. Of course it will never see the light of day in Congress and I am sure Congress would find a way to screw it up on an epic scale, since they have demonstrated their massive propensity for ineptitude time and time again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When Tea Party-Backed Republicans Lose Primaries

When Tea Party-Backed Republicans Lose Primaries

A class act and true American patriot. If only there were more like him around this great country. He will get his chance again to run for the Senate and he just might win.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It is a matter of choice and we get to make that choice on Nov. 2nd.

I was reading a post about a federal spending amendment, which is a start, but there are several other measures that must be enacted along with this cap.  I also don't agree with that person's assertion of 2% over inflation.  We need a balanced budget and national debt retirement because without either of these this is just a continued ticket to wasteful spending.  It would be nice to set the level of acceptable federal spending, but we all know that if you give Congress a pot of money they will squander it and ask for more for things they should have spent if on in the first place, plus without retiring the national debt we will have to pay a large portion of all future spending to service that debt.  This is a very complex issue that needs to be address in a comprehensive federal spending amendment. 

If we want to make America strong again it means putting Americans back to work and that means making this country a great place to do business for big and small.  We must lower taxes on businesses big and small because they create the jobs, not the government.  We have long lived with the idea that we must punitively tax the producers to pay for the poor, but there would be far less poor if there were jobs.  Today, we have 5% higher unemployment, which means that there are more poor that the government is having to support.  So, make it worthwhile to do business and put those people back to work.  The current reason is that the government doesn't want to because it likes being big and powerful.  I likes messing with people's lives and a livelihoods.  It is no mystery that when you lower taxes and minimize government interference that you have job growth (check the history, both Democrat and Republican), so why hasn't if been done in this recession?

It is a matter of choice and we get to make that choice on Nov. 2nd.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

American Thinker Blog: Reagan 'responds' to Obama and his supporters

American Thinker Blog: Reagan 'responds' to Obama and his supporters

Here is a wonderful video about what it means to be an American and that we should be proud of the things we have done as a nation. Sure, we have stumbled from time to time, but when you lay it all out there is a lot of American blood spilled all over the world in the name of Freedom. We really don't ask much in return for that blood, which costs us dearly. The people of Europe and Asia would do well to remember that it was American blood that won WWII and American blood that kept the Bear from their door. Americans are the most tolerant and caring people in the world, but need to show some backbone against Islamofascism. We are not wrong to stand up for Freedom again a tyrannical faction of any religion. We must not let ourselves be blackmailed by radicals that cut people's heads off for disagreeing with them. It is not acceptable to accept terror just because it is wrapped in a religious blanket. If the Muslims of the world policed their own then this would not be an issue, but they have failed and some must stand up to these individuals that spread hate and killing. The average Iraqi does not hate America and really doesn't give a crap about our policies. They only care about feeding their families and giving a better life, we must always strive for that goal and not appeasing those who would use these people as death tools to further their goal of global domination in the name of religion. We must stand tall and say you have a right to your religion, but as with everything there are limits and responsibilities to that right. You cannot attack other countries and expect them not to react in a negative manner. Is America infallible, no, but we have been for most of our history on the right side of most issues (it just took us some time to figure it out sometimes).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What about this Pledge thing?

I  must say that is is fine as far as it goes and that isn't very far, but what can you expect from a bunch of guys that can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag.  If the Republicans had any kind of leadership they would be easily grabbing a decent majority in both Houses, but they are a rudderless bunch of buffoons that have mucked up a wet dream.  The only reason they are even getting a shot at being returned to power is that they aren't Democrats, whooped-damn-do.  If they had listened to the people 18 months ago and got a decent plan together they would be stumping the guts out of the Democrats and winning new seats left and right. They didn't and now we have them whining about the DE primary like that was what cost them the Senate.  It wouldn't have been even close if they has a clear and concise message that we can do better and he is how.  The Pledge is a weak and lame attempt to not offend  too many while securing the House victory.  It is not leadership and it certainly isn't a vision of how to truly fix things.

I have to let them off the hook a little bit because they are so late to the game that this is about all they will be even able to attempt without a clear majority in the Senate and a hostile White House.  I cry for what could have been, but live in the reality of what it is.  I have to give them a reserved golf clap for this attempt and nothing more because if they had pulled their heads out sooner, we could have had decent majorities and done some true rolling back, plus pushing the socialist to the center like with Bill.  Oh well, we will have to fight a delaying action until 2012 and hope that the fires still burn for true change.

Monday, September 20, 2010

For Whom Bell, California Tolls

For Whom Bell, California Tolls

Wow, some really good stuff that is going to make the civil service go bananas. We have to cut spending and it starts with the workers that make a heck of a lot more than their private sector counterparts. There are a ton of other things that will also be cut including the military to a certain degree, but the pain should be shared by all not just the taxpayers.

These crooks have been arrested for their crimes against the good people of Bell and the state of California.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

American Thinker: Christine O'Donnell and the Tea Party Era

American Thinker: Christine O'Donnell and the Tea Party Era

A very interesting read and makes several good points. I am glad that the country is finally coming around to my way of thinking (just kidding, sort of).

Friday, September 17, 2010

The U.S. Constitution: An Agreement by States

The U.S. Constitution: An Agreement by States

A very nice commentary on what the Constitution is and is not. We must remember that our Founding Fathers were fearful of an all powerful central government and debate whether is was truly worth having one. Here we are 200 plus years later arguing the exact same things. Tyranny is a government that no longer respects or listens to the governed, so Washington take note and watch this hopefully bloodless revolution occur before your eyes. If the Republicans think that they are on the fast track back to business as usually they are in for a big surprise because the American people are firing big government and big government spending. If the Republicans want to stick around they better get on board or they are next group to be shown the door. This week has brought it all into very clear resolution that the Republicans just want to use the Tea Party to regain power, but have no true desire to change their ways. The Tea Party has no clear path except what they don't want, so what this country needs is a strong leader that understands and can deliver the true message of ending big government. I don't think the people care what party this leader comes from as long as they get the fact that we are sick and tired of big wasteful government at all levels and it is now time to put the adults in charge of fixing this country. We need people that are willing to stand up to the lobbyists and the unions to say enough is enough. I know there are a lot of people associated with the Tea Party that could give a rat's ass less about what letter is behind a person's name. The public is frustrated and tired of the crap mill that is Washington, so they are looking to anyone to provide solutions to muck the sewer of Washington. That is how you are getting these radical candidates that would not normally see the light of day. The parties think they can control this wave, but if this week showed us anything, it is showed us the fallacy of trying to used the Tea Party for establishment reconstruction.

It is going to be fun to watch as the election draws near if Washington truly gets what is happening. I also hope that the Tea Party doesn't derail itself with RINO Hunting. We must say on message that the Tea Party is first and foremost a fiscal conservative movement and the Republicans will do well to remember that they succeed when they stick to government by that principle. Can you say Reagan and starve the beast?

Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

I thought there was a possibility that the Tea Party would be different, but the same old BS seems to be rearing its ugly head. A small group that doesn't represent the whole movement is claiming victory in Delaware, which was a great Tea Party victory.  The issue is that instead of staying on message, they have lead the voters to believe that this was just a RINO hunt and they are out to get more.  This is not the message at all, but you would never know it from listening to all sides over the last week.  It was a victory for fiscal conservatives that want to put an end to wasteful government spending.  The majority of the Tea Party voters could careless if the opponent is Democrat or Republican because all are equally guilty of fraud, waste and abuse of our hard earned money.   We need to stick to a clear and concise message of fiscal conservatism, constitutional government, and reducing the national debt.  That is what is lighting the fire of true change across this country, not the RINO purge because there are a lot of independents that couldn't care less about Republican party politics.  BUT, they do care about fiscal restraint and have voted that way for years and they will look elsewhere if all this just becomes is a RINO hunt. 

The Tea Party off-shoot that is all about hunting down RINO's is going to turn off voters that only truly care about fixing the financial mess this country is in.  This is a conservative movement, but it is a fiscal conservative movement and they would do well to remember that.  I know that there are a lot of social conservatives in the mix and damn glad to have you, but don't think for one minute that the far right is what is carrying the day.  It is the fiscally conservative independents that will either make or break the November elections.  You RINO Hunters beware because you are doing your level best to turn those voters off and when you do you once again become irrelevant.  The Tea Party movement in this country is all about Americans tired of big government and big government waste and not only about purging the Republican party.  If you want to win in California, Washington, Nevada, or New York stick to the fiscal conservative message and yell it from the roof tops. Otherwise, you are handing this country back to Obama, Pelosi and yes Reid.

That is why from the very beginning that the Tea Party needed a clear set of ideas to rally around and to get other Americans to rally around and we were finally headed there until this week.  This week has pulled the Tea Party so far off message that it may just derail the whole train.  The libertarians and the independents need to reassert themselves and shout the true message of fiscally conservative non-interfering government  in every corner of this great land.  We can not let the Republicans or the social conservatives shoot us in the foot, when we are so close.  All we need is a handful of fiscally conservative Congress men and women to act a a filter on the crap coming out of Washington.  It was never about putting the old set of criminals back in charge of Congress.  The Republicans are all about regaining the power and the graft, but we can't take anymore of that regardless of who is in charge.  We need to send a clear and concise message that the corruption gravy train is over and the adults are in charge.  It isn't going to be pretty or easy to rid Washington of the dinosaurs of the corrupt past, but it must be done to restore this country for our children and grandchildren.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anyone Hear an Apology?

I was wondering if any of you have heard an apology out of the Republicans for their wasteful spending and big government ways?  I would think that would top the agenda of any Republican asking for our votes this year because otherwise why should we even bother trading one career criminal for another.  I have said this many times before that I require an apology by any career politician for the power grubbing big spending ways before I would vote for them.  I am stuck with McCain as my only choice, but as big spenders goes he at least doesn't take earmarks.  I thirst for new blood, but I am glad big spender and career criminal JD Hayworth didn't make it past the primary.  I am happy that there is some fresh blood out there in various elections, but we must be ever vigilant against wolves in sheep's clothing.  The career criminal will say whatever it takes to get elected (prime example McCain, he reversed himself on some many things that I thought he might snap in half).

I am extremely happy that the American public is doing its part to find new blood for Congress, but Washington has a way of corrupting people.  We need to keep the fires burning long past November if we are going to turn this country around.  We must remind Washington daily who they work for and what we demand as a nation.  This will be no easy task as we work our collective butts off to make ends meet, but do do otherwise is to turn our backs on Liberty once more and let the criminal element creep back in.  It is human nature to seek power for oneself and stab a guy in the back to get ahead, but this is the bases of our nature.  We can be so much better than that and we should demand better than that from those who represent us.  It is not a hard thing to say no to wasteful spending and corruption.  Name names and kick butt that is what is needed to cleanup the cesspool that is Washington.  We need champions that have the backbone and principles not to be bought with special interest money.  We need people that actually read and understand the bills that they vote for in Congress.  We need people that avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

We need to stay vigilant to our principles and hold our representatives accountable for their actions and votes.  The Congress is not a lifetime appointment and we need to enforce that by voting out people that don't live up to their promises.  We have a great opportunity over the next few election cycles to truly reform Washington, but that can only happen if we keep the fire in OUR bellies.  The Tea Party or Tea Party endorsed candidates don't need a majority, but rather a strong minority is enough to put an end to the corruption and big spending.  If you can't pass a bill without this minority then you better write ones that are acceptable or else.  This is not rocket science and it worked for many years when there were no super majorities to ram things down people's throats. 

We need to love and support our fresh blood candidates and hold them accountable along with the rest of Congress.  We can can the course of human events if only we stay vigilant.

As a side note the 8/28 rally was so much better than any political rally ever could have been.  Like him or not Glen Beck reminded us that Americans are capable of great things when we aspire to be our best.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Iraq: The War That Broke Us -- Not

Iraq: The War That Broke Us -- Not

Makes for some very interesting reading about how much the war really cost, instead of the magical numbers pulled from the butts of the anti-war left.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Economy Must Change

The Economy Must Change

What a wonderful article about what we must do to become a first class nation again. I am all for putting Americans back to work making stuff and selling our oil to other countries because we have more than enough. You don't here France or Brazil bitching about oil because they have nuclear or ethanol power base. They woke up in the 70's and did what they needed to unhook from the Middle East and all that craziness. We Americans just kept sucking on the oil teat and now we fund terrorist with each and every fill-up. America needs to build stuff to put people in jobs that make money and allows them to buy stuff. That is how America works, so we must do what we can to make that happen. I say institute a Flat or Fair tax and put an end to corporate taxes. This would make America an absolutely wonderful place to do business because you could turn a profit, you would be close to the market, have an educated workforce, and lots of land to build on. We could once again be a world leader in manufacturing if we only tried. We would need to value business and stop making it hard to do business here. We could easily have single environmental laws that are clear and concise and not sold to the highest bidder. We could also stop allowing cheap goods from flooding our shores because we can make far better here. We must put America back to work and not in service jobs, but in building stuff. Our governments (federal, state and local) must fully understand that they don't create real jobs or grow the economy. We need to starve the government beast and feed economic growth through jobs.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My List

I am not as elegant as others about what I think the next Congress should do, but here are my ten:

1. Balance the budget via an amendment, so the jokers in Congress can't circumvent it whenever they like.

2. New tax system either a Fair Tax or Flat Tax, either would be better and put every American in the game.

3. National Debt reduction plan, which can be part of either one or two above.

4. Secure our boarders, finally.  We can figure out what to do with all the illegals later.

5. Term Limits for everyone, period.

6. Limited congressional sessions, so they can't just hangout making crap up.  This would force them to spend time with the people they are suppose to represent.

7. One subject per bill.  No more globing crap together to hide stuff, either it stands on its own merits or it doesn't get passed.

8. Since we are in the information age and each bill will cover one subject they should be posted for all America to read and digest prior to voting. Also they need to be read by everyone voting on it, so we don't get the BS of we need to pass it to know what is in it.

9. Enumerated Powers Act, if it isn't specifically called out in the Constitution then you need an amendment to allow the federal government to have that right (socialized medicine would be a prime example).  Let the people/states decide if the feds are worthy of such power.

10. Zero bailouts of any kind, let the bankruptcy courts handle corporate failure as they were intended to do.  This is a country of equal opportunity to succeed or fail.

It isn't pretty, but it is at least a better start then you are going to see out of any politician come November.  Maybe if enough of us make our lists and share them, we could actually settle on a prescription for fixing this country.  I know the best way to start is to remove the cancer first and then treat to prevent re-occurrence.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Top 10 Things the GOP Should Do In Congress After November

By Christian Whiton
Published August 18, 2010

Judging from polls, it now seems probable that Republicans will win control of the House of Representatives this November. They may even take over the Senate. The greatest benefit of this would be ending uncertainty over how far President Obama will be able to go in turning America into a European-style welfare state.

America would be far from out of the woods with the economic destruction wrought by a massive government and an increasingly controlled economy that discourages hard work and innovation. But the foot would be off the accelerator on the road to serfdom.

But then what? Republicans in control of one or both houses of Congress will face three major challenges: demonstrating progress on a yet-to-be-defined agenda, convincing voters they have recovered from the period when they spent lavishly and governed like liberals, and paving the way for a conservative president in 2012—the first since Ronald Reagan.
This is different from the last period of GOP ascendancy in 1994, when the party took both houses of Congress. Then, Newt Gingrich helped usher in a massive class of reformist freshmen who had rallied around the Contract With America. The next step was obvious: pass the provisions of the Contract.

This year, there is no such guiding document. The GOP should look to the successes of the Gingrich congressional period as an example of how to advance a positive agenda when they do not control the White House. They should also take a page from former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D-Maine), who helped to get a president elected from his party by forcing a string of unpopular vetoes from then-President George H.W. Bush.

Such an agenda could consist of these ten elements:

1. Repeal and Smother Obamacare. Shortly after former-Speaker Pelosi turns over the gavel to Speaker Boehner, the House’s first piece of legislation, HR-1, should be a single-sentence law repealing Obamacare.

If the repeal act passed the Senate, it would surely be vetoed by President Obama. But the signal that the new Congress opposes government-run health care would help restore Republicans’ credibility and spur economic recovery.

Later, Congress could refuse to appropriate money required for federal agencies to implement Obamacare, buying time to offer a Republican alternative that empowers individuals, not bureaucracies.

2. Seek Immediate Savings. The current Congress wasted $862 billion on liberal-Keynesian “stimulus” spending that proved good for little other than again disproving liberal-Keynesian economics. The new Congress should identify government programs costing at least the same amount and repeal them permanently.

3. Enact a Balanced and Limited Budget Amendment. Congress clearly cannot be trusted to spend only what it takes from the people. A constitutional amendment should remove its the authority to spend more, and limit spending increases to inflation and population growth.

4. Stop Pending Tax Hikes. Tax increases kill jobs. Counter intuitively, they can also fail to reduce deficits. The massive Obama tax hikes are set to kick in on December 31. Congress should restore the current tax levels when it convenes on January 4.

5. Enforce Immigration Laws. Arizona’s illegal immigrant law is a fair, common-sense approach to dealing with the consequences of Washington’s bipartisan failure to secure the border and enforce the law.

Congress should follow Arizona’s lead and make it easy for local police across America to help detect and deport illegal immigrants caught committing other offenses. Securing the border once and for all can pave the way to a broader national discussion on immigration.

6. Defend Democracy Against Liberal Judges. Congress alone was given the sole authority to appropriate funds as a check against the other branches of government. It should once again use this to check the Judicial Branch. Congress should abolish or refuse to fund courts like the one that suspended the Arizona immigration law and any other court that similarly attempts to legislate from the bench. The leftwing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco should be abolished or defunded.

7. Create a Citizen Congress. Congress should pass constitutional amendments enacting term limits, providing for the recall of senators by their constituents, and outlawing gerrymandering of congressional districts. Congress should look to the success of big states like Texas and Georgia and small states like Wyoming that have legislatures that meet for limited periods to do serious work. This makes for better government than legislatures like those in California and New York that meet almost continuously and legislate too much.

8. Seriously Consider the Flat Tax. Congress’s main method of intruding into the lives of Americans and controlling more and more of the economy is a complicated tax code. A flat income tax for all is an appealing alternative. An interim step could be offering Americans the choice to opt out of the current tax code if they wanted to pay a simple, flat tax. The new Congress should send this plan to President Obama for a highly unpopular veto.
9. Limit Union Power. Politicians of both parties love to talk about positioning America for the 21st century. They could actually do so by revising labor laws that are stuck in the 1930s and aid special interests while harming the middle class. Repealing the pro-union Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, which inflates the cost of public works projects and is one reason Americans spend so much time in traffic jams, would be a good start.

New federal laws should help bring the increasingly extravagant pensions and benefits of unionized public employees in line with those of the Americans they serve.

10. Defend America. It is perverse that in a world becoming more dangerous, the only cuts to government spending are occurring at the Pentagon. We need to rebuild the Navy and Air Force, field comprehensive missile defenses, and get serious about threats from Iran, Islamists and China.
Foreign policy has mainly been a liability for Republicans since the Iraq insurgency. Despite this, fresh blood on Capitol Hill should get involved and resist the corrupt foreign policy establishment in Washington and a White House inclined to apologize for America.

President Obama will of course resist and veto most of these actions if they make it to his desk. But assuming he has not given up on the idea of being reelected, he might acquiesce to some reforms. In the same way, Newt Gingrich was able to get Bill Clinton to sign welfare reform, capital gains tax cuts, and a tax credit for children. But even a steady stream of vetoes denying Americans the type and size of government they want will help pave the way for conservative success in 2012, and the chance of sustained American renewal.

Christian Whiton was an official in George W. Bush administration. He is a frequent contributor to Fox Forum.

Some very interesting ideas put forth for our next Congress and we could only dream about actually getting one or two of them because the new critters are going to be a lot like the old critters this time around. What do you all think about the ideas? Might be worth discussing with your duly elected representatives.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Wondering

I am seeing a lot of news about this thing they want to build at ground zero in NYC.  I have to wonder if we have lost our fricking minds.  We didn't build a Japanese shrine at Pearl Harbor to show unity with the Japanese people after the sneak attack on us.  Sure not all Japanese people supported the actions of their government's act of war, but we still do not reward them with a shrine next to the Arizona Memorial.  So why is the situation any different in NYC.

Just because not all Muslims were responsible for the 9/11 attacks does not make it right or decent for them to put anything any where near ground zero. This was an act of war perpetrated by a group of radicals that happen to be Muslim.  Sure there are 1.4 billion Muslims in the world and only a very small handful had anything negative to say about the terrorists after what happened on 9/11.  If they were as outraged about it as they claim and they are seeking to honor the victims then they can fund a beautiful non-Muslim memorial that denounces radical Islam and the deaths it caused on that day. Barring that then there should be no Muslim memorial to that day or anywhere near that area.  This isn't about religious freedom because no one is saying they can't be Muslim or worship as they please. It is about decency and compassion for the victims' families and friends.  The Japanese have enough decorum to not force a shrine at Pearl Harbor and the Muslims should have the same decorum to move their whatever far away from ground zero as possible.

I don't hate Muslims as individuals, but I can't abide by a religion that promotes the destruction of young men and women to kill off the non-believer (Infidels).  I also would have hoped that we had progressed in the last couple of centuries away from woman as chattel and cutting stuff off as punishment for the weakest in the society.  This whole situation shows that theocracies are a very dangerous thing and should be avoided.  State run by religion and religion run by the state are both very bad combinations and our founding fathers knew both needed to be avoided. An individual should be left to worship as they saw fit, with others that are like minded, but they don't get to kill other people or protest at funerals.  I am all for freedom of speech, but what happened to decency and decorum. 

Man left to his own devices is evil and grouping them together definitely doesn't change that.  We need rules that prevent us from killing each other and stealing whatever we want, but an understanding that no one is actually better than anyone else.  Sure we Americans think we are smarter and harder working than the rest of the world, but that still doesn't make us better.  If you dropped us into some third world crap hole we would still react to our basic needs and do whatever it took to survive.  Most of the people living in these crap hole Muslim countries really don't give a crap about hating Americans because they haven't ever met us, but if there is some guy there that can make your life even more miserable telling you to hate Americans that is what you do.  Most religions are just a tool of controlling the masses, some are nicer than others, but they are mostly about what you should and should not do.  But the true key is a relationship with YOUR Creator and not worrying about what some other yahoo's believes or trying to kill him for believing differently.

The bottom line is I don't care if you want to worship a goat, but if your religion or government caused the deaths of thousands you don't get the right to build a monument to it anywhere near their graves.  The Japanese had enough decency and decorum not to build at Pearl Harbor and the Muslims should take a hint and look elsewhere, maybe in Afghanistan or Iraq.  There are plenty of people there needing a nice place to worship and celebrate their chosen religion.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Destiny of a Free Nation

The Destiny of a Free Nation

Dr. Zero nails it. We must fight the power and remember that this country is one where anything used to be possible and can be again if we just man-up and do the hard work that is necessary.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Enumerated Powers Act: A Simple Test

The Enumerated Powers Act: A Simple Test

Such a simple thing and yet we still don't have it. I would ask any candidate, you are thinking of voting for, whether they will support this bill either in the House or Senate. We need to stop the federal onslaught and return the power to the people. This is one of the tenets of what the Tea Party platform should include. I would also recommend a balance budget amendment and a plan to pay of the national debt. How about securing our borders? How about read the bill or one issue per bill? Downsize DC has lots of good ideas and some emails/letters that you can send to your representatives to remind them who they work for and what you want to see out of your government. I have been pretty quiet lately on the whole Tea Party movement because it is not going to gel until after the 2010 elections and the betrayal of the new elected Republicans. America will find out that if you keep sending career criminals to Washington nothing changes. When the Republicans establishment returns to business as usual, it will be at their own peril because the grassroots will rise up and finally say enough of the ruling progressives from both parties and look for a true alternative. That is when the Tea Party will come into its own. It will be a bumping start, but they will find their sea-legs and start cleaning house.

Funny how Congress has a 20% approval rating, but more than likely 80% of them will be returned to the House and 95% to the Senate. This is going to be the final nail in the current two party system. The big government progressives of both parties are going to face the limited government and lower taxes Tea Parties. Who do you think will win that contest? The progressives have the MSM in their pocket currently, but the internet is making all the difference in getting the grass to grow. People are sick and tired of Washington stealing the money out of their pockets to waste it on themselves and their political cronies (big business or unions, take your pick). The people want jobs, a better life, and a future for their kids that doesn't involve slavery to Washington. Many people were seduced by great promises of leisure and easy money, but the harsh reality is that money comes from us and self-licking ice cream cones only exist in government. Try doing the same in business and you will be bankrupt, but the government either prints more money or steals it from our children. We need to get Americans working again and get our country back on the road to fiscal health. You want a better life that is the only path. Is it going to be incredible painful in the short run, you bet. We the People need to take back America from the big government progressives and make it work again.

What do you think? Do we need to clean House? Are we seeing the end of the Republicans? Are you ready for true change? I want to hear what you think.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Interesting Ideas

Ed and I agree that eventually the state will be out of the marriage business as it should never have been in it to begin with. It makes an interesting read and reaches the same conclusion that I have been railing about for a couple of years now. The contract between two people for legal standing in the eyes of the Law should be just that a contract and the union of two people (marriage) should be the sole responsibility of the religious establishment.  I say render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and what is unto God to God.  The gay marriage debate is a waste of time and energy and is promoted by the media to divide the public.  If the was no such thing as state sponsored marriage then the whole issue would simple go away and the people on the right and independents would focus on more important issues. Such as why the left is driving this country into the ditch, with all this deficit spending and government takeovers. 

Another interesting article today talks of a balanced budget amendment for the Constitution, which is another thing I have been railing about for years now. The only thing is that is doesn't go far enough because balancing the budget is only the start because you must have a mechanism to payoff the national debt.  Maybe if I wait long enough someone will propose my idea of a national sales tax for national debt reduction.

Not particularly fond of this idea, but it could have merits if Congress was not responsible for how the money is distributed.  Raise the gas tax five cents and use that money to put people to work fixing our crappy roads.  I know this is very Roosevelt-like, but we need better roads and bridges and jobs. If we could figure a way to take the government out of the process and make it efficient and accountable, we might have a good idea.  Think about all the crappy roads you drive on every day or the traffic you sit in daily or the bridge collapse in MN.  I just don't trust the government to stay focused and use the money effectively.  I saw how the TARP money was spent in WV where they repaved a pretty decent road, while planning to tear it up in a year to expand it a lane. It just shows the government mentality of take the money and waste it anyway you can.

Here is the true winner of the day. Global warming and cooling are caused by the sun and other natural processes that have nothing to do with mankind's emission of CO2.  There is some heretic scientist that has actual working models that fit the data vice making the data fit the model.  It has to do with natural cloud cycles in the Pacific and helps account for periods of warming and cooling.  This will of course never see the light of day in the real media, but is an interesting thought.  I am not for allowing countries to spew pollution at will by burning coal like in 1800's, but a cleaning process that reduces emissions is a reasonable approach as long as it does not mean stopping all the world's use of fossil fuels until better alternatives can actually be developed.  I for one believe in solar, wind, wave, and whatever, but they aren't there yet, so we should do our best to minimize the impact of what we have today while strengthening our nation. Use our coal, use our natural gas, use our nuclear industry and our brains to produce the cleanest and most cost efficient energy that supports jobs in America and keeps the money from going to places that don't like us and want to see us dead or Muslim (only two choices in accordance with the Koran).

Just throwing some thoughts out there.  What to you think? Are there any winners or are they just all pie in the sky losers?  I haven't been touting the Tea Party lately as there is plenty of Tea Party talk in the news, but I am still a strong supporter of smaller limited government and paying off the national debt, seen about.  What's your take on what is happening in the body politic?

Friday, August 6, 2010

If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When?

A great argument about what States need to do to force Washington to enforce our boarders. The Constitution is pretty clear on the matter and it seems that if Washington refuses to protect the national boarder than the States have every right to prevent the invasion. An interesting take on a big issue of the day especially for us living here in AZ.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Crisis Evaporates Before Our Eyes

I find it funny how another crisis (the oil spill in the Gulf) is just disappearing without any help from the government or the media.  The weird part is that just like the housing crisis, the oil crisis,  and so many others that there was a lot of smoke but very little fire.  I know that housing bubble did collapse and it truly needed to because there was no way it could sustain itself without matching increases in wages.  I have said this before that the ruin of this nation is the 24 hours news channels because they manufacture BS just to fill the hours.  It does not matter if it is CNN or Fox because both just put different spins on the same BS.  The Gulf oil spill was and is a huge problem, but what happened to all that oil that was going to shoot around Florida and contaminate the whole east coast?  I stopped watching just about all TV news because the constant bombardment is designed to make mountains out of mole hills.

I wonder if we forced them down to just say eight hours a day of programming if some of our current woes would drop off the map.  Just imagine if we didn't have to here about such huge events as Snooki's arrest or how displaced some pampered bride is over a competing wedding in the same state. I also wonder how we could live without 16 hours of taking heads spewing BS that is not based on facts, but on personal feelings about things they have absolutely nothing but at best second hand knowledge.  It amazes me that we put up with this BS, but we only have a few seconds to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  We don't have the time to sit and wade through all the BS, so we could clearly see that the talking heads are full of $#!+.  We instead allow these manure pushers to fill the airwaves and form public opinion.  I don't care about your political leanings because they truly make no difference when it comes to the MSM (Fox included) crisis generating for dollars and exposure.

This country has a lot on it's plate and could use some well reasoned debate on how to solve the issues of the day, but as long as we are worried about which sound bite wins the day nothing will be accomplished and we will lurch  from one crisis to the next.  We must wean ourselves off the BS train and either live our lives in the quiet desperation or filter through the BS.  We need to see the truth with our own eyes and think with our own brains.  We need to look up and see that the sky is not falling every second of every day.  Are there issues out there that scare the crap out of me? You bet your @$$ there are, but it only takes common sense to see those, such as our looming debt crisis. 

If you our I continued to spend what we didn't have year after year with absolutely no way to pay it back, then at some point we would declare bankruptcy and liquidate that debt.  Then creditors would rightfully not let us do it again by preventing us from getting new credit to run up.  America is running up huge bills and yes some debt isn't bad, but un-payable debt is not only bad but look who is holding it.  The Chinese need only wait until we implode to become the world power they desperately want to be and we joyfully keep spending ourselves into oblivion.  Wake up and smell the BS and make November count.  We need to make some hard choices because we have no other choice.  We don't need the talking heads to tell us that we can't keep spending the way we are and expect miracles.

Europe is waking up to that fact that socialist policies however benevolent cannot be maintained on the backs of a shrinking working class.  What makes for a successful country is people working and making their own money and buying stuff.  This is the American way and how a market society works.  Every time the government takes over anything it screws it up just look at the Post Office, which can't guarantee any delivery, verses FedEx, which is guarantee all different delivery times.  FedEx succeeds because it seeks out efficiency to maintain or increase profits, while the Post Office continues to lose money because of bloated structure and regulated/unionized inefficiencies.  We need to stop hindering what works and starve the beast until we can afford the inefficiencies.  The time is now to say enough is enough and put the work back in the American Dream.