Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wheeling and Dealing Time

As the health care bill continues to be pushed forward by the president and the democratic leadership, it is wheeling and dealing time in the Senate for Democrats. If you have a pet project that you want all of America to pay for now is the time to say you are going to vote against health care because if you do they will bribe you will millions of tax payer dollars to do what you intended to do from the beginning anyway. This is kind of bribery is what sunk the Republicans in my eyes during the TARP debacle of last year.

We have to put an end to pet projects that we fund out of an overdrawn checking account. We need to pay real bills and not build bridges to nowhere. We have to put and end to the wheeling and dealing with money they don't have. I am okay with pet projects once you have a budget surplus, no national debt and even then only if they are in line with the Constitution, but doing it with borrowed money is insane. When are the people going to stand up and say enough. Wasn't it bad enough when the "vote whore" from LA bragged about stealing an additional $200 million when it was being reported that she sold her vote for only $100 million. We know you are a vote whore, but good to see that you didn't sell yourself for only $100 million, you got the American Tax Payer for $300 million. The sad thing is that a couple of 100 millions really doesn't make a huge difference when you are trillions in debt already.

We need to put an end to this uncontrolled spending and start regaining control of Washington. I know there are a lot of very mad voters out there and Independents now out number both parties. We need to use this new power to force the parties to give us what we want and that is a balanced budget that includes a real plan for deficit reduction. We need to get America out of debt and put our people back to work. That isn't going to happen by spending our way out, but through retiring the national debt and sound fiscal policy going forward. You want to restore good paying jobs then get rid of the national debt and the deficit spending because if you do those two things then you can lower all taxes and businesses will return to America. Americans buy stuff and like to do stuff, so if you have businesses that can locate here to sell their stuff then they will hire people to build stuff. Sure American workers cost more, but if you can sell your stuff without having to ship it around the world then you might pay more in labor if you aren't putting it into shipping and high taxes.

I have been saying this for some time now that we need to declare our independence from the two parties and vote for people that represent what we want from our government. I don't care what party they came from or what initial is behind their name because we need fiscal conservatives that understand reigning in the out of control spending. I will vote for the person that understands that everything else in America depends on that one thing. I am willing to limit my personal held beliefs to save this country now and get people working again because if we don't then it won't matter about the other things. I am all for a big tent of fiscal conservatism (hereto know as frugal) that forces social issues to the back burner until we get the country back on a solid foundation. I know I will take a blast of crap because I am not forcing every frugal American to be a far right social conservative, but you know what, I don't care. If we continue to push people away that can help save this country then there will be no country or we will get Euro style of government where you far right social conservatives are enemies of the state.

I want to hear what you have to say on the matter. Come together my growing Independents and show your frugal muscles.

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