Thursday, December 24, 2009

This HealthCare issue and “debate” debacle

The Bill is over 3,000 pages with amendments, and may not be done growing yet:
The Bill itself from Harry Reid’s website, pdf 2,000+ pages
The Manager’s amendment from Harry Reid’s site, pdf 380+ pages
The Far Left is screaming that it doesn’t do anything and is “Purely Political”.
The dollars it will cost are going to astronomical. The cost is immediate; the benefits don’t even start until 2014.
The transparency that was promised became Harry Reid’s Closed Office Doors. No one has read it before voting on it.
Hundreds in millions of dollars & perks have been promised as “Bribes” for key votes.
They tallied the votes at 1:00 in the morning to hide what was going on.
Blago’s Man (Roland Burris the guy that got to the Senate by buying his Seat from the Crooked Governor, alleged) is taking credit for making sure ACORN is involved! Seriously, in Chicago that must be a good thing! Burris made sure ACORN was going to be in line for more millions (maybe they need the money to hold more,”How to be a Pimp” seminars?).
Polls show almost 80% of Americans were happy with what they had.
As late as yesterday, 54% doing nothing would be much better!
There are alternatives as simple as a one page bill that changes the main problems into no problems; here is the one page bill: One Page Bill!
The Admin. & its spokespersons have again resorted to name calling (not of the other elected officials, but anyone that disagrees); “You support Slavery if you support waiting to read the bill…” Harry Reid. Others have said if you don’t support this you’re a murderer. Last I saw any that disagree were being called “Lunatics”, this on the floor of Congress!
Many scholars I know are touting the 10th Amendment, and saying it’s a “Nullification situation”… Meaning the States should simply say, “Pass what you want, you have no right to do so, and in our State it doesn’t count!”…
All this from the man that promised bipartisanship & transparency. In my opinion he lied, over and over again.
There are two wars being waged. Troops all over the globe in harm’s way. The Country is in the worst economic crisis ever. All the President keeps saying is “This Can’t wait!” I believe he is saying it because of the election timing and the fact that the longer he is in office the lower he slides in the polls & popularity.
The latest is even more frightening! Language has been added to the bill that supposedly says (although nobody has ever seen a statement like it before in legislation so it’s hard to tell if it has any legal authority at all) that once this is passed it cannot be overturned!
This is wrong in so many ways… That’s my opinion, what’s yours?
What I see, is the BHO administration pushing, threatening and bribing to get through Health Care Reform (which doesn’t reform) and Cap & Trade (which only Caps and destroys plus taxes)

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