Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am sitting here thinking about all the things I can be thankful for and the list is long. I won't bother you with my list, but I would like to open it up to the things that this country can be thankful for this year. I invite everyone to pile on because whether we want to admit it right now or not we live in the greatest country on Earth and enjoy more freedom then 99% of the world's population. Sure we are unhappy with the way things are going in Washington, but there are things that this country should stop and give God the thanks that is due him for all that He has given us and in not particular order:

1. The Constitution
2. The Rule of Law
3. Mostly free elections
4. The strongest and best equipped military in the world
5. Freedom of Religion
6. Free Speech
7. Free for most government land grabs
8. High standard of living, if you have seen the dirt farmers of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Somalia you would understand how even the poorest American is a king next to the average people of these failed states.
9. I hate to admit this, but a functioning government
10. Low unemployment rate, 10 to 17% isn't bad when you consider there are places with 40+%

I know we think we have it bad, but I can tell you that we really don't when you look around to our neighbors around the world or even in our own backyard (Mexico). Lets hear what you think this country should be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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