Friday, November 20, 2009

Sad Truth

The sad truth is that we are going to get some sort of federalized health care rammed down our throats because we are unable to mount any serious counter offensive. We need a true leader to step forward with fresh ideas and facts to back them, so the people can rally to the flag. If we don't then we will have the Democrats buying the necessary votes in the Senate to pass some POS legislation that no one has bothered to read and puts our children in chains.

They are already paying off the good Senator from LA, which $100 million of our hard earned tax dollars. They are lining up to use the nuclear option if they can't make it any other way. The bill is so huge no one has read the thing, but they will vote for it if the price is right. The Republicans can't mount a serious counter proposal because they are completely clueless and probably agree with the Democrats, but can't say so or else lose their seat in Congress.

We need realistic solutions and someone willing to be the front man for them. I am willing to give Medical Savings Accounts a try because they wouldn't add to the national debt and work in certain places. How about the ability to sell health insurance across state lines? How about tort reform of any kind> It would hold down costs for the consumer, since all that money comes from us anyway between high cost due to malpractice insurance and lawyer fees. How about we use MSA to shop for better or cheaper health care costs? Why do insurance companies get to decide what we pay for a procedure, when competition says that you do it better than you get the business. It has worked for years with non-covered doctors (plastics).

I don't care who the champion of the people is as long as they show up soon. If its Gov. Palin great, if it is Dr. Detroit fine, but they need to get on the ball and get some real alternatives out there. We need to build a buzz for positive alternatives before the Democrats buy their way to an American Bankruptcy.

If you got ideas or know who is the people's champion, lets hear it and get the buzz going. The blogs are supposed to be the wave of the future, but they haven't been able to put a stop to the MSM yet with all its cheerleading for Congress. We need a hero of the people, any volunteers?

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