Sunday, November 29, 2009

Newsweek WTF?

I've been noticing this for some time now that Newsweek is so far to the left that they should have to change their name to Obamacheerweek. The latest drivel is the Memorable Quotes that are show the last decade and really did something, but the funny thing is that eight of them are Republican bashing (not that there is anything wrong with that), one from a comedian, and the Obama sticking to guns and religion (which is really just a slap in the face of the conservatives). I find it ironic that only republicans in politics said anything memorable over the last decade.

To be honest I think most of what comes out of the career politicians mouths is self-serving and should be immediately ignored. He is a great example of self-serving, WV Republican shows up at a TARP road construction site to praise the work, but the funny thing is that she voted against TARP and has done her level best to talk it down as wasteful spending. This only goes to show the level of hypocrisy that the congressional critter is capable of to gain votes. The good news is that people in the area are calling her on it, but it is probably for party gain then any real outrage.

Back to Obamacheerweek, how is it that this supposed news magazine is any better then the Fox News organization and its conservative cheering? Fox at least does try to show both sides sometimes, but Obamacheerweek has no such pretenses such as showing the most popular female in America politics in her running outfit or un-doctored pictures on its cover. If you aren't going to doctor pictures then fine, but if you normally doctor pictures to make your covers look good then stick to it regardless of who is on the cover. Gov. Palin looked nice on the cover in her running clothes, but the point is that she should be put in that situation because Obama never would have been treated in such a way.

We need to start naming names and calling out those that hide in the MSM and pump the air full of BS in hopes of maintain their puppets in power. We need to strip away the crap and start looking at facts, such as Cash for Clunkers which cost the taxpayers $50K for each car sold or the federal health care bill that costs $30K per newly insured individual or TARP where $700B could have saved millions of homes from foreclosure. This is our government spending our children and grand children into slavery to the national debt, while buying votes with our own money.

We need to repeat it often and everywhere because we are going it alone against the MSM machine that is grinding the truth under its wheels. When was the last time the MSM did any actual journalism? When have they done a true expose on a Democrat? I am all for exposing every criminal in Washington, but it is pretty one sided in the MSM. Craig gets roasted for a couple of weeks, but you have to dig for information on Rangle. Fellow warriors, we need to unite and force the truth to come out. We need to light up the blogs and start pumping out the truth.

I love this country and cannot believe that we have allowed the media such a free pass to poison the minds of the weak and addled for so long. We need to put a stop to the madness and take back the airwaves. Blogs maybe the only thing we will have left by 2012 if we don't start pushing back now. Fight to restore truth, justice and the American way.

God Bless America and American Dream.

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