Saturday, November 21, 2009

McDonnell Startegy

Call it the McDonnell Strategy.

The shorthand: run on economic policy, downplay divisive cultural issues, present an upbeat tone, target independent voters and focus on Democratic-controlled Washington—all without attacking President Barack Obama personally.

It’s an approach that elected Bob McDonnell to the Virginia governorship earlier this month.

Jonathan Martin is a senior political writer at Politico

I have said this several times on the various 912 websites and was repeatedly battered, I feel that any candidate regardless of party that sticks to economic issues, minimizes the social issues, and is upbeat is well on their way to elected office in every election in the foreseeable future. The American public is downright scared about our financial future and things like gay marriage are red herrings when you are facing losing your job or deciding between food or gas. Our elected officials must wake up and start working on what is truly important to the average American, jobs.

If we get Americans working again, then federal revenues will go up and we could use that money to pay down the national debt. We have to freeze all government spending at 2008 levels and with no additional spending programs. We must also freeze all tax changes at 2008 levels and then figure out what we actually have and budget accordingly. We must budget so that there is zero deficit spending and an actual budget line item to pay down the national debt.

This is a formula for pulling America out of this death spiral of deficit spending and higher taxes. If we support candidates regardless of previous party affiliation support this type of economic plan then we could actually make a true difference for this country. If we just throw our vote to the nearest Republican then we will only get more of the same. You decide if this makes sense and is an idea you can support. If it is then lets spread the word and find candidates that support it as well. If there are holes lets hear it.

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