Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Letter to Gov. Palin

Gov. Palin,

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you are trying to do for this country, but I wanted to give you some advice as a voter. I have supported you and have also withdrawn that support for the same reason. You are a touchstone of bad media and you seems to let them drive you off message. Was the photo on the cover of Newsweek sexists? Sure, but so what it doesn't change who you are or what you believe in and whining about it only makes you look petty. The tweet was short and to the point, but should have included more about your substance and what you stand for because Newsweek provided you with an immediate audience wanting to stand with you against the liberal media. You gave them nothing, so another wasted opportunity.

I am no expert, but I am an American and I do vote. The up coming elections (all of them) are going to be determined by what candidate the people believe has truly better idea about how to run our out of control government. Gov. Palin, you must provide the voters with fresh new ideas that make sense to the average American. We know that this country has lots of problems and we want some real solutions even if they are painful. We need to cut spending on everything, we need to do something about health care (which does not include government control because we know that won't help), we need to do something about the exploding national debt, we need to do something about illegal immigration and we need to do something about the wars we are currently in. These are pretty heady subjects, but the voters want and deserve answers to each and every one of them.

You want to be President or maker of Presidents then you must be able to clearly answer each one of these with solid realistic answers that ring true with the public. We have seen what Hope and Change (lies and more lies) has brought us and we know deep inside that the solutions are not pretty and they are going to hurt, but if we know that the people that represent us understand and also feel our pain, we will support them. We absolutely hate government waste and the fact the $100 billion dollars was wasted last year is a great place to start. We should name names and cut off a few heads to show that kind of criminal activity will not be tolerated with our tax dollars. The voters want to know that you value their money as much as they do and do not want to waste a single penny.

Lets take a few of the items the voters care about one at a time.

- Out of control government spending that is running up massive unpayable debt, we need to enact that spending freeze and audit every penny the government spends. Think of the movie Dave and how the government spending made no sense to the average American. A simplistic was to look at to be sure, but the public is grabbing the pitchforks and torches over government's wasteful spending, so you better be ready with an answer.

- Health care needs a real solution that doesn't involve a government take over because the government can't run a lemonade stand let alone one sixth of our economy. Stop with the sensational "death panels" and start providing solid answers, such as Medical Savings Plans, tort reform, allow insurance companies to offer national policies. You need to be well versed in why these will work and how it puts money back into the pockets of voters. The Democrats have successfully blown this one and now is the time to win the high ground by showing how you will actually reduce our health care costs through these measures.

- You must have a plan to pay down the national debt, but it must be limited and Congress can't screw it up. I have advocated a national sales tax that is limited in time and Congress can not alter the rate or duration or where the money goes. It could be part of an amendment to that includes balanced budget, national debt reduction and an end to income tax. For now a viable, limited and attainable plan is reasonable, this must be part of a comprehensive plan which includes spending freeze, balanced budgets, and tax freeze. We must be able to understand what our revenues are and where our money is going before we add any additional spending or monkey with taxes.

On the subject of illegal immigration this is easy, seal the borders and identify who is here illegally and do something about it. Americans are all for legal immigration, but we hate cheaters and law breakers that do not contribute. There are very few good ways to fix this problem, but there are things that must be done. We must stop in the in flow of illegals. We have the tools just not the will. We must identify everyone that is in this country illegally and classify them according to how long they have been here and how they contribute to the greater good of the society. They will all be fined, but what we do next will depend on their contribution. Hard working otherwise law abiding will be required to not only pay a fine but also pay any back taxes and then they can apply for work visas and citizenship (but they must have work to stay). Those who are here and not working will be fined and removed from the welfare roles after thirty days and if they have not moved to category I by then they will be removed from the country. Finally, the criminals will be removed immediately and sent back to whatever country they came from and with sealed borders they will be unable to return. The American public is only so willing to except illegals, but it comes at a price.

- The two wars and the thousands of troops around the globe need to be addressed because the voter is pretty tired of being the world's policemen to only be spit upon. We need a solid exit strategy that supports freedom, but doesn't cost us ours. We have been trapped in Iraq and Afghanistan for eight years now and it is time to stop pretending we are making a difference. We also should make NATO and anyone also be responsible for their own defense because America can not continue to pay for countries that refuse to defend themselves. We are willing to help, but it must be a joint venture where the cost is shared equally.

I know that there is a lot to take in, but Gov. Palin this is the America that stands before you now. You provide actually solutions to the very real problems we face today. I know we like to hear that taxes will be lowered and we will receive great and wonderful gifts from our government, but we know that it is all a lie because there is no free lunch. We are selling our children and grand children into slavery to the national debt with each wasteful dollar spent by Washington. You need to restore the American Dream that comes from hard work and determination, which you are a wonderful example of. Please think about this in the coming months and start providing real solutions because if you do then there is no limit to where you can take this country.

Thank you for your support and God Bless America
Sandy Salt

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