Thursday, November 12, 2009

150th Post

Boy am I full of crap that I can fill 150 posts. I am just amazed that the Congress was able to bribe enough of their own to win a great victory for socialism. The funniest thing about all the hoopla was the constant references to the other failed socialist programs, Social Security and Medicare which are unfunded to the tune of $100 Trillion dollars. I just hope that the Senate has more brains than to sign on to this mess, but I am sure that the wheelers and dealers will buy the necessary votes. This is the best government our money can buy.

I have grown tired of the 912 movement with all its hot air and very little action. I know that there have been Tea Parties and Capital protests, but they have yet to find one clear message other than they are upset. I am upset too, but I have offered more solutions to this mess than they have. I find it sad that we can't get enough Americans to say enough of the big government progressives and their deficit spending. Why can't the 70% of America that is fiscally conservative put a stop to the 30% that is spending us into oblivion with its progressive government ways?

The answer is too sad to state, we are too worried if everyone is the right kind of conservative to join our brand of conservatism. I am far too liberal socially to be accepted into the far right hall of fame, so I am an out cast. I am not a Republican party or die conservative, so no invite there. I am not a RINO pseudo conservative, so no Democrat-Lite which I refuse to join. I am just a plain old fiscal conservative with a live and let live social side. I want to reign in an out of control federal government, I want to ween the states off the federal tit, and I want to stop wasting money on foreign aid and military protection on countries that refuse to do for themselves.

You won't think it would be hard to get people to rally around putting and end to big government and big government spending, but it is proving to be impossible. I love this country and I sure and the hell don't want it to become a banana republic with out of control hyper-inflation. I don't hate poor people, but I do have a problem with lazy people that live off the government. It is amazing how many people find work once unemployment benefits start running out. Every time benefits are extended unemployment goes up, go figure.

I guess I am turning into a Libertarian and I if I were smart I would go ahead and vote that way. How could it be any worse than throwing my vote away on either Democrat or Democrat-Lite? I mean damn I would at least not feel like I needed a shower after leaving the voting booth. I don't care how you vote, but think about this this country was build on hard work and sacrifice, so who is working hard and sacrificing now? Is it our dutiful representatives? Is it the rich people we are trying to tax the crap out of? Or is it the poor people that continually look to the government to help them out? The people at the bottom of the economic food chain are suffering the worse from this big government, when it is specifically designed to help them. Funny how the government only makes things worse, not better when they try to help.

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