Saturday, October 3, 2009

Loss of Face

We can thank President Obama for once again giving our enemies hardy belly laughs and another reason to dismiss us. If it wasn't bad enough that he went on his apology tour explaining how sorry we were for doing what others refused to do or putting an end to a terrorist supporting states. He then gives our oldest and best ally a DVD box set for a national level gift. He further embarrasses this country by bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. The fact that his wife has never been proud of this country until last year, it should not be a mystery they treat the Office of President of the United States with so little respect.

Obama running off to Denmark to shill for Chicago was a true shame. The fact that the outcome was not even close to being in the bag, based on the fact the US has hosted the games recently and no country in South America had never done so, makes the US look foolish. Then you have the jackass Burrus coming out and saying that it was all President Bush's fault. Please! America is the most powerful country on the planet, period. We don't need to rub peoples noses in it, but we also don't have anything to apologize for either. Teddy Roosevelt had it right about talking softly and carrying a big stick. We have the biggest stick and talking softly is not apologizing to those who make it a habit to hate us.

If this whole trip is any indication of how much Obama's self hating American routine is going over with our enemies and how much respect the rest of the world has for America. Since Obama took office, North Korea has thumbed its nose at us and we have apologized for the hard line we used to take with them. Iran is even worse because they have basically announced to the world that they are pursuing nuclear weapons and have dared anyone to do something about it. President Obama and his advisers have basically used a sad look and a minor head shake in the face of these situations. They have not issued any real warnings or rallied the international community to take action. Is Obama waiting on France, Germany, Russia, China, or Britain to make the stand? Since when do we need their help to rattle our saber?

North Korea needs to be frozen out of the international community. If China won't do it, then we ensure that nothing goes in, especially US grain. I know, those poor North Koreans will starve without our grain. What is better starving N. Koreans or incinerated innocents all over the globe? The same goes for Iran, we need to put an end to the BS. Let it be known that we won't stop Israel and if anything happens to our troops in Iraq, we will hold Iran accountable. I know, those poor Iranians. We have done nothing to support their peaceful protests and wishes for freedom. Obama turned his back on them and sided with the oppressive rulers. Maybe if we punched the oppressive government in the mouth the people will throw them to the curb.

We need to lay down the law and be unapologetic about it. We need to let North Korea and Iran the consequences for their actions. We need to be straight forward and not waffle about it. We need to let the bad actors of this world know what happens when they seek to destroy the US. They better pack a lunch because it is going to be a long day. The only problem with this is that we must be ready to back our threats with actions. We also need to stop playing nation builder and wasting precious troops in countries that refuse to fix themselves. I know, if we don't stick around then bad actors will pop right back up again.

I have an answer for that as well, we smack them down a enough times with death from the skies, they will either get the hint or die in their stupidity. We need to remove their capability and will to wage war or support terrorists. I know, it will cause more terrorist to be grown, but the funny thing is that regardless of what we do the terrorist (radical Muslims) keep coming. If America only gave aid to those countries that support us instead of every country regardless, then you would find a lot friendly world. We look like asses giving money to countries who outwardly run us down in the world community. We need to stop handing out money to supporters of terrorist and put an end to feeding them.

I am a hater and I should be ashamed of myself, but know this I don't give a crap about one single radical Muslims or what they think. They do not get to dictate how I think or feel. They have zero to offer the world other than hate and death. America and Americans have a record of helping and giving around the world that is unmatched, so those radical Muslims can kiss my ass.

If you try to kill any of our civilians then we will make sure that you don't try again for a long time. We should not spend a minute more in any country than it takes to get everyone home safe after fully kicking their butts. To that end we need to be out of Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible. If they support terrorism again, then we whack the crap out of them again and again until the message sinks in. No more nation building. If you attack us or you supported those who attack us, you get to see what the dark ages were like.

If you don't agree that is okay and I would like to hear other ideas on how we behave as a nation. I would also like to hear how we regain face in the eyes of the world after all the bowing and scrapping our President has been doing around the world. I would also like to know how we are going to be a world leader when we are so far in debt to our enemies. Lets hear it.

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