Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elections, time to decide.

NJ Governor

The best I can say about this race is buyer beware because Corzine says he will raise taxes as a last resort and clearly states he has a progressive agenda on his website. Christie says is looking to cut taxes, control spending and create jobs, which seems like someone I would like to vote for but all politicians tell us what we want to here. Daggett appears to want to cut property taxes by raising all other taxes with no coinciding spending cuts.

You are going to have to make a choice NJ and that one seems pretty clear, taxes and more taxes or cut spending. The only one talking about cutting government spending is Christie, so my nod goes to him.

VA Governor

McDonnell espouses reduced spending and the resultant tax reductions. McDonnell is a very strong social conservative, which doesn't necessarily sit well with a lot of voters. Deeds aligns himself with the state law required spending limits and past successful governors. In most areas Deeds would probably be a Republican, but in VA he is a Democrat. This one is going to come down to personalities and since Obama is throwing Deeds under the bus early and often McDonnell looks to take this one. The nod goes to McDonnell.

NYC Mayor

No choice here, either you get a spendthrift in independent clothing or one in Democrat clothing. The hanging of the head nod goes to Bloomberg.

NY 23rd

Owen is a middle of the road Democrat that doesn't break from the party pack. Scozzafava at best is a liberal and most likely has some skeletons in the tax closet. Hoffman is the only conservative in the race and is receiving lots of big name endorsements. This is going to be a very interesting one to watch as the Democrat is currently at 33%, the Republican at 29% and the Conservative is at 23%. With the sudden in flush of money to fund Hoffman and the ringing endorsements this one is too close to call. 10% separates the leader from the third party candidate and it will be a referendum on whether you vote party or principles. If party is the issue then vote is split with no clear winner, but the edge would go to Owen. If you vote principle then the edge would go to Hoffman in a come from behind victory with Scozafava stepping aside for the good of the country now that all her family's tax bills have been covered. I am going out on a limb in hopeful thinking and giving the nod to Hoffman.

I am only one voice and my opinion is just as valid as anyone's, so lets here what you think and why you feel things are going turn out. I have very little basis for my analysis other than the Internet (each candidates website) and TV ads for the VA race. If you have better insight or sources let me in on them.

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