Saturday, October 31, 2009

Decision Time

Helping the poor is noble, but helping them to do what is the better question to ask here. Should we not help them to better their skills and find good employment, so that they become productive members of the society? How does finding them better government handouts make their lot truly better. If you want to help the poor then put an end to constant government edicts to the business sector and the incredibly high taxes imposed upon them. Without these they could then expand and hire more of these “poor” people to work and rise out of poverty. I am not saying throw them to the wolves of sweatshops, but rather a booming economy that lifts all boats.

I know it sounds really familiar doesn’t it. It is funny how the Democrats loved the booming economy when they were riding the wave in the mid 90’s, but as soon as the government started monkeying with a good thing then came the crash and burn part. Government does not create anything, it only takes from the taxpayer. If we starve the beast then more money is in the taxpayers pocket to do as they please, such as expand their business or give to charity as they see fit. When unemployment is low there is a corresponding low level of government activity, the opposite is true as well, increased government activity results in an increase in unemployment. Tell me that the current economic situation has not been worsened by the constant state of government change. Every time the government threatens or taxes, employers shelter down and even more jobs are cut. But don’t worry the government will save you by extending your unemployment benefits, which results in further drain on the economy because that money comes in via higher and higher taxes.

As for the Republican party being for anything these days is a complete and utter joke. They have two major factions, neither of which reflect the feeling in America today. You have the RINOs that believe in big government giveaways (Democrat-Lite) and the far right of social conservatism. The country is fiscal conservative first and social issues second, if at all. Reagan got it and he opened his arms to all fiscal conservatives and sidelined the social stuff to personal belief. He believed in starving the government beast to stop the drain on the economy and the results were seen for about 20 years of incredible job growth and low unemployment. Greed and government interference ended all that. The left seized the day by saying that greed and lack of government where to blame. This was partially true, but we were sold a whole lot of bad government to make up for bad government.

It would have only taken a few minor tweaks to stop the madness, but instead we let the government step in and waste trillions of our hard earned tax dollars. There were many other solutions to the “crisis”, but no one was willing to take the time to let the market sort it out. The MSM constantly beating the drum for even more government control/takeovers and sending their Champion on his way to the White House if they could only drive the economy into the crapper.

So here we sit. The markets are recovering because Congress hasn’t been able to do anything. The American people rose up and let their fiscal conservative roots show. This has caused Congressional gridlock, which is a great thing. As Congress has stalled on its takeover of every aspect of American life the markets have been trying to make a comeback and doing pretty good job of it. This will of course all evaporate with the next round of government mandates and resulting higher taxes. If you make it impossible for companies of any size to do business in America they will do business elsewhere and take their jobs with them.

We have a choice to make on Tuesday and it will be one that will shape our future, we can back big government and big government spending or we can send a message by supporting Rubio and Hoffman. We can say yes to fiscal conservatism. Lets stop being the people of NO and be the people that believe in yes WE THE PEOPLE can. Lets join together and support what makes America great and leave big government behind.

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