Saturday, September 19, 2009

Turning a Corner?

I am finally seeing what has been long hoped for in this country, we are turning a corner on how we view the government. It used to be a minor interference in our lives that we paid taxes to to keep up our military and provide for the sick and elderly. Now we see it as an ever expanding monolith the wants to devour our way of life in the name of progressiveness. The elite have over played their hand and the little people are no longer sitting back. We have been told for decades to shut up and color because we were not smart enough to know what is best for America. The rich elite with all their education knew best how to protect us from ourselves, but that myth has worn out its welcome.

First you had the Republicans supporting other rich people by making it easier for them to fleece the flock by ignoring the what was happening on Wall Street and then using our tax dollars to bailout their buddies to the tune of a couple of trillion dollars. The Republicans spent money like it was water to make more money for themselves and the Big Business special interest groups that poured money into their campaign funds. These guys were supposed to be the ones that advocated for smaller leaner government and fiscal responsibility, but they wasted billions of our tax dollars making their friends rich.

Are the Democrats any better? No, they immediately opened the federal treasury to paid back all their special interest groups for getting them elected. They have been full steam ahead on socializing America under the guise they know what is best for us. They say jobs be damned we need cap and trade. They say the government can run health care better than the private sector. They refuse to look at what is causing the rising health care costs or how isn't covered because that isn't important to the end goal of an elitist totalitarian state. I know I have far out ideas and I am not afraid to let them out in hopes of sparking discussion, but this is one that can't be ignored.

Obama changed his intended speech to the school kids because the first rev was way too scary and the union minions lesson plan reeked of indoctrination. If the speech was so harmless then why wasn't it published weeks in advance? Was it any mystery to the President school was starting? This government has already taken over the financial sector in the name of helping the little guy, but how much help as the average person really seen? It seems that the criminals are rewarding their buddies for being greedy (Republican). The Democrats and the their buddies the unions have successfully taken over car manufacturing in the US, but has that created anymore jobs or has it only saved those mystical magical jobs that no one can measure. Funny thing is that unemployment continues to rise and in just over a year has gone from about 5% to just over 10%. That is really helping the little guy if you ask me.

People are beginning to get the idea that their representatives no longer represent them, but rather whomever fills their re-election coffers. This has lead to TEA parties and angry town hall meetings. There are some politicians that refuse to meet with those they represent because they don't want to lower themselves to that level. This is elitist attitude needs to be crushed. We need to look to people outside the normal political channels to fill the halls of Congress. We have an opportunity in 2010 to restore the American Dream to America by not returning the same old criminals to Washington. We can seek out hometown heroes that we know, love and can trust to represent us to send to Washington.

I have been asked where are these Independent candidates that I talk about, independence is a frame of mind not a party affiliation. I could careless if someone used to be Republican, Democrat or Tree Monkey party, but rather that the person be honest and believe in a government of the people, by the people and for the people vice one of elitist totalitarianism. I know Pelosi has zero clue what is right for me and my family, I don't need the government dictating where I can work, what doctor I can see when, or if I am allowed to eat red meat. I want someone that understands this and will go to Washington with the purpose of putting Washington back in its Constitutional box.

I believe in strong defense, secure boarders, fiscal restraint, eliminating the national debt, balanced budget and a fair wage for an honest days work. If you are able to work then you should do so. This country was founded on the principle if you were able bodied and didn't work you didn't eat. This sounds harsh, but it is a concept that needs to be revisited. Why should I work to feed you when you are capable of working and feeding yourself? America used to be the land of opportunity and you could make something of yourself with hard work and determination. Why don't we restore that Dream vice the one where the government will take care of everything for us.

Restore the True American Dream of Self Determination and Hard Work!!!!

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