Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is there left to say?

I have to wonder what is there left to say that is going to ignite the masses to stop the madness that is stealing our children's futures. What the hell is the real difference between 7 trillion and 9 trillion when it comes the growing deficit? We can't possibly pay either back, so it is really stupid to argue about the number. We can start arguing about the final number once we start pay the damn thing off and want to know when we will be writing that last check, but as long as we are piling it on who gives a crap.

If Americans don't put an end to this give it away government then there will be no end to the inflation that is going to be visited on us and hyper-inflation of Germany will be but a starting point. Do you really think this country is going to be able to avoid skyrocketing interest rates that we saw in the late 70's. You think the recession is slowing and that things are bottoming out, but it is only the beginning of the end. Once China realizes we have no way of actually paying off our national debt they are going to put and end to this easy money free spending ways. They are going to make it extremely painful for the US to sell debt and the interest rate is going to shoot through the roof.

The Chinese will have to do very little at that point except sit back and enjoy the rewards of the free market. They will own the US and there isn't a damn thing we will be able to do about it at that point. If they turn their backs on us then we become the next Germany with an axe to grind all over the world, but more likely is they will start dictating terms to stabilize our economy. They will roll back our military spending until we have very little ability to project power. They will ensure that our goods are not sold anywhere in the world, which isn't that hard. They will inflate the prices of their goods to the point where we still buy them, but they basically rob us blind. Once we've dug our hole they will never let us out.

The good news is that we have a chance to stop this madness before it is too late, but only if we act now to put in end to the stupidity pouring out of Washington. Grab whomever will listen that represents you and let them know that this out of control spending has to end now! We need to stop with any new programs and freeze the ones we have until we pay off our debt. We need to a balanced budget amendment to prevent this from ever happening again. You want a better tomorrow then start today by paying off your debt. The same applies to the federal government.

Lets put off spending any additional money until we stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient. Your representatives need to hear this time and time again. Not everyone of them can duck town hall meetings and if they do then they need a new job. If your representative didn't bother to bring his case to the people then you should open up his future employment opportunities. We need to stay focused and not lose sight of the end goal, which is restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington and then maintaining it.

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