Thursday, August 13, 2009


I haven't had the stomach to write anything new lately and towards the end of July I realized I had July (4) and didn't want to mess it up. It is more than depressing what is happening in Washington and the fact that they left on vacation is a blessing.

I am glad to see that people are finally waking up and coming out in decent numbers to protest federal run health care. The sad part is they are being called un-American for disagreeing with a socialist agenda fully supported by both big business and the lefties. What the hell is wrong with that picture? It seems everyone but the average American is going to enjoy a big slice of federal tax dollars if this passes and we will get the same great service that VA is known for. I am still having a hard time believing that most Americans really want the government dictating their health care decisions. I would much rather pay the money and make it a decision between me and my doctor and the insurance company of my choosing.

I don't care what the polls say or what the media spins this country doesn't need the federal government in charge of anything more complicated than a lemonade stand. The best ideas and best solutions usually come from people wanted to make a buck and finding a new way to do so. It does not come from people that punch a clock and collect a paycheck whether they deliver good service or not. They have zero incentive to go beyond the absolute minimum and know that once they have been there a few years it is almost impossible to remove them. You want to know how to knock health care costs down then open it up to full competition and national health plans that aren't dictated by the feds or worse yet the progressive states. That way you could shop for the best deal on the coverage you want and are willing to pay for vice getting a crappy plan forced on you by the feds.

Is there money to be made in the insurance market? Hell yeah! We aren't getting any younger and we are going to need a lot of care since we are living far longer then Darwin should allow. I for one don't want the only insurance in town to be the feds because lets be honest who is going to be able to compete with them? They can change the rules at anytime and they can loot your pocket at will, so who is going to be willing to compete with them? It will be a very dark day in America when we have lost all control over our own money, health care and ability to choose the car we drive. This is America and I should have the right to buy a gas guzzler, smoke, drink, and whore around if I so choose. I will of course be accountable for such silliness, but it would still be my choice and not the government dictating what is allowed for me.

I was born into the land of the Free and now thanks to Congress and Obama I will be living in the land of we know what is best for you. I can only hope that more and more people start protesting the Obamazing the nation. The whole situation makes me sick, so I will hope on over to my private doctor and get some non-generic drugs.

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