Wednesday, August 26, 2009

9-11 is coming

I can only hope that all Americans take the time to remember 9/11 because it was a watershed moment in American history. In the 90's we allowed ourselves to believe we were the only remaining superpower and therefore no one could touch us much less kill our citizens. We became bold and arrogant. We allowed our intelligence community to rot away and downsized our military in favor of social programs. It sickens me to think that the President and the AG are going after the CIA for their techniques, when on the exact same page is the news that the Taliban ACTUALLY cut off people's fingers for voting.

If the CIA scared people into confessing secrets then good on them. If they actually killed or raped the terrorists families then you would have a case to investigate. But to put them through a public wringer for simulations and threats is utter BS and we the people need to let it be known that you don't pull the mask of the lone ranger or tug on superman's cape. We've handcuffed the CIA in the past and it resulted in 9/11, so lets not be so stupid as to repeat our mistakes.

Do I think that there should be limits to the things that can be done to terrorist? Yes, but they would be more along the lines of actual physical torture that involves real pain and not stage acting. If we beat the living crap out of someone or need a medical team standing by just to ensure they don't die then maybe that is taking things to far, but to put on a really good dramatization or make threats is just good acting. If we were running around and actually putting caps in these guys families then that would be wrong, but I harken back to "24" when they did a wonderful job of simulating executing a terrorist kid that broke him. You add lots of Hollywood makeup and whamo you have a fountain of information. Is this torture? I don't know, but is it effective, maybe.

I guess I have a different opinion on this subject knowing how little these terrorist value their own lives, but value their families. If you know that then you use it against them to our advantage. If it is torture then is it mental and I have no problem messing with their heads, so if that makes me a monster so be it. They do not have a problem killing us, so I don't see the problem messing with their minds. I don't think we should be beating the crap out of them, but we should be able to mess with their screwed up minds a little. I would expect the same, if I were captured and questioned. In case you didn't know it war is hell and people die. We all do and say things we regret, but it is all part of the human experience good or bad.

I want to hear your take on the matter.

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