Monday, July 6, 2009

What is next for Gov. Palin?

I have posted several times about how much I liked Gov. Palin and thought that she had what it took, but I also said that she is a polarizing figure. I still think I am right on both accounts, but I am having a serious change of heart and think she would be the perfect person to lead a new third party. She is hated by the same people that are messing up this country, Washington elitist insiders, MSM and the liberal left. She must have something going for her if she strikes so much fear and hatred into such an august group. We as a nation need an injection of fresh ideas and a crusader against Washington corruption, Gov. Palin fits the bill to a tee. Who else has been thrown under the bus so repeatedly by both parties and the MSM? Who else has spent her time fighting good old boy politics? Who else stood up to big business corruption? Who else is willing to take on Washington and bring back personal responsibility? Who else can draw huge crowds of conservative supporters? Who else is in perfect position to lead the disenfranchised and betrayed of both parties? I tell you no one other than Gov. Palin. The 9/12 movement has been calling for a leader and now one has been handed to you on a silver platter. I know many will repeat the garbage that has been spewed in the MSM, but you can't fault the woman for sticking to her guns and family. The first woman President of the United States will be Sarah Palin and she will be leading the new conservative party into Washington to clean house.

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